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    1951 Pond Walk-Behind with four attachments, 1955 RJ25, 2-1955 RJ35's, 1956 RJ35, 1956 RS-83, 57 RJ35, 59 RJ59, 1045, two Rat Rods. Front mount sickle, front mounted Reel mower, 55/56 two wheel cart. Many other RJ Attachments. Many WH Signs, weights, and Memorabilia.

    Many other brands of old Lawn and Garden tractors
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    Collecting Wheel Horse and other brands of Lawn and garden tractors, attachments, and memorabilia. Love WH Signs!

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  1. Early Pageant of Steam pics

    That's always a great show! Wish I could make it this year. Figures, they have to feature "our" size tractors this year...lol Looking forward to seeing all the photo's!! Thanks squonk!!!!
  2. Looking for a good carb for my 1045.
  3. Looking for Wheel Horse Signs. Also looking for the RJ Plastic toys. I know someone had sold a couple last year, hope to find a set this year!
  4. I'll take them if Wheelhorseman1000 doesn't!
  5. RJ59 Sickle Bar Parts

    I need the rod to engage it. Do you happen to have that rod?
  6. I'll be there on Sunday!! Always a good time!!
  7. found a 420 LSE on 4/19/17

    Great find!!
  8. Great work! Very nicely done!!!! Thanks for sharing!!
  9. New Old Sign - Thanks AMC Rules!

    Very nice sign and display Steve! Would love to see it in person one day!!
  10. 1966 Colt 2310

    Can't wait to see pics!! I've got two Colts. They're cool tractors!
  11. LAGT Magazine Show from 2016

    Wish that was closer!! Looks like a great show!
  12. 856

    Stevebo, He's got it on the auction site on FB also. Starting bid of $150.00 has been made on it. Am I right J.A.? Just wanted to make it clear.
  13. Wheel Horse Toy Set

    I'm looking for a W/H Toy set in either color variation like ones pictured. With or without the truck. Thanks
  14. Looking for a Snow Plow for my Wheel Horse Senior.