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  1. sundstrand odd problem

    guess it's time to scrap the thing.
  2. Push rake?

    hmm. never seen a 'leaf plow' before... kinda neat.
  3. looking for some insight or something... tow/push valve? here's the story: 1973 14hp 'no-name' auto w/ sundstrand. this has been driving me mad for the past month. In new england, the last big storm we had where it dropped 12"+ of snow through most of north central mass. the wheel horse died in front of my neighbor's car and would not restart that day no matter what. I opened the push/tow valve and pulled it backwards with my truck (about 40ft) slowly, I'd say walking speed or slower to a spot where it can be for some time, if needed. the next day, I get it started and start plowing again and the tractor develops a really weak reverse after a few minutes but still some decent forward power. consult with a friend who does tractor repair for a living and he suggested draining all the oil from the hydro and putting in fresh oil and making sure the linkage/chassis bolts were all tight.... 10w-30w is what was in it and what was refilled with and the hydro filter is changed every year and all the bolts were tight - did this on a saturday. After refilling, I turned the pulley on the pump over by hand with the trans in neutral. Tested it out an hour later and it now had a weak reverse even when cold. Let the tractor sit until the following tuesday morning and it was back with full power in reverse and forward. I don't remember if I opened and closed the push/tow valve at that time.*scratch head* talking to a couple more friends -one a wheel-horse fanatic- suggested maybe an internal gasket getting ready to let go or it was a sticking valve. I then let it sit due to 'rainy/wet/cold/mud season' new england spring weather for the past couple weeks. Last week I freshened up the engine with new piston/rings/gaskets. I pulled the engine off yesterday to double check something but had to move the tractor chassis so I opened the push/tow valve to push the tractor 4-5ft put the engine back on and this morning the tractor acted up with a weak reverse again after a few minutes. which makes me think something is wonky in regards to the push/tow valve - either a piece of crud/varnish or I-don't-know. I've read through various wheel horse/sundstrand manuals but I have no actual repair/rebuild experience what-so-ever with the hydros. I'm at a loss as to the how/why. anyone care to offer any ideas/insights as to the how/why or what I can try to rememdy this problem.
  4. ST326 blower for my 857

    increasing the rpm will lower the force the auger has to propel the snow out. that may be fine if you have a higher hp machine. I ran a single stage last winter and it had a 3" pulley on it and it did terrible (easily bogged down/clogged) in heavy/wet snow. changed to a 5" pulley and it could effectively chew through heavy snow banks.
  5. Anyway, from north central mass. and have known crazywheelhorseman (wayne) for a good many years. last year bought a '73 14 Auto from a mutual friend, been using it for snow moving and grass cutting. came with a cab, plow, snow blower, and mower deck. Found a lot of good info in the posts and the pdfs. next project is making a foot control for the hydro - or I need to grow a 3rd hand before this winter.
  6. the above advice is worth considering. I'll add that flux-core wire seems to add more impurities to the weld and always seems to cause a problem with rust coming through the paint a lot quicker than a weld made with solid wire and shielding gas. Don't forget, if you have an electric clothes dryer more than likely it runs on 220v. but I know running an extension cord from the dryer plug to the garage or yard isn't always practical.
  7. good timing, I had just looked up the bushing p/n the other day and was going to go in search of an appropriate sized (less expensive)alternative to the toro ones.
  8. Bernardston Ma engine show and flea market

    I'll probably go out for the day on saturday - weather should be great,
  9. made some slight changes to the snow plow and snow blower (single- stage) after this past winter. made some stops out of steel tubing that telescopes to prevent the plow from bending backwards: the paddle width seemed as though it needed to be a little wider. the chute is about 7" in diameter and the new paddles are just a hair over 6": changed the angle of the chute by cutting 2" out of the back. the cut-out is on the milk crate. if need be next winter I'll extend the chute to make it a little taller.