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  1. Pair of 42" rear discharge decks

    I am Interested. If available, please call 440-354-6343. I will be in the area over the holiday.
  2. Box of Assorted Parts for early 60s Tractors

    if this falls thru, call me at 440-354-6343 tim
  3. Wanted 60-70 tractor

    I have a 702 that I am selling. If you are interested, pm me.
  4. Wheel Horse 42" RD Mower Deck.

    just bought this deck. Have not tried it yet, but everything looks good. Just as described.
  5. Wheel Horse 42" RD Mower Deck.

    do you know if this will fit a c-100 or a no name 14? tim
  6. what size is it? and do you have the flag?

  7. I live in Painesville ohio it is about 4 hours away.  No problem going that far.



  8. yes I am. how do we get together.





    1. Mark414


      Where do you live 

  9. Wheel horse snowblower

    I am interested. Call or text 440-520-0058
  10. Canvas Snowcab C160

    is it still available and did you find the rest of it?
  11. Snow thrower 37 inch

    is the blower still available ? I live in Painesville ohio tim