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  1. How are you doing?

    Lot's of rain here today (Big E weather...) but it's supposed to move through quickly and be nice by tomorrow
  2. Ran out of oil!

    I used a Magnum for a swap on one of mine. make sure you change the key switch if you do
  3. Ran out of oil!

    yeah... sounds like you lost a rod. sorry. Been there, done that
  4. New to the WH obsession

    I have a 417-8, It should have an electric lift. I like it so much I looked for another electric setup to put on my other machine!
  5. I use a rear discharge with a tow behind sweeper all the time now. makes the yard look very nice not sure it would solve a "too tall grass" problem though. After I got home from vacation (3 weeks between cuts) I just cut it extra tall with S/D, let the clippings dry a little and cut it again 2 days later... SWMBO thought I was nuts... lol
  6. What's with the attraction?

    Because you can!
  7. Electric Lift wiring question

    I just went through this on a C-175/8. All you need is a "key on" power supply to trigger the relay for full power from the battery to the electric motor. I had heard that you shouldn't use the lift unless the motor is running but I think that's untrue. All I found was a notification that using it without the motor running could run the battery down.
  8. Poor, neglected, and abused horse!

    Oh! And Lucas, Prince of Darkness is the saying. I had Triumphs.... lol
  9. I picked up a sonic cleaner from Harbor Freight a while ago. does amazing work on stuff like that. I used a coupon and got it for around ~$40 pretty good at cleaning old mechanical clock mechanisms too
  10. Front Wheel Bearings

    Fun, huh? I've had work done on both shoulders. full repair on one, cleanup on the other (to try and prevent a full repair) At this point in time i''m glad I had it done but it's definitely not for the faint of heart!
  11. Buying New Garden Tractor

    My GIL has a Kubota. seems like it's always got some issue or other. regular maintenance is $$$ too... of course he has it picked up to get the maintenance done so that could be part of the cost
  12. Did you climb that rickety old fire tower?!?!? lol
  13. Sooooo..... are you buying "rattle can" paint by the case? you guys are doing a great job so far, Wish I was going to be there for the Owl's head show but we're not heading up until August 1st. I have a camp near Winthrop
  14. I’m not sure what model I have!

    Looks like an Eaton hydro. Could be a later C-175. You could try to hone in on the year with the engine tag. Looks like an original series I Kohler
  15. I’m not sure what model I have!

    looks like a nice clean series I Kohler in a C-175. mu guess is it's a Sundstrand hydro (can't see the filter in the back end shot) looks like you could use a muffler too