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  1. I am in Buffalo also I have a B80, and a C101, that I intend on giveing my new home owner Daughter 60 mi away. I see you are a senior member born in 78. I think that's Hilarious, I was born in 53 what does that make me a Dinosaur Member? 

  2. Wednesday, wet, heavy, slop vs the C-175

    Nice pics guys,enjoy it while you can, spring is just around the corner..
  3. C101 New to me Question?

    I own a C101,new to me as I said. To start it I depress the clutch with my left foot while I turn and hold the key in the start position. There are times when I must raise my left clutch foot and sort of search out a position to get the starter to turn over and start the kohler. I think some where in the safety switch /clutch linkage something is loose or out of adjustment. I have not yet removed any sheet metal covers/ fenders. Perhaps someone here can direct me to where the problem in the linkage/safety switch is. Some pictures would be great. Thanx, in advance!
  4. unleaded gas

    I have had good luck with the Lucas Product, Ethanol Stabalizer in the 10% ethanol gas we have here. Not firmiller with shell V power whats that non Ethanol gas? I too am about to run a 92 octane non ethanol fuel in a Kolher 301as 12hp machine deadicated to snow removal. Let ya all know how I make out.
  5. B-80

    I agree, if the dipper is broken or missing you would of had a failure by now. Knocking comes from out of tolerance /wore out piston wrist pin to rod or crankshaft journal to rod end. Using the wrong engine oil viscosity for the temperature range ing used in.
  6. Happy Halloween-5

    Yep that's what I figured it was from! I didn't think it had anything to do with Wheel Horse unless of course you have a horse that has a Tecumseh on it. I think some of the newer ones like what they call the black hoods came with them. I myself try to stay away from them and go with Kolher. Yep I love Kolher's! I do know the Indian insigna from a Tecumseh that I had on a MiniBike when I was a kid. Guess what, I st ill have that Minibike! Please let me know if you have a image attached to this text. Thanx, Mike
  7. Happy Halloween-5

    Hey cool pumpkin carving!
  8. new rubber 3.JPG

    Carlisle Turfsaver 23x8.50x12 cool ain't they?
  9. unleaded gas

    So... is there a MSDS sheet for the Lucas product I'm using?
  10. unleaded gas

    I've never used the Seafoam product, picked up the can, or read the label. What is it's intended purpose? The product I've been using is Lucas Flex Fuel Ethanol Fuel Conditioner with stabilizers. I use this in all my Kohler, Tecumseh and hobby car engines. In my neck of the woods we have to store for maybe 4 to 5 months of the year. It gets cold here too, sometimes into the minus digits. Perhaps I've just been lucky?
  11. new rubber 3.JPG

  12. new rubber 1.JPG

  13. new rubber (2).JPG

    new rubber to an old, new to me C101
  14. my B80 was given to me by a guy who did the yard work for a church! He knew my son and I go kart raced and told me he had a Kolher more for me. I asked him what it was on and he told me his church had bought a new lawn machine, that would be replacing this wheelhorse. I told him I'd be interested in the whole thing. I made a donation to his church and  bought the 36'' rear discharge deck for $250 later. Yep I't's orignal paint I think I made out alright! Thanx, 1940willys

    1. melonman


      Nice, so did your concious guide your donation appropriately-(w/o suffering too many pangs of guilt!!)?!!! lol!

    2. 1940willys


      I think Wayne was very happy and suprised I donated anything at all! Surprised myself actually. We both loved steelhead fishing and thats how we came to know each other. Great toolmaker too, we both worked in the same building.

  15. 1940willys

    My B80