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  1. Great tips, thanks. I have a 36in RD which tends to windrow where my SD decks do not. I like the size (for my yard and tractor) of the smaller decks and am considering a 36in SD or 37in SD. For my needs/application the 36in SD probably would work fine.
  2. Thanks, guys. Lots to consider.
  3. Thank you for catching that

  4. For those with experience running a 3-blade 36-inch and/or a 2-blade 37-inch mower deck which is a better choice for a 312-8 on a residential lawn? Which gives the “nicer” cut? Thanks!
  5. Lift Assist?

    Thanks, I will check that out.
  6. Lift Assist?

    Thanks, I will check the mounting hole and think about the front spring idea too. I had a Gravely rider at one point and Gravely made something called an auxillary lift assist kit which made lifting their heavy 48” blade very easy. I wondered if WH had a similar OEM kit. I have considered swapping manual to electric lift, but cannot seem to find much info on the WH electric lift kit, when it was offered, what models, etc. Thanks again!
  7. Lift Assist?

    I use a 42-inch snow blade with my 312-8. Is there a lift assist spring or kit to help operator’s lift the blade (making it easier to lift)? Thanks.
  8. Foot control pedal parts

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. I have parts for a foot pedal control kit made by Matt. I have used these parts for a couple years on my C-121 and the parts worked great, but I no longer need them. I am asking $85 (shipping included anywhere and only in the continental U.S.). You can easily fab these parts to fit a wide range of older or newer hydro tractors (as the hard to get pieces are included). Pickup in Dayton, OH OK too. Thanks!
  10. WH 518-H questions

    Thanks for all the ideas/input. Appreciate the help sorting through options, etc.
  11. WH 520H & 48 inch deck

    Hi, sent you a PM
  12. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Hi guys, My 312-8 in snow moving garb. Here in SW Ohio it is rare to need rear wheel weights. The air-filled AG tires work great for me.
  13. WH 518-H questions

    Hi Joe--thanks. I was thinking I would do the same thing--repower the 518-H with a single cylinder motor (mostly as part of summer project with the boys in the local Webelos unit)--until I found out word-of-mouth is the Eaton 700 tranny may also cause problems. I had a great lead on a 520-H roller about 30 miles away, but it fell through (sold for more than I was willing to pay even as a roller). Now, even for a "good" price I am gonna pass on the 518-H. I will keep looking and should be able to find a better model WH needing some TLC and maybe either is not running or needing a repower to use as a "project tractor" with the kids. Take care!
  14. WH 518-H questions

    I do not need the deck, it just came with the tractor; I am gonna pass on this 518-H.
  15. WH 518-H questions

    Thanks a million for your input. Much appreciated!