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  1. No Idea What I'm Doing!

    I agree with your neighbor. I'd take it for $1,200 and think I got a steal. But, you may be treading on thin ice since the original offer is "in the family". You might be better off selling to your father-in-law and have him walk away thinking he owes you something in the future for giving him such a great deal.
  2. Misconception ...

    Hey! Great idea! Wouldn't want her to begin to get suspicious of my real motives. I'll stop using a rag when I check the oil and grease the joints. That should do it!
  3. Misconception ...

    My wife thinks I'm working when I mow the lawn ...
  4. 520-HC

    I have an opportunity to pick up a 520-HC with a "rebuilt Onan" and 1200 hours. Cosmetically it looks used, but nothing that some paint and decals can't fix. I have not had a chance to look at it in person. I've never had a 520 nor an Onan engine. At $500, is this a fair risk? I have no problem investing an additional $500 to bring it up to spec.
  5. 30 More Years ...

    I have been working under the premise that because of the way the old Wheel Horses are constructed, if specific parts can not be sourced in the future there is a good chance that there are parts that can be retrofitted or fabricate from scratch. So as a consequence, I have not been warehousing replacements. What do you think of this approach? I really appreciate everyone's feedback so far ... thanks!!!
  6. 30 More Years ...

    I've been working on my SK-486 and 1067 for the past three years. Slowly bringing everything up to spec and as close to "new" condition as possible. Everything works like it was originally delivered. Both machines have about 1,300 hours on their original engines, frames, transmissions (eight speed), and tires. The 1067 is 50 years old and the SK-486 is 35. I put about 15 hours on each of them a year, mowing and pulling. My plan is to have them 10 more years and then to pass them down to my two sons. I'd like my sons to get another 20 years of tinkering and light use out of them. So, what I'm wondering, does this sound reasonable and what more should I consider doing to these machines so they run for the next 30 years?
  7. I need to get an additional 1/2 inch of mower height when cutting with my 42 inch side discharge deck. Will putting larger wheels on the deck accomplish this or will it cause the evenness of the cut to be uneven front to back?
  8. 1967 1067

  9. Hmmm, a couple years ago I had the mechanism in my left ear surgically removed and replaced with a prosthetic mechanism. The mechanism I was born with had gone bad. So, I guess I should have applied for a new social security number afterwards. ... the way I look at it, if it started out as a Wheel Horse, anything that is done to it to keep it alive is preserving a Wheel Horse. Great looking tractors!
  10. Swung a little too hard today ...

    Craig, Wow! I wish I had your tools and skills. Welding is one level beyond me. I can do nuts and bolts - epoxy once in a while - that's it. Nice job!
  11. Today as I swung myself into the seat getting ready to mow the lawn, I heard a crack. The kind that makes you sick to your stomach. Got off to see what happened and noticed the seat was loose. Well the pictures tell the rest of the story. Fortunately, three hours later, its as strong as ever and ready for another 35 years of seat banging.
  12. No Room in the Garage

    I was afraid these would be the responses. Looks like I might need to give up a table saw in the garage. Gotta do some figuring.
  13. I'm looking at buying a 414-8 with FEL. The problem is that I have no more room in my garage. I have never stored any of my equipment outdoors. I'm wondering, is there a way to maintain a machine and prepare a space, so that year round outdoor storage will not damage the tractor?
  14. This is one reason I like this forum - common sense rules! Great idea!