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  1. 417-8 choke cable

    I just replaced the one on my 417-8... with a 312 that i shortened and bent the end on. lol looks good, works great! I got a generic one off eBay that I used on a different project..I wouldn't hesitate to get another
  2. 312-8 wiring nest!

    I've seen worse... i have a C-175 with a factory harness, all black wires... with little numbers on each wire instead of color coded... lol
  3. I confess, I've always liked Panzers...

    make sure and check for attachments! I have a deck, plow, tiller and snowblower that came with my T65. plus I got the original Kohler 8hp (supposedly runs but smokes)
  4. Aftermarket gaskets from "the Bay"

    I've used the sets from eBay. no complaints here. I make sure the head gasket has the metal edge (not sure exactly what it's called) around the inside where you want it to seal well. ,
  5. Panzer T707es

    My T65 there's a guy around here on Craigslist selling new sheet metal parts. I was thinking about getting a new hood for mine, some #$^$^* cut a hole in mine for the replacement motor oil dipstick... I do have the original motor. maybe someday I'll get around to rebuilding it... lol oh, and BTW. get some fish tank gravel and shake it around good to get the rust out of your gas tank. maybe toss a couple bigger stones in as well. I used small tumbling stones in mine and it came out nice and clean
  6. it's a Starrett indicator stand. (surface gage) you can buy one brand new today... for about $250...I have a few of them for the work I get paid for
  7. Need some Help

    look at that old Mustang II in the background acting like a bench... lol
  8. i have one of the ones you wear on your head. nice little halogen light you can aim right where your looking. of course I have the incandescent (rough service bulb) drop light for general lighting
  9. I ran into that with my 417-8 too. I just happened to have a spare solid one so I used that. IIRC, the star pattern one didn't have the second threaded hole to hold it on the axle either.
  10. The gloves are off, fighting Toby

    Nice! Been here a long time 😉
  11. The gloves are off, fighting Toby

    western MA right on the CT border... we got nothing!
  12. I used a Hydro motor in an 8 speed tractor without changing the pulley (didn't know it mattered at the time). it's a little faster (ground speed) but it's not that bad. Still goes plenty slow in low range
  13. in need of....

    I had a machine that did that, it ended up being the oil level safety switch.
  14. the hard part is stopping at just one...
  15. Steering Column on 417-8

    I'd take another! I have the same machine. love the 8 speed/electric lift so much I found one I can put on the other 8 speed machine I have! I ran a snowthrower on the manual lift machine one year...