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  1. Help! Maintenance on B-80

    Finally ordered a new key switch... Same thing! Still will not start. Almost everything is new minus the coil wire! I am going to get a new battery today, the old one would barely turn the engine over.
  2. Help! Maintenance on B-80

    Thanks guys! I would look even nicer mowing the lawn instead of buried in my garage since it doesn't run lol. I will prob order a new ignition switch tomorrow and see if that works, im ready to use it!
  3. Help! Maintenance on B-80

    Cleaned the PTO and still no spark!
  4. Help! Maintenance on B-80

    I have a wiring diagram (helped a lot). I cleaned the terminals on the ignition switch, but not the PTO. I never disconnected it during clean up, but i will clean those too.
  5. Help! Maintenance on B-80

    Thanks, i got those hooked up right. I think it might be the ignition switch... it worked fine before i tore it apart tho..
  6. Help! Maintenance on B-80

    See if this makes sense... Power wire from battery goes to starter terminal... on that same terminal there is a power wire that goes to the amp gauge. On the other side of the amp gauge, there is a green wire that goes to the ignition switch... this would be the power to the switch right? Anyways, i have 12V at the green wire, but when i turn the switch, i dont have any volts on the wire that goes to the coil. Bad switch?
  7. Help! Maintenance on B-80

    There is no spark when i touched it against the head bolt....
  8. Help! Maintenance on B-80

    How do i test the ignition switch? I have volt meter.... Do i just turn the key on, or do i have to be trying to start the engine? What wires do i test?
  9. Help! Maintenance on B-80

    It has fuel... im not sure on spark... I held the spark plug wire over the spark plug and didnt see anything. Is there another way to test for spark? Thanks for the help! I need to try to figure this out so i can get parts ordered asap.
  10. Help! Maintenance on B-80

    Ok guys... i got this back together last summer, did all the maintenance and it would not start!! It killed the battery... I got frustrated with it, and am just now trying to figure out the problem (i have TONS of other projects that i have been working on). Adjusted Carb New Points (adjusted to .02) New Coil New Condensor New Spark PLug It just turns over and nothing... I was reading that it might be the ignition switch??
  11. Exhaust Help

    Wrap it in exhaust header wrap... Should contain the heat inside the muffler and bring the temps down. Or they have heat shield (with a sticky back) you can put on the hood itself. They carry these products at advanced auto: http://www.designengineering.com/products.asp I have used the header wrap on my car, and heat shield tubing on my 4-wheeler. Nice products..
  12. Help! Maintenance on B-80

    The engine was not painted what so ever by the previous owner. He painted everything else but the engine... so it kinda looked out of place. He also did not paint this tray. It was real dirty and had some surface rust..
  13. Dirt In Trans??

    Yes, it is an 8 speed tranny. It may not actually be dirt... but it looks just like it and also has a gritty texture. It may be old oil/water/rust/dirt combined.. I will put some kerosene in it to clean it. Will this hurt anything? Will it dry out any seals? What about mineral spirits? I have some extra 75w-90 oil, ill put that in there and drive it around till its warm. Then i will drain it and put the 75w-140 amsoil in it. Thanks for the help!
  14. Dirt In Trans??

    I used a small paint brush in the fill hole and pushed all the dirt i possibly could to the drain hole. Alot of brown chunky stuff came out. I have it sitting on ramps to drain the last of it out. I may use some "no name" brand oil to flush it, then refill it with the amsoil i bought for it originally. If anyone else has idea's or thoughts, please let me know!!
  15. Dirt In Trans??

    I checked my trans fluid and it was a rust/milky color. I guess the previous owner got water in there... Anyways, i drained the fluid and it looks like there was dirt on the drain and fill plug. I stuck my finger the in the fill plug and got dirt on my finger. How do i clean the dirt out before i put the new fluid in? Should i put the fluid in and re-drain it? Thanks