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  1. 1965 655

    I just got this in a trade through the classified section--thanks for your help. I applied new decals and did some basic clean up. It runs fine. It is a mutt though--paint is not original, seat is a Cub Cadet, motor has red paint over white (so may not be original motor, dunno), rear tires seem too big to be original, but say "Wheel Horse" on them, and mower deck is an RM-117 which may be for a Lawn Ranger, among other things. But despite all that, I still like it a lot and am enjoying it.
  2. Voltmeter

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. Oil Pressure Gauge

    Changed Status to Closed
  4. Oil Pressure Gauge

    Item sold!
  5. 20170530_023756.jpg

    Absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing your work.
  6. Onan P216 Electrical Help

    Oh gosh, not upset at all (quite the contrary as I truly appreciate your recommendations/suggestions). I learn so much from you all and thank you for sharing your knowledge/experience. I will post some updated pics after I clean up the wiring--may be a while. Take care and thanks to all who have helped me. Van
  7. Onan P216 Electrical Help

    I may (probably will) rewire as you recommend/suggest (I appreciate your help) now I know the tractor runs/operates (I've mowed my 3/4 acre yard twice with it) and how to do the wiring. This project has been, for me (with very little mechanicking experience) a big project. I would like to clean up the wiring as you suggest. If I do so I'll post a few updated pics. I need to learn some of the wiring techniques you mention. Take care and thanks for everyone's helpful suggestions--much appreciated! Van
  8. Oil Pressure Gauge

    sorry, i do not have a mounting bracket to include. it is a standard size so a single gauge bracket could be easily bought; it would also be easy to make one too
  9. Oil Pressure Gauge

    Here is a brand new, never opened oil pressure gauge kit (includes gauge and install kit) to replace the vacuum gauge on a 520 with an oil pressure gauge OR add the oil pressure to any WH tractor with a Onan P216/18/20 motor. You can install the oil pressure gauge in place of the low oil motor kill sensor or in addition to that sensor (by using an easily obtained brass T-connector). This is a mechanical gauge requiring no electrical wiring. I got this as part of a WH gauge assortment and am selling off the extras. This kit uses copper tubing instead of plastic tubing making it heavier duty (my view). I had a 520-H that used plastic tubing and never had a problem, but I prefer copper over plastic (if you prefer plastic tubing, it is easily obtained online or at virtually any hardware or big box store--and will work equally well with this gauge). $25 includes shipping anywhere in continental US.
  10. Voltmeter

    Changed Status to Pending
  11. Voltmeter

    Hi all! I have a working, decent shape voltmeter for sale. It came with some other WH/Toro gauges I recently purchased. I hooked it up to my 416 and tested it while mowing today--it works great. I would like to get $20 for it (and will ship it only in the continental US--shipping is included in the price). Thanks, Bert I have a tachometer for sale from the same gauge lot in another listing if you are interested.
  12. Tachometer

    Hi all! I have a working, decent shape tachometer for sale. It came with some other WH/Toro gauges I recently purchased. I hooked it up to my 416 and tested it while mowing today to make sure it works--it works great--very simple to wire--I can include wiring instruction if you like (for an Onan P216/18/20--it may work on other motors too, but I do not know how to wire it in on other motors). I would like to get $75 for it (and will ship it only in the continental US--shipping is included in the price). I know they sell for more, but members have been so generous helping me out I would like to pay that back a little by hopefully helping someone else. Thanks, Bert I have a nice, working voltmeter from the same gauge lot for sale in another listing if you are interested. I hooked it up this morning long enough to show it working in the attached vid. I took it as close to full throttle as I dared before it vibrated off the air cleaner cover--LOL. I hope the vid helps show condition/operation.
  13. Onan P216 Electrical Help

    With your help I got it running--sorry for poor pics quality I removed all wiring. Then rewired the starting circuit. Then the spark circuit. Then the charging circuit. I found the RR was not functioning so purchased an aftermarket replacement which works great so far. Next is to wire in the voltmeter.
  14. Oil Pressure Gauge Onan P216

    Thanks--I thought as much, but needed some hand-holding/confirmation. I appreciate your help. Van
  15. Oil Pressure Gauge Onan P216

    Has anyone added an oil pressure gauge to their 416-8, P216 Onan-powered tractor? If so, how did you do it. Also, is it possible to add a tachometer to a Onan P216 with the same hook up as a P220? Thanks.