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  1. Looking for a K301 oil pan

    like the title says, does anyone have a pan to fit a K301 they want to part with? PM me with price plus shipping to 01077 (MA) thanks Jack
  2. Question for engine rebuilders

    I have a K341 that gave up a rod a while back. talk about "Big Bang Theory..." anyway, I tore it down to see how bad it got inside and to my surprise other than the rod, and the very bottom of the piston skirts the inside looks great! the crankpin looked like it might have taken some abuse but i used a white stone (lightly) and some polishing paper and it must have been debris from the rod or piston because it came right off. i took some measurements and it does show some wear. the crankpin measures 1.498 to 1.499 (low limit is 1.499) and out of round a full .001 (spec calls for .0005 max) the bore measures .002 out of the wear limits and is out of round about .005. going to need a new piston anyway and i can bore it at work . no problem there. my question is, would you re-use the crank in that condition? I can't grind a crank at work... lol
  3. I have a 417 with gear drive and electric lift! love the combo. plus, the engine doesn't have to be running to move the lift arm up and down when you're swapping attachments, just turn the key As far as more electronics to break... the only problem I've had so far was with a 300 series Magnum 12. The low oil sensor was malfunctioning so i just disconnected it.
  4. had the same problem with a 417. I bought it from a guy that way (cheep ). it ended up the new solenoid he had put on it to try and fix the problem wasn't tightened to the frame! check your grounds, make sure there's good contact
  5. Switching to electric fuel pump!

    that's what I did
  6. 1981 c-175

    1981 should be a series 2 Kohler. is it hydro or std transmission? with a loader, I'm guessing hydro. make sure the filter is sticking out toward the back. check the fluids for smell and clarity...
  7. aww, thanks! I imagine I got most of the design from hanging around here though. I won't take all the credit
  8. I did use a blade fuse inline for the pump, and also one off the light wire my light circuit is live in both the "start" and "run'", no power in the "off" position.with the key. I used a light probe on the wires before I chose to use that wire
  9. I tapped into the light switch wire to power a relay to run the pump straight off the battery. works just the way you need it too!
  10. Best wheel horse built

    My current favorite is the 417-8. i believe it would fit in the "rare" category since it was only made one year,1986, it came with a louvered hood and electric lift. 8 speed with a power lift? best of both worlds IMHO...
  11. would it be easier to get one of the plastic fuel tanks that mount under the seat and move the battery to where the current tank is?
  12. Give the Newbie some advice please

    well, I would certainly bring up the fact that the machine is not as it was represented to you (12 vs 18hp is substantial). maybe you can get him to drop the $$$ a couple hundred... did the guy really say it was a twin?
  13. Having a blast mowing with the 310-8 then.....

    that's what I have in mind for my machines!
  14. Give the Newbie some advice please

    what they go for seems to be a regional thing. I get to leave work early on Fridays so I missed your question. did you get it?
  15. Give the Newbie some advice please

    The 300's and the C series are nearly identical. I've been using parts off a 312 on my C-175's and also the 417-8 I got recently