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  1. 417-8

    definitely an electric lift model. looks pretty clean. looks like an 86? The 85 had manual lift http://www.tractordata.com/lawn-tractors/000/5/1/510-wheel-horse-417.html
  2. 417-8

    i think the series 1 Kohlers were long gone by the time this tractor was built. I have a 417-8 with electric lift and I like it so much I went and found an electric lift setup to put on my C-175/Mag12 8 speed. if the machine has a louvered hood, it's an electric lift. I think they only made these (417's) for 2 years, and only one year had the lift oh... and BTW. i paid $350 for it with a nice 42" deck and an almost new plow... of course it wasn't running at the time. Kept blowing a fuse when you tried to start it. the guy had put new ignition switch and solenoid on it, but didn't tighten the solenoid! couple turns of a wrench and WALLA!! it's my favorite machine... for now... lol
  3. c175 starting

    Ditto the electric pump. my C-175 had worn lobes on the cam that drove the mechanical pump so i had to go that route. one of the best mods going! there is a fantastic write up on the site here. tells you what you need to do the install. I used a pump off eBay, cost under $12. liked it so much I got another one and made an electric siphon setup to help drain tanks that were going to be sitting for more than a couple months... (stupid ethanol...)
  4. Winter traction

    IIRC, I'm at 99 pins with the 8" rim/tire on the fronts. maybe smaller (98 pins) on at least 1 wheel. I have 2 tractors with them. I needed to get it tight enough so I had to "lever" them on even with the tire pressure low. they actually indent the tire a little, but the weight of the machine makes them bite into the frozen tundra...
  5. Winter traction

    Ditto the #40 chain wrapped around the front tires. when i want a little more steering I just "up toggle" the snow thrower a tiny bit and WALLA! I really love that 417-8 electric lift...
  6. What did you NAME your --- WHEEL HORSE ??

    my 417-8 is "Big Bopper". One C-175 I have with a re-power is "Mag12" <-- real imagination on that one... lol I might call the other C-175 I have "Lunch" cause it's eaten 2 engines so far...
  7. I wrapped some #40 chain around the front tires to create a center "rib". made a whole lot of difference!
  8. Electric Lift isseu

    shoot... not having to run the motor to move the lift up and down was one of the things I liked about having an electric lift... interested to find out how you make out with that switch
  9. Going to new "Stable"

    hey... you can always swing by and wrench on one of mine if you need to!
  10. 1958 Copar Panzer T55

    Chrysler. interesting story about those, they scoured junkyards for them. I have a 59 T65 that had a leaky axle seal. turns out the axle was a '46 and BTW, they only used that grill design for 2 years. one year they were painted red, the other they were painted blue
  11. 12hp needs rebuild

    If they have to order it, you might be better off getting one off fleabay... IIRC, they're under $10 for a decent one with the rim around the piston/valves opening. I just got a complete set of engine rebuild gaskets for under $25. missed a set for $22 because i didn't act quickly enough... lol had them within 3 days as well.
  12. steering clicking-416

    the 417 I got last spring did the same thing. i used a large washer to shim it and now it's fine. funny... none of my C series machines have that problem
  13. Looking for a K301 oil pan

    like the title says, does anyone have a pan to fit a K301 they want to part with? PM me with price plus shipping to 01077 (MA) thanks Jack
  14. Question for engine rebuilders

    I have a K341 that gave up a rod a while back. talk about "Big Bang Theory..." anyway, I tore it down to see how bad it got inside and to my surprise other than the rod, and the very bottom of the piston skirts the inside looks great! the crankpin looked like it might have taken some abuse but i used a white stone (lightly) and some polishing paper and it must have been debris from the rod or piston because it came right off. i took some measurements and it does show some wear. the crankpin measures 1.498 to 1.499 (low limit is 1.499) and out of round a full .001 (spec calls for .0005 max) the bore measures .002 out of the wear limits and is out of round about .005. going to need a new piston anyway and i can bore it at work . no problem there. my question is, would you re-use the crank in that condition? I can't grind a crank at work... lol
  15. I have a 417 with gear drive and electric lift! love the combo. plus, the engine doesn't have to be running to move the lift arm up and down when you're swapping attachments, just turn the key As far as more electronics to break... the only problem I've had so far was with a 300 series Magnum 12. The low oil sensor was malfunctioning so i just disconnected it.