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  1. First 520 I've ever touched

    Everyone is so awsome here
  2. Finally! A D250!

    Congrats can I borrow it lol :P
  3. First 520 I've ever touched

    It has a BLOW connecting rod to piston
  4. First 520 I've ever touched

    A friend came to me saying his 520 is only running on front cylinder can any one guess what's wrong y back is not firing
  5. Raider 12 or comando v7 ??????

    I'm picking one sight unseen
  6. Raider 12 or comando v7 ??????

    I have a chance to get one or either not both witch should I get
  7. Question plz help

    Lol got it thx It wouldn't take red at first
  8. Question plz help

    Friends wants to join red square but he or I can't rember what color wheel horses r ik there r but we're confused was never questioned wen I joined
  9. New projects????

    Anyone starting anything new pics of watchA working!!!!!
  10. Quick look

    Not this one
  11. Quick look

    It's on my 312-8 runs great and everything was just looking at old plug and this engine has 3408 hours
  12. Quick look

    From the valve u see throw spark plug hole does it look good?engine runs strong
  13. my tow horses

  14. Horse in the House...I may have a slight illness...

    U married if so don't let her go lol
  15. What's year and model

    What do these numbers mean