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  1. This is not good! Yesterday was that kind of day. 42557152-B977-45C2-95FB-7D3F23E40B67.MOV
  2. I’m thinking about picking up a 520LXI that looks to be well cared for and in good condition. It has a 60” deck and 48” blade. I’m curious, does anyone have experience with the Kawasaki 20hp twin liquid cooled engine? I’m comfortable mataining old Koehler 241’s and 341’s. Will I have any problems handling this Kawasaki engine?
  3. Happy Anniversary Red Square !

    There’s not a better place on the internet for advice and great pictures! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! ... and many more to come.
  4. Our two sons have claims on my two Wheel Horses one of which was my Father’s. Now our two grand children each want one!
  5. I always thought I was unusual in my passion for these machines to be a link between my father, me, my sons, and my grand children. The response to this survey leads me to believe that Wheel Horse is much more than a passing fad. These machines are going to be around for a long time and probably this RedSquare forum too.
  6. You’re a luck guy. That’s a lot of history. Good memories and learnings.
  7. Had a conversation yesterday with one the Red Square members. Talking about Favorite Wheel Horses, we remarked about how many of these machines have “generational” history and stories. So I want to take a poll.
  8. 1982 SK-486

  9. Which horse is your favorite

    Peacemaker Jack - you are so right. So many of these machines have great stories. Two years ago I purchased my SK-486 from its original owner. He purchased it in 1982. Still had all the original documentation and all the maintenance records. Needless to say, he cared for it like it was his child. Time went by and I hadn’t heard from him after our transaction. His Wheel Horse handle was “Bowtie”. After doing some searching, I found out he passed away two months after we met - cancer. He did not appear well when we met, but I had no idea he was so ill. We spent an hour or so exchanging messages and then serveral hours together when I visited him to close the deal. He showed me all his tractors and cars. He had pictures of his father riding him on his dad’s first Wheel Horse - 1959 Model. He was a perfectionist, but very practical. I paid him full asking price for his 486 with no negotiating because of its condition and all the history he gave me. He was such a great guy. I will miss him. His tractor will always be in great care and it’s history will continue to be passed down.
  10. Finally got a 520H

    About five years ago, in a pinch, I put slime in the original right front tire of a 1967 Wheel Horse to keep it inflated. I was desperate and had no time. It is still holding air. What type of problems should I expect down the road as a consequence?
  11. Which horse is your favorite

    My favorite is the 1067 (tractor on the right). This was my father's Wheel Horse and the one I used to mow as a boy. (Vintage; before and after restore.) Dad and grand daughter.
  12. 520-8

    This is the solution I used. Cost nothing and it is very effective.
  13. It slipped into gear and before he could get out of the way ...
  14. Who ever imagined the role a Wheel Horse can have in shaping the next generation. The grandkids love these machines! So much healthier than their new technology toys.