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  1. Hydro Foot Control Kit

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. 1985 Wheel Horse 417-A

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. 1985 Wheel Horse 417-A

    The tractor sold and found a new home around Cleveland, OH. Buyer picked it up today. Thanks RS for the help finding it a good home.
  4. 1985 Wheel Horse 417-A

    Changed Status to Pending
  5. Health issues force sale. I purchased this fantastic “mowcheen” from the original owner a couple months ago—just could not pass it up. Includes original paperwork, hub caps, vinyl tractor cover, original seat (great condition). I will include the red Toro seat cover if you like. The motor runs great—smooth and powerful. Everything works as it should. Working hour meter shows 1,460 hours. I am still using it so it may show slightly more hours at pickup. This is an absolutely great, all original machine made only in 1985 and 1986. Perfect for the collector. The included 48-inch mower deck is rock solid too. Come get it. It has lots of life left. You will not be disappointed. The twin cylinder Kohlers quality motors. Cash only. Price is firm. Tractor must be picked up in Lewisburg, Ohio.
  6. Repower

    Sarge, is your idea correctly illustrated in the attached photo?
  7. Repower

  8. Repower

    Does this wiring diagram look right for starting, ignition, and charging circuits and gauge wire?
  9. Repower

    Thank you—that info really helps me.
  10. Repower

    Hi all, I need some help. I replaced the Tecumseh HH100 motor on my Charger 9 with a Kohler K241 with S/G. I have a good 4988 key switch for it, there is no starter solenoid, and need help figuring out what gauge wire to use and in what connections. I am mostly interested in the start, ignition, and battery charging circuits. Any help/advice is appreciated. I have never had a WH without a starter solenoid. Makes me a little nervous connecting the battery directly to the switch so want to make double/triple sure I use the right gauge wire everywhere. Thanks!
  11. Thanks! New to me so I am going thru it. Tecumseh HH100’s solid state ignition failed so I swapped a Kohler. All original. Tires even say “Wheel Horse”.
  12. I started repowering my Charger 9 with a 10hp Kohler. Wiring/cables yet to be hooked up, but making progress.
  13. Hi. I wonder if anyone here has replaced a failing solid state ignition module on a Tecumseh HH100 motor with a Ford ABS sensor/Chevy HEI module/coil and, if so, is willing to share any tips, pics, comments re dependability, etc. The solid state ignition module is failing on my Charger 9 and I am evaluating whether to try the conversion mentioned or should look to repower. Any comments are welcome. Thanks!
  14. Charger 9

    Thanks for the advice re the frozen choke cable. I did as you said after inspecting the cable and locating a severely rusted area maybe 3 inches long. After spraying it well with Deep Creep (all I had on hand) it loosened up nicely and now moves freely/smoothly. I have yet to try starting it, but it has new fuel lines/fuel filter, carb has been cleaned well, and I replaced the damaged fuel pump with a vacuum type pump, drained/cleaned gas tank, and new spark plug gapped per OM. Am getting closer to trying to start it. Thanks for all the help/advice. I will post a link to a video showing first start attempts (if that is permitted by club rules—gotta check into that).
  15. Hi all. I am working to get a Charger 9 and model 5-1421 mower deck back in service and want/need to replace the mower deck’s spindle bearings, WH parts numbers 1508 and 1515. I am also looking to replace the bearings in the PTO pulleys, WH part number 4567. All appear to be obsolete/unavailable. Any ideas if there are substitute part numbers and, if so, what they are? Thanks!