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  1. mower deck needed

    I have a 42" rear discharge from the 90's I live in northeast ohio but I am going to new york city august 3-7 call or text 440-520-0058 thanks tim

    I live in ohio and I am interested in joining this club. thanks tim email tulle58@hotmail.com
  3. 42" SD Mower Deck

    I think the case depth of 22" is to big for my mower. Mine now is 20". thanks tim
  4. 42" SD Mower Deck

    I will be leaving at 8 am saturday. I am leaving for nyc
  5. 42" SD Mower Deck

    I am located in paines ville ohio. Can you measure the length of the deck, from front to back. I am going to the show thursday to sat morn. thanks tim
  6. how to test hydro

    thanks for the info. I used this method and the c-160 passed. now I have to change all the fluids . thanks tim
  7. going to buy an engine from richmondred. I was wondering if you could bring it to the show in pa injune?  thanks tim

    1. elcamino/wheelhorse


      I don't have room , hauling 2 engines and a boat load of stuff in small station wagon. Sorry 

      Don't know of any one else who is going to BS.

      Try @chip61

  8. 42" SD Mower Deck

    send email to tulle58@hotmail.com thanks tim
  9. k-341 for a k-321

    I think the k341 is from a wh Richmondred has it. Thanks for the answer, has anyone done this before? thanks tim
  10. k-341 for a k-321

    looking at upgrading my c-100 10 horse to a 16 horse. Can a k-341 fit into a c-100 space? Any complications? Thanks timmy
  11. looking at buying a hydro. I need to know how to test it so I know if it is strong and anything I should look for or at to see if it will be in good shape. New to the forum. I bought my first horse in 1969, a 702. I was only 11. Did not know what I had then.
  12. 1976 c160 auto

    pm me with phone I live in ne ohio
  13. c-85 to c-145

    I am looking at a c-85 and I am wondering can I repower this with a 14 horse and not have issues or is the transmission to small or weak. I want to use this auto for snowblowing. thanks tim
  14. Kohler Rebuilding

    can you send e-mail to tulle58@hotmail.com
  15. Wiring Harnesses

    pm sent, I think?