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  1. 308 repower and upgrade

    Looks great friend! I really like the bearing upgrade on the steering shaft. I recently modified my 314-8 to the swept forward front axle. The red accents on your engine are a great touch as well. Keep up the great work!!!
  2. Work horse 1848

    The lift arm did turn out nice, heck the whole tractor is turning out nice. Had to install a set of adjustable tie rods when I was working on my 416. Got it perfect!
  3. Work horse 1848

    I'm loving this build! Can't wait to see it finished. Keep up the good work and thanks for all of the great info!
  4. Work horse 1848

    Can't wait to see what "ideas" you have for the exhaust.
  5. Work horse 1848

    Very nice find on the craftsman. I know what you mean about parting out a good running machine but it does make a great donor. I like seeing the opposed twin Briggs engines getting some attention. I've always had kohler and Onan but as a kid I remember my grandfather purchasing a new sears gt16 in the late 1970's. It had an opposed twin briggs. It was always reliable and he used it to for gardening and mowing in his 2 acre yard.
  6. Work horse 1848

    In all the years that I have been repairing small engines for a profession, I have to say that is one of the worst mice nest I have seen! Seriously, that's really bad. What a shame. Would have been great to salvage that engine.
  7. 314-H

    I know we all want to spend as little as possible when we buy our horses (or anything for that matter) and making a purchase out of necessity or simply out of want can play a huge role on what a person is willing to spend. But seriously guys, look at what $1500 will get you if you have to go purchase a new tractor/mower. You will get a throw away machine that Will be lost to the junkyard while that low hour 314 should still be going strong for many many years to come. If you really want it/need it, I would offer around $1200. Now thats assuming that the tower is reasonably repairable and EVERYTHING ELSE IS IN GOOD WORKING ORDER!!!!!!! Good luck!
  8. 308 repower and upgrade

    In a world of Kohler and Onan, it's really neat to see an opposed twin Briggs getting some deserved attention. Keep up the great work!
  9. Craftsman

    I actually had one of those that I bought new somewhere around 1996. Finally sold it to my uncle who still has it. It was a really good mower for the most part (definitely not a wheel horse) and was pretty reliable. The only issue for me was that the 3 blade 46" mower deck really struggled in even just moderately tall grass. Left weeds and dandelions standing like crazy. Didn't matter what type of blades I used either.
  10. D200 18 Automatic electric pto clutch?

    I do not know for sure the exact model electric clutch that I purchased as it has been several years ago now. I do know that I had purchased it from an aftermarket company called Rotary. Currently the best match that i can find in their catalog is a part# 9913 (warner 5215-62) but please do your own research. It looks a lot like mine by the specs. I do not have the mower deck mule drive belt installed in the pics but you can see the belt for the rear pto. You can see the anchor pin (just a bolt with the head cut off) I installed at the top left where an existing bolt is already located. Lined up perfectly. The electrical is simple. Just a 12 volt supply with an in line fuse and a good ground. Just used a heavy duty toggle switch for power control and thanks to the D160's, there is already a provision for the switch on your control panel. As I mentioned before, I have been using this setup now for several years and it works great for me. Hope this helps.
  11. D200 18 Automatic electric pto clutch?

    I was faced with this same issue several years back. I was struggling constantly with the manual pto clutch on my D200. Did like most and rebuilt it with the help of a local machinist/friend but still I was never satisfied with the overall performance especially when it came to slowing/stopping the 48" mower deck. One day when I was mowing, my 3 year old son came out of nowhere and was running right at the discharge side of the mower deck. I slammed the tractor into neutral, killed the ignition switch and dove off of the tractor to practically tackle my son before he got any closer to the twirling blades. That was the end of my slow manual pto. I found that an electric pto clutch off of a commercial zero turn mower was a great alternative. It has the double pulley to power the mule drive and the rear pto shaft. It was very close in overall diameter and has a very strong torque rating so no problem even when running the big 50" tiller. The best part is that it stops any attachment in about 3 seconds or less! It installed really easy with minimal modifications and has been in use now for about 7 or 8 years with ZERO problems. Unfortunately I do not remember the part # of the clutch but I remember that I came across it fairly easily. This may not be the answer for everyone, but it was a no brainer for me!
  12. dip stick dysfunction

    Well I did check my D Series owners manual and it shows 6 quarts for the transmission. However, the manual does mention to constantly check the dipstick for proper fill level because of the fact that even after draining the system, some oil remains. So I would assume that the 6 quarts is for a totally dry system which ours would not be totally dry when simply performing a basic service. I guess that's why mine only holds around 5 quarts or so including changing the filter. Dont worry about the fill level when running it. Just make sure it is at the proper fill level with the engine off and any hydraulic cylinders should be in the retracted position. An inspection camera will certainly reveal any problems inside. If you have to split the reareand, my wheel hubs were really tough to remove. May want to remove the set screws and start applying some good penetrating oil. Best of luck friend.
  13. dip stick dysfunction

    I think mine holds around 4 to 5 quarts but I don't remeber exactly. Better check for those loose bolts or severe and expensive damage could occur. Good luck buddy.
  14. dip stick dysfunction

    The same thing happened to my D200. It was the pinion bolt (s) in the rear end had worked loose and started contacting the dipstick and twisted it into a pretzel. The rear end had to come out and be split open to repair it. I think this was a common problem with the early D series.
  15. 416 Charging High

    I have a 416H Onan and love it. Facing the flywheel side, the regulator is located on top of the engine shroud on the right hand side (right of the air cleaner). Its a small, rectangular (about 1" x 2") part that has 3 electrical terminals coming out of it. It looks similar to a Kohler command voltage regulator. The two outside terminals are your AC in, and the center terminal is your DC out. Check the DC terminal with your meter (DC terminal to negative on battery) and see what it shows. If its putting out more than say around 14.9 at full throttle, I would think your regulator is bad and is over charging. If you have any concern that the regulator isn't grounding properly, then add a small ground wire from the regulator mount bolt to one of the bolts that hold the cover (metal heat shield) over the engine head on that side. I do not know the exact Onan specs for this application, but my 416 has always made around low 12's at idle and high 14's at full throttle. Hope this helps and Good luck!