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  1. How to remove a mower deck

    I prefer to mount and unmount the deck by having it on the lowest cut setting and driving directly over it. I've never had a problem with that, but it was scary the first time I did.
  2. Have a good birthday👍👍

  3. Snowthrower belt too loose

    Thanks for the manual Garry, That gave me the diagram to route the belt correctly. the manual I had did not show this. You Rock Buddy! now about that guard within the 3 sheaves? OK Garry, everything is in order now, Thank you very much for the help!
  4. Hi all you movers of snow, I have a Wheel horse 520 H 1996 Model 73501 and just reattached my model 79361 snowthrower on it and the belt is very loose. I had used the blower last season and it had performed great (it came with the blower already on) I removed it for mowing use and reattached a month ago with the same belt. Even with the belt on the inner/larger PTO pulley, the belt was so loose that it would barely turn the auger without engagement into snow and completely stopped in snow. the belt then came off and was damaged so that the steel cords started to protrude and I replaced the belt. (belt: # 116332) The new belt slips also and the symptoms are the same, even on the larger PTO sheave. The belt tension spring is mounted and functioning and as far as I can tell I have routed the belt correctly. I tried to visit pages that show images of this, but was not allowed to view the content?? Are there any additional ways to make the belt fit better? I'll post some key pictures of what it all looks like shortly When I removed the cover for the belt at the PTO I noticed that I had it on the smaller/outside sheave and moved it to the larger. this did tension the belt better and perhaps it will work. However I am concerned about the Belt guard that is situated between the 3 pulleys on the thrower- is it in the right position?
  5. Rototiller mule drive

    Hi John, Here's the link to the post about the fabrication of the tiller pulley assembly: As far as marking/saving posts for future reference, there is no button to do that that I know of. You could right click on the posting # in the upper right hand corner of the posting you want to archive- there should be a drop down menu item to let you bookmark it. You could save it in a labeled folder in your browsers bookmark collection. Or you can share it by left clicking the button and choose a way to share it and down load it if you aren't connected at the time you want to see it.
  6. Rototiller mule drive

    The members name is 312Hydro His name is Rich
  7. Rototiller mule drive

    Hi Frank, I am getting a "tiller Mule drive" fabricated by Hydro312 and should be able to tiller with the tiller you sold me in the fall. I have a few theories why those accessories disappear. 1. The owners stop gardening and the pulleys get put away and separated from the tractor, which becomes just a mower or snowthrower. then the owner moves into a nursing home or dies and the tractor gear is sold off by a garage sale lady who has no idea it goes with the tiller. later the Idler is found and goes into a bin and sold for scrap steel because there are no decals as to what they are. well that's one theory.... Hope you had a fun, interesting and productive winter and I hope to see your latest high test creations! I hope you make time to come out and visit- and don't wait until I invite you out for the wing ding on the deck in late summer! Regards, Randy 520 H
  8. Built my own mid-mount tiller drive

    You cracked me up! I'm in the hills so that must be why... Now I have tiller envy-damn!
  9. rototiller

    I've been looking for the same thing. It seems that there are a lot more tillers out there, than there are mid mount idlers for 520H tractors! Haven't seen any used being sold separately (any that are being sold are staying with the tiller) I have given up hope to find a used one in time for spring planting. I found that Red Square member 312Hydro is making a few for $150. (he's working on them now)
  10. Built my own mid-mount tiller drive

    Your tilling job looks beautiful Dan. I hope that you didn't over do it though. If I till my soil that finely, when it rains rains heavy, it will tend to puddle and run off and not absorb well. I hope your crops grow strong this season!
  11. Can't get my 520H to go full speed

    Yeah, Just popped the fuse- well actually melted it! Had to cut away the plastic body of the fuse that adhered to the plug box. all is good now.
  12. Can't get my 520H to go full speed

    Thanks Eric, That sounds like a good place to begin. I was going to check the fuses as I recall getting a spark when I hastily tried to reset the ecentric a 2nd time. I'll let you know when I resolve the issue, (we now have 9 inches fallen and of course 2' in front of the entrance.
  13. Can't get my 520H to go full speed

    Yes, the lever is on the steering column.
  14. Can't get my 520H to go full speed

    There is no neutral switch, to go forward you push the lever forward, to reverse you press the lever down and then pull back. neutral is acheived by pressing the brake pedal or moving the lever to the center position. Thanks for your reply, I hope I can get it to start again before we get our next foot of snow....
  15. Can't get my 520H to go full speed

    I am new owner of a wheelhorse. I have an '97 H20. I needed to adjust my neutral because the tractor was lurching forward when I was starting. I followed the directions in the Eaton manual and got the neutral all set, then when I set it down off the jacks, it would not start- the panel lights reading a motion lever error and the pump light not on. I moved the lever through its range and could not get the starter to crank, tried to reset hydro again, but no success. What the heck could I have done wrong?? anyone had this issue before?