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  1. Seat Support Repair

    I broke the seat support last year on my 1982 SK-486. The repair was pretty straight forward and it is better than new now. This link might give you some ideas. Good Luck!!
  2. Wheel horse C-175 from grandfather.

    What a machine! Maintain it and continue the legacy. It will last longer than most of us. That's what many of these machines are all about.
  3. K341 Labors Under Load when Cold

    Thank you for your responses. I’m glad to hear this is not likely a problem. The suggestion of simply letting the engine warm up is my preference. I can usually spare 3 to 5 minutes after starting it. Again, thanks for taking the time to share your opinions.
  4. I have a Wheel Horse SK486 with a Koehler 341 16hp engine. Both are in “mint” condition. I have noticed that the engine seems to labor if I put it to any heavy work immediately after starting. There is no smoke or coughing, it just sounds like it is working hard. After five minutes (warm up) the condition goes away and the engine can handle any load without breaking a sweat. Should I be concerned? Is this an indication of a problem?
  5. Hydro vs. 8-Speed

    Is one transmission more durable in the long run - Wheel Horse Hydro vs. Wheel Horse 8-Speed - all other factors equal?
  6. 314-8 Rear turf tire size options

  7. 314-8 Rear turf tire size options

    Here is the comparison. 7.5 inch on the right, 10.5 inch on the left - both on the same size Wheel.
  8. 314-8 Rear turf tire size options

    I just replaced the 36 year old 22x7.5x12 on my Wheel Horse SK-486 with 23x10.5x12 Hi Run 4-Plys from Tractor Supply. They fit fine - no problem. Look great. Excellent traction. Suggestion, have your local tire shop mount them. I struggled for three hours with no results. The auto shop did both of them in a half hour for $20.
  9. Generation Gap

    The SK-486 has 1,362 hours on its meter. Doesn’t break a sweat mowing or pulling. Spindles purr like a cat. Doesn’t cough or smoke. I wonder how the orange brand will run when it passes 1,300 hours?
  10. Generation Gap

    I agree. The Wheel Horse will probably lose because it has a manual transmission, two shifters, and a clutch. What are those ... ?!
  11. Generation Gap

    Yesterday I was at Lowe’s checking out what’s new for Spring around the Great Lakes. I was looking at the specs on some lawn equipment when a sales person approached me to promote the top of the line Husqvarna. After a minute I stopped him and told him I already have two horses that work on my lawn. He laughed as if I was making a joke of his pitch. So, I pulled out the iPhone and showed him a picture. His reaction ... “what is that!”. Hard to even explain the difference to a young person.
  12. New rear tire recommendation ...

    Well, a month has gone by - a lot of research and shopping. I settled on a pair of Hi-Run 4-ply Turf Tires 23.5x10.5-12 from Tractor Supply. They were a little pricey - $95/per - but I’m really happy with them. The old tires were 36 year old originals 22.5x7.5-12. Worked a couple hours to change them myself - couldn’t even break the bead. Took them to our local tire place. They did them both in 30 minutes for $20. I want to thank everyone for the advice. Like I said, I am really happy with the outcome!