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  1. I don't know if you still have any of the parts for the GT14.  I need a couple of parts for mine.  If you still have the parts, please let me know.

  2. 12hp needs rebuild

    Thanks for the response guys. I had an old Sun Gun but I haven't seen it in a while. It's an inductive pickup. Sounds like I need to do something with the Horse before I work it hard. I'll call the auto parts and get a gasket. Thanks again. Bob
  3. 12hp needs rebuild

    Thank you guys for de-mystifying the de-carbonizing. I can do that. Am I hurting the engine by using it like it is until we are done Trac-Vacing? I just did an oil change and we have 2 acres of leaves to get up before snowfall.
  4. 12hp needs rebuild

    I love this place. It's like, ask and you will receive. I can do plugs and points but I really don't know much about de-carboning the head and piston. I'll have to get a new head gasket for sure. What really worried me was I shut it down after running it with the Trac-Vac last weekend and the head was smoking. I see some oil around the seam where the head and block meet. Not a lot but just a dark area. So I'm wondering if it was running too hot or overworking. This tractor really gets a lot of use and we rely on it, maybe too much. It does most of the jobs on the property except for really heavy work. I have a IH diesel for that. I think I need a spare Wheel Horse for the times when this one is down. By the way, can someone tell me how to de-carbonize the piston and head, and where is the best place to get a head gasket?
  5. 12hp needs rebuild

    Thanks for the leads guys. When you have this done do you take the engine to them intact, or do you tear it down to the short block? I obviously have never done an engine before.
  6. 12hp needs rebuild

    Thanks for the info Don. Mine isn't a smoker, it just seems like it doesn't have the power it used to have. I am not a engine mechanic for sure, but I am noticing a difference. I love this tractor, it never lets you down and it is our go-to machine for most jobs around the property. I take good care of it and I sure don't want to have it puke during the winter when we use it all the time. I'll keep looking for something close to me. Maybe I'll get lucky. Bob
  7. 12hp needs rebuild

    Hello Gents, My C120 is running along, just feels like it's getting tired. It was rebuilt 12 years ago. New piston, rings, rod and gaskets. Now I think it needs a full rebuild, maybe bore .030 or whatever standard oversize is, and new internals. I live about 20 miles NW of Ann Arbor, MI. Does anyone know a machine shop not too far from me that could do this job? I don't know what I'm looking as far as cost goes on this. Maybe someone does? Thanks, Bob
  8. Pulley for 75-42MS01 deck

    Sure looks like it could be it AC.
  9. Pulley for 75-42MS01 deck

    Well, Dave was absolutely right. The flats on the spindle wore the hole round, and the wear on the top and bottom is remarkable. It must have been running loose for quite a while. Makes me feel kind of dumb for not catching it. When I took the left pulley off I was surprised. So now I hunt for a replacement. Bob
  10. Pulley for 75-42MS01 deck

    Ed, I'll go out to the barn and get some more pics tomorrow morning. I'll take the pulley off the other spindle so I can compare them. I'll be back on here tomorrow, I need help. ACman, I didn't receive your message. Would it be up in the little envelope at the top of the page? I didn't see it in my email either. I'd like to talk to you. I really don't know how to navigate this site yet so I may not be looking in the right places for messages. For all I know I have broken protocol by posting this topic in this forum. If I screw up I'm sure someone will tell me. Thanks for the responses guys, see you tomorrow.
  11. I have some NOS  D pulleys I will check size tomorrow and get back with you.

  12. Pulley for 75-42MS01 deck

    I have shafts and spindle housings. I also have bearings, what I don't have is a pulley. I have another deck, an 05-42 MS02 which has the shaft with the hex nut as part of it just above the blade. This takes blades with a round hole. I'm sure everyone here knows this. I'm the rookie here. I really would like to find a pulley because with 2 decks I have some flexibility. One is set up for the TracVac and the other could be used for actually mowing lawn! What a concept.
  13. Pulley for 75-42MS01 deck

    Here are some pics. It looks pretty close to 3 3/8 dia. The hole is round and so is the shaft. Bob
  14. Hello Gents, I thought I had a bad belt on my deck so I opened it up and I do need a belt because one of the spindle drive pulleys is worn to a razor edge. It has also been spinning on the thrust washer. Does anyone know where I could find one? Toro dealer doesn't have one. This is a double D shaft deck but the pulley has a round 3/4 " hole. Thanks, Bob
  15. Double D ball bearing

    Whoops..never mind. An R12 is a standard. Thanks for the help Garry.