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  1. Foot control pedal parts

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  2. I have parts for a foot pedal control kit made by Matt. I have used these parts for a couple years on my C-121 and the parts worked great, but I no longer need them. I am asking $85 (shipping included anywhere and only in the continental U.S.). You can easily fab these parts to fit a wide range of older or newer hydro tractors (as the hard to get pieces are included). Pickup in Dayton, OH OK too. Thanks!
  3. WH 518-H questions

    Thanks for all the ideas/input. Appreciate the help sorting through options, etc.
  4. WH 520H & 48 inch deck

    Hi, sent you a PM
  5. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Hi guys, My 312-8 in snow moving garb. Here in SW Ohio it is rare to need rear wheel weights. The air-filled AG tires work great for me.
  6. WH 518-H questions

    Hi Joe--thanks. I was thinking I would do the same thing--repower the 518-H with a single cylinder motor (mostly as part of summer project with the boys in the local Webelos unit)--until I found out word-of-mouth is the Eaton 700 tranny may also cause problems. I had a great lead on a 520-H roller about 30 miles away, but it fell through (sold for more than I was willing to pay even as a roller). Now, even for a "good" price I am gonna pass on the 518-H. I will keep looking and should be able to find a better model WH needing some TLC and maybe either is not running or needing a repower to use as a "project tractor" with the kids. Take care!
  7. WH 518-H questions

    I do not need the deck, it just came with the tractor; I am gonna pass on this 518-H.
  8. WH 518-H questions

    Thanks a million for your input. Much appreciated!
  9. WH 518-H questions

    Hi guys, There is a 518-H on CL for sale near Cincinnati. Current owner tells me it runs and moves, but has little/no power and likely is running on one cylinder. He is willing to sell it for $400. It appears to be complete and includes a 42 inch SD mower deck and mule drive. I am interested, but am concerned about the Eaton 7 tranny set up used on this model as I have heard/read they are prone to problems. The motor issue is not a big deal as I likely would repower it unless it is any easy fix. I am on the fence about driving the 100 miles away to look at it and am looking for some input or maybe someone who lives closer might be interested. I was really hoping to find a 520-H roller to repower, but lost out on the one close to home I thought I had all wrapped up. Thanks, Bert
  10. Hi, I need a motor mount plate and complete 1” ID PTO clutch assembly for a Wheelhorse Work Horse GT1100 or GT1142. Shipping to 45338. Thanks, Bert. 937-609-6678 or kto434@yahoo.com Thanks, guys. I was unaware of the 1” to 1-1/8” sleeve bushing. With that part, I have the parts needed. I appreciate your help and offers and hope to return the favors sometime. Take care!
  11. 1965 655

    I just got this in a trade through the classified section--thanks for your help. I applied new decals and did some basic clean up. It runs fine. It is a mutt though--paint is not original, seat is a Cub Cadet, motor has red paint over white (so may not be original motor, dunno), rear tires seem too big to be original, but say "Wheel Horse" on them, and mower deck is an RM-117 which may be for a Lawn Ranger, among other things. But despite all that, I still like it a lot and am enjoying it.
  12. Voltmeter

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  13. Oil Pressure Gauge

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  14. Oil Pressure Gauge

    Item sold!
  15. 20170530_023756.jpg

    Absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing your work.