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  1. Hi. I wonder if anyone here has replaced a failing solid state ignition module on a Tecumseh HH100 motor with a Ford ABS sensor/Chevy HEI module/coil and, if so, is willing to share any tips, pics, comments re dependability, etc. The solid state ignition module is failing on my Charger 9 and I am evaluating whether to try the conversion mentioned or should look to repower. Any comments are welcome. Thanks!
  2. Charger 9

    Thanks for the advice re the frozen choke cable. I did as you said after inspecting the cable and locating a severely rusted area maybe 3 inches long. After spraying it well with Deep Creep (all I had on hand) it loosened up nicely and now moves freely/smoothly. I have yet to try starting it, but it has new fuel lines/fuel filter, carb has been cleaned well, and I replaced the damaged fuel pump with a vacuum type pump, drained/cleaned gas tank, and new spark plug gapped per OM. Am getting closer to trying to start it. Thanks for all the help/advice. I will post a link to a video showing first start attempts (if that is permitted by club rules—gotta check into that).
  3. Hi all. I am working to get a Charger 9 and model 5-1421 mower deck back in service and want/need to replace the mower deck’s spindle bearings, WH parts numbers 1508 and 1515. I am also looking to replace the bearings in the PTO pulleys, WH part number 4567. All appear to be obsolete/unavailable. Any ideas if there are substitute part numbers and, if so, what they are? Thanks!
  4. Charger 9

    Choke cable is froze. Any suggestions on freeing it up gentle without damaging it?
  5. Charger 9

    Will do, thanks. I emptied the gas in the gas tank and it was clearly very old/stale. I want to remove and clean the gas tank too. Your suggestions help too. Will report further as I get into it.
  6. Charger 9

    I ended up buying the tractor for a price I was comfortable with. It is going to get a good cleaning up before I start working to get it running (better) again. It has a Tecumseh HH100 115095B motor, original WH branded tires, original seat with WH emblem, appears to be an original, unmolested unit. I will share my fits and starts getting it running well again as I go. Any suggestions/advice is welcome. I am never too old to learn something new/better. Thanks!
  7. Got “mowcheens” from a good friend—I like it too! His mowcheens are Gravely riders (if I can say that here)—LOL.
  8. I mowed part of my yard with each. Great mowcheens!
  9. Charger 9

    I took the attached pics when looking at the tractor today. Tranny seems fine. Based on 1-7931 model number, it is an early Charger 9 WITHOUT the 10 pinion transaxle. It runs, but runs rough, spits and sputters, back fires occassionally. Seller says it will not restart once hot. It does not burn oil in a way you can see or smell. The motor bogs down when engaging the mower and dies. The good news is it appears complete and mostly original. Seller wants $425 (even if worth that, it is more than I would pay for it). I passed on it for now. Please share thoughts. Thanks.
  10. Charger 9

    It understand now the Charger 9 came in two flavors: Model 1-7931 (early production models) and Model 1-7932 (later production models)--if I got it right. When early became late exactly is unclear to me. Are there any material differences between the two models I should care about? I read somewhere Model 1-7932 (the later production model) uses a "better" differential than Model 1-7931. If I purchase the tractor, I will use it to low about a half acre of grass on a pancake flat lot and sometimes pull a small yard cart. Any further advice/comments are appreciate!
  11. Charger 9

    Thanks so much guys. I will let you know how it goes and may be in touch for the parts offered.
  12. Charger 9

    Guys, I need some advice/help. I am going to look at a Charger 9 this weekend. I am not familiar with that model/vintage WH. Are there things specific to that model I need to look at or be aware of? It is an “automatic” by which I assume hydrostatic tranny. Is the hydro used in that model known to be reliable/good? A few years ago you all helped me learn about and pass on, for instance, a 518-H because of its weak (general consensus) Eaton 700 tranny—which almost no one liked/recommended. I need help with stuff like that—generally whether the Charger 9 is a model to stay away from because of [fill in the blank]. . . It comes with a 42-inch SD deck (which looks different from the WH decks I am familiar with that mount using the attach-a-matic system. Can I mount the 36-inch deck presently on my 312-8 on a Charger without “hanger” modification? The PTO mule drive setup looks different than I am familiar with too. Thanks for your advice/help.
  13. Kohler M12 fuel pump replacement

    thanks guys. as far as i know the fuel pump i am replacing is original to the tractor. i like my equipment oem when reasonably possible. the $200 kohler wants for a replacement fuel pump (to me) is not reasonable. i just don’t want a cheapo replacement that will leak/fail quickly. the difference in cost between kohler and most other replacements is so big i wondered if the $25 to $35 items were essentially imported junk. guess i will try one and find out. i appreciate your input/comments.
  14. Kohler M12 fuel pump replacement

    Hi all. Turns out the fuel pump on my Kohler-powered 312-8 needs replaced. The part number is 4739320. Any suggestions rebuilding the original vs. buying a new one (if a new one, what brand?). Prefer a quality replacement over cheapest possible offering. Checking internet a genuine Kohler replacement is almost $200 (which, too me, is unreasonably steep). Thanks.