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  1. C101 Mysterious Part

    Chris G, yep there it is, that's it, the mysterious part. Now I know what it is and what it's used for! Thanx to everyone who replied!
  2. C101 Mysterious Part

    Sounds feesable, I've never used any rear mounted attachments or seen any mounted in person. I know that old cubs raise and lower rear mount implements using heavy rods and leavers. Perhaps someone has a exploded diagram, as the link above does not work.
  3. C101 Mysterious Part

    Ok, so I've got this C101 Machine I'm making work worthy for my Daughter. Under the seat bracket, fenders, and gas tank, mounted to the top of the transmission is this mysterious tube like arrangement. It's mounted to the top of the tranny, maybe 10" long and flaired on one end. It goes nowhere! I thought perhaps it needed a rubber hose attached to one end and went to a nipple for venting the tranny. I see no nipple on the tranny for a vent hose. Can someone please tell me what this is and what it does? Sorry, I have no picture of it at this point. It would be GREAT if maybe someone has a exploded diagraham of this assembly!
  4. Heard from Glen Pettit

    Thanx, for this responce, get well soon, God Bless us all!
  5. 42" deck belts all the same ???

    I just went through this this week. No ID Tag on my rear discharge 42'. True Blue Belt # 248089 is what I bought and fits. I think the Wheel Horse Belt number is 106125. It is important that the idler pulley bar and spring slide and move freely.
  6. My Restored 101C

    ya, Very nice C101 You should be proud of your restoration work!
  7. Underside mower deck protection

    Post the transmission Question in the Transmission threads for more info on that Question. My guess is Transmission experts reside there.
  8. Reconditioning mowing deck

    Cup wire wheel and putty knife off all the crud/ matted grass. Prime, rustolium rusty metal primer, recoat rustolium regal red. Every year at the end of the season.
  9. Underside mower deck protection

    Brilliant minds think alike. Ha Ha
  10. Underside mower deck protection

    I'll putty knife and wire cup wheel at the end of the season. I have been useing Rustolium Rusty metal Primer and a top coat of Rustolium Regal Red on the two RD decks I have. I swear by the brush on paint, it's bullet proof. During the mowing season I'll remove the deck and use a plastic putty knife and a air hose to clean the clots out. My complaint is the wheel horse designed the two decks I have with places in the baffling that you can't get inside of. I was pondering hole sawing so I could get in there. The best I can do now is a coat hanger to hook the crud out, and blow it out with the air hose.
  11. 79 C101

    My decals with the C101 were towards the front too
  12. I too am working on a C101 to give to my Daughters new home 60 miles away. Is that  clutch safety switch still available? I have to depress clutch, turn ignition key, and search for the sweet spot with my foot untill it turns over. 42"swiss cheeze rear discharge deck. Thanx, Mike 

    new rubber 1.JPG

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    2. lastoja


      This is what it looked like after grass mowing stopped.


    3. 1940willys


      Thanx, for your reply! You don't see many of this model on this site from what I've viewed. I've been working real hard on the 'swiss cheeze' deck. It's a REAL shame people leave these things sit outside, water collecting on the tops, rusting out all the indents where the water sets!  My42 Rear Discharge issue is where the 'L' brackets mount to the top of the deck. I've made some (4) 3'x4' plates to go under the deck with longer carriage bolts. Gonna sandwich the deck between these plates and 'L' brackets. Does the underside of your deck have the 'Dividers I'll call them between the two end blades and center blade? Mine were just remnents of what was there, so I tore them out. I see your replacement wheels are solid nylon. I bought those for this deck too, along with the three roller wheels on the front. I also own a B 80  with a 36? rear discharge. Got them nylon wheels on that and there going strong for 6 years 


    4. lastoja


      Just finished little things ready for grass cutting now. I also have a 416 8 89 model and had a 312-A  86 model but my buddy at the lake wanted it more so I sold it. My deck on 101 C was a side discharge I had to repair the metal by adjustment lever for height and two other places. Yes indeed why people leave out in rain. Mind also took a while but she looks new now. My deck is a 42".



  13. High octane gasoline

    I too have switched to the High Octane stuff,they said it's non ethanol and stores longer. Get it at our local Kwik Fill station Made in the U.S.A. It started at 92 and now I see it's 90 octane. I use it in two and four cycle stuff: Macs, Tecumsh, Kolhers. Hot Rod stuff normally asperated and supercharged Big blocks small blocks Fords and Chevys. I have heard that Higher octane fuel burns slower in the combustion chamber I'm all for made in the USA!
  14. I am in Buffalo also I have a B80, and a C101, that I intend on giveing my new home owner Daughter 60 mi away. I see you are a senior member born in 78. I think that's Hilarious, I was born in 53 what does that make me a Dinosaur Member? 

  15. Wednesday, wet, heavy, slop vs the C-175

    Nice pics guys,enjoy it while you can, spring is just around the corner..