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  1. Got to use my 314-8 on some snow!

    Lol! I was! When I realized it I spun it the other way. He has a pool I didn't what to hit it.
  2. Got to use my 314-8 on some snow!

    View Video, http://s288.photobucket.com/user/Dgibby12/media/Boat/20150127_124643.mp4.html Wheel Hose 314-8: http://youtu.be/VEqBwtRCE9g
  3. Finally! Got to throw some snow! We got around 18 inches and the WH did amazing! Loved every minute. I did 3 driveways. My wife to a video and a couple of pictures.
  4. Dgibby - have you and Duke been talking? That is a nice set-up for night time use....... Did you put in another fuse for all the lights or are they running off the same mfg. fuse? I Just ran a power lead direct from the battery with a in line fuse and switch that came with the light kit. I'm going to make a bracket to mount some switches. Also going to put some reverse lights on so I can see backing into the shed! Wife thinks I'm nuts lol! Who's Duke? If he's got lights on his cab I'd love to see them.
  5. Lol! Thanks. I just added some led spot lights to the front and led markers to the rear.
  6. I posted earlier with my 314-8 that I will be using. I just picked up a Cab off CL thanks to Doc724 who gave me the heads up on it! So I thought I'd post a few new pictures.
  7. 1995 Kohler 14?

    The vent in the cap seems to be fine. I did replace the complete fuel lines and when I bought the new shut off valve and grommet it didn't come with that little screen so I didn't think it was needed. Anyway the tractor was running fine and yesterday it started to act up again so I got a new carburetor off ebay. Should be here next week.
  8. 1995 Kohler 14?

    Update. I put the new coil on and still had the sputter. Got a carb kit Pulled the carb soaked it overnight put it back together and runs great! Thanks everyone for the help. I should of done the valve adjustment when i had it all apart but i didn't! I might do the valves tomorrow. Is there a thread on valve adjustment for the m14? Just looking for the clearances and any other need to know! Thanks again!
  9. 1993 314-8

    Just got a new to me Wheel Horse and decided to post some pictures. It's a 1993 314-8.
  10. 1995 Kohler 14?

    Lol! When I picked it it hadn't been started in 6 1/2 years.
  11. 1995 Kohler 14?

    Thanks Save Old Iron. And yes it's a 20 year old tractor with 115 original hours. It was my Brother inlaws Farthers he bought new.
  12. 1995 Kohler 14?

    Lol! I'm starting with the carburetor. I ordered the coil because I'm not to sure of the repair I made in the wire. Also upon further research the tractor is actually a 1993.