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  1. C120 slippin'

    It absolutely did solve it. If you look at the worn hub it would turn freely until the key hit the worn shoulder with a bang. Glad it's fixed. Bob
  2. C120 slippin'

    I thought I would show you guys my $103.38 hub. She's a beauty ain't she? Thanks again for the help boys. Bob
  3. C120 slippin'

    Sarge, Very thoughtful reply to my comment. I know that these tractors are rugged, just look at the frame, and forged axles and Kohler engines. Really no weakness that I can see. You are probably aware of some, but actually they are simple machines. I have an old Cub Cadet 1320 in the barn. Has a Kohler 12.5 hp twin, pressure lubed. I think I'll spend some time on it and get it some tires and run it. I have a GT14 I need to sell along with the implements. Too much on the plate and not enough time. Thanks Sarge. Bob
  4. C120 slippin'

    Ron, I ordered a new hub. The hub loosened and moved toward the gearbox, the woodruff key tipped and locked it there and then tore up the hub. I posted pictures of it. Bob
  5. C120 slippin'

    I have been accused of asking stupid questions, but my concerns are valid I think. I was thinking of parts availability and the fact that I'm an ok hammer mechanic but not even close to the brain trust that hang out here. The other reason I asked is we really rely on the Wheel Horse for so many things. I totally rebuilt 2 mower decks last fall so I have a spare but one of them has double D shafts, so I know it has a shorter life. I guess it's the parts I'm worried about the most. We have 8 acres and 3 are landscaped so it works year round. I have an IH diesel for bigger things but it sits most of the time. I'm not exactly sitting here wringing my hands but I want to be prepared. Bob
  6. C120 slippin'

    Hmmm.....guess not eh?
  7. C120 slippin'

    So while I wait for my hub to arrive, I'm wondering: Do you guys use your Wheel Horses as daily drivers, or do you have a orange or green garden tractor in your barn for the lawn and chores? I'm wondering if these machines are becoming impractical to rely on like I do. I use mine for Everything!, mowing, plowing, pulling the landscape rake, my wife hooks up the trailer and drives around doing gardening, we haul all our firewood up all winter with it, so I'm wondering am I expecting too much of a 41 year old tractor? I don't know if a newer tractor would be more reliable, or if I could do the repairs myself ( with help from my pit crew). Maybe I just need a cheap backup. Bob
  8. C120 slippin'

    Garry, I was wondering about torque specs. It just makes sense right? Thanks a lot for the info. I'm kind of embarrassed that I couldn't find the files you sent me. I really looked for these files but no luck. Bob
  9. C120 slippin'

    As usual, my timing is impeccable...I could have got a BOGO for what I'm paying. Both hubs on my C120 have 2 lock screws but they must have loosened to cause this. The jam nuts were pretty tight too. Where did you find the drawing Jim? Bob
  10. C120 slippin'

    It makes sense that it would spin and then hammer into the hub. That is exactly what is happening. I ordered the hub today. It will be in Tuesday, $103.98. It will be nice to fix it. Bob
  11. C120 slippin'

    Hey Skipper, Yeah, I have the covers off and checked it. The belt is oem from the Toro dealer put on 2 yrs ago. Fabric looks great, no wear or worn spots on the belt. When you say the tensioner pulley has to work correctly you mean it just has to follow the motion of the clutch pedal, right? It looks ok to me. Bob
  12. C120 slippin'

    Another thing I wanted to ask you guys about, I can't let the clutch out easily and have a smooth engagement. When I let it out it suddenly grabs and almost does a wheelie. I have the covers off and I took the tensioner pulley off yesterday and it spins freely with no shake. I took the belt off and it looks great, I put it on 2 years ago. There is nothing wrong visually. Maybe this has happened to someone else? Bob
  13. C120 slippin'

    Thanks for the response Garry. I have a 1977 C120 8 speed. I looked for a file on the hub assembly and axle I guess but I couldn't find anything. I don't know what's on the other side of the axle seal. WHX19 (Jim) said to be careful hammering on the hub because there is only a clip holding it. Good to know. Bob
  14. C120 slippin'

    Thanks Jim. I haven't gone that far yet. I really don't know what's inside the transaxle. I went to the manuals area and entered my model and year but couldn't find anything that relates to the hubs. I think I'll call the Toro dealer and see if they can find the parts. Bob
  15. C120 slippin'

    Hi Guys, Finally got the TracVac fixed and put back together. It had me on the ropes for a round but I won by KO. Quite a few of you boys were right on the nose in your diagnosis. The starboard hub apparently moved back on the axle and the woodruff key tipped up and locked it there. I guess the lock screws backed off and allowed this to happen, how I don't know. The lock nuts were tight on the screws. Tomorrow I'll have to cut off the key as close as I can, then try to get the hub off. I don't know what I'll find when I do. Obviously I need a hub and key for sure. I don't have a manual for the driveline on this tractor, does anyone have a parts list with part numbers? I would appreciate any help with this. Thanks, Bob