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  1. Thanks everyone! Had a great birthday! I've been away visiting the Wind City for St. Pat's day. They take their Irish pretty seriously!
  2. New rear tire recommendation ...

    I want to thank everyone for sharing their experience and suggestions. It’s overwhelming the positive response and helpful information members can get here. This is the best place on the internet for practical problem solving. Owning a Wheel Horse is worth whatever it’s cost, if only for the common sense and experience we have access to on the wheelhorseforum. Thanks!! Oh, I’m going with the six ply ags. Will look at foam if 6-ply fails to do the trick.
  3. New rear tire recommendation ...

    Talking about foam - what about filling the old back tires with Fix-a-Flat tire sealant?
  4. New rear tire recommendation ...

    Looks like it will do the trick! Very thick because of the wide tread. Who is the Brand/Manufacturer?
  5. New rear tire recommendation ...

    Thanks for your recommendations!! Does an Ag versus Turf tire make a difference? Will either one be more durable/thorn-resistant?
  6. Our property is boardered by a hedge of old OSage Orange trees. These trees have thorns that are easily 3/4 inch long and as sharp as needles. Even though I keep the yard clean, every year I manage to pickup one or two of the penetrating menaces in my tractor tires. It’s time for me to replace the 35 year old rear tires on my SK486. The original tires are 22x9.5. I want to move up to 23x10.5. I’m also interested in tires that are more resistant to the Osage Orange thorns. Are there any ideas of what I should be looking at? Thanks!
  7. 1991 520

    What size deck? Is finish original? Power steering?
  8. This is not good! Yesterday was that kind of day. 42557152-B977-45C2-95FB-7D3F23E40B67.MOV
  9. I’m thinking about picking up a 520LXI that looks to be well cared for and in good condition. It has a 60” deck and 48” blade. I’m curious, does anyone have experience with the Kawasaki 20hp twin liquid cooled engine? I’m comfortable mataining old Koehler 241’s and 341’s. Will I have any problems handling this Kawasaki engine?
  10. Happy Anniversary Red Square !

    There’s not a better place on the internet for advice and great pictures! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! ... and many more to come.
  11. Our two sons have claims on my two Wheel Horses one of which was my Father’s. Now our two grand children each want one!
  12. I always thought I was unusual in my passion for these machines to be a link between my father, me, my sons, and my grand children. The response to this survey leads me to believe that Wheel Horse is much more than a passing fad. These machines are going to be around for a long time and probably this RedSquare forum too.
  13. You’re a luck guy. That’s a lot of history. Good memories and learnings.
  14. Had a conversation yesterday with one the Red Square members. Talking about Favorite Wheel Horses, we remarked about how many of these machines have “generational” history and stories. So I want to take a poll.