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  1. Pulley for 75-42MS01 deck

    Sure looks like it could be it AC.
  2. Pulley for 75-42MS01 deck

    Well, Dave was absolutely right. The flats on the spindle wore the hole round, and the wear on the top and bottom is remarkable. It must have been running loose for quite a while. Makes me feel kind of dumb for not catching it. When I took the left pulley off I was surprised. So now I hunt for a replacement. Bob
  3. Pulley for 75-42MS01 deck

    Ed, I'll go out to the barn and get some more pics tomorrow morning. I'll take the pulley off the other spindle so I can compare them. I'll be back on here tomorrow, I need help. ACman, I didn't receive your message. Would it be up in the little envelope at the top of the page? I didn't see it in my email either. I'd like to talk to you. I really don't know how to navigate this site yet so I may not be looking in the right places for messages. For all I know I have broken protocol by posting this topic in this forum. If I screw up I'm sure someone will tell me. Thanks for the responses guys, see you tomorrow.
  4. I have some NOS  D pulleys I will check size tomorrow and get back with you.

  5. Pulley for 75-42MS01 deck

    I have shafts and spindle housings. I also have bearings, what I don't have is a pulley. I have another deck, an 05-42 MS02 which has the shaft with the hex nut as part of it just above the blade. This takes blades with a round hole. I'm sure everyone here knows this. I'm the rookie here. I really would like to find a pulley because with 2 decks I have some flexibility. One is set up for the TracVac and the other could be used for actually mowing lawn! What a concept.
  6. Pulley for 75-42MS01 deck

    Here are some pics. It looks pretty close to 3 3/8 dia. The hole is round and so is the shaft. Bob
  7. Hello Gents, I thought I had a bad belt on my deck so I opened it up and I do need a belt because one of the spindle drive pulleys is worn to a razor edge. It has also been spinning on the thrust washer. Does anyone know where I could find one? Toro dealer doesn't have one. This is a double D shaft deck but the pulley has a round 3/4 " hole. Thanks, Bob
  8. Double D ball bearing

    Whoops..never mind. An R12 is a standard. Thanks for the help Garry.
  9. Double D ball bearing

    That is the number on my parts list drawing Garry. So an R12 bearing, is that a standard? If I call my local Bearing Service will they know what it is? Forgive my ignorance, but I am not up to date on lots of this stuff.
  10. I'm rebuilding my old deck, it's a double D shaft. I called the dealer and they want $70 each for the ball bearings. I have the needle bearings, does anyone know of a cross reference for a cheaper bearing? The deck is a 75-42MS01. Thanks
  11. Mower deck spindle

    Thanks Garry. So 80-120 lbs of torque. I'm going to use my impact wrench, I have no idea what 120 lbs of torque feels like. Just let it rip I guess.
  12. Mower deck spindle

    Well, 2 out of 3 spindles have this undercut so I'll probably shim all 3 of them, and you are right, I use it as a brush hog. With the 2 decks, I'm thinking I'll have one that I keep just for mowing...carefully, and one for rougher work and the Trac-Vac. We'll see how that goes.
  13. Mower deck spindle

    Got it. Thanks very much.
  14. Mower deck spindle

    Thanks 953 Nut. So the OD of the washer is 3/4, or the ID, and it just spaces the blade up enough to fit the spindle properly?
  15. Mower deck spindle

    I have a question about a mower deck I just bought. It's a 05-42MS02. It looks pretty good and the price was right, but now I have it on the bench and took the blades off and 2 of the spindles have an undercut where the blade seats, looks like the blade came loose and spun on them. Has anyone seen this? Is there a fix for this? For sure the blade will rattle around in that groove. My other deck is old and has the double d shaft so no slip there. I'm guessing the nuts have to be torqued down really tight to keep the blade from spinning. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. Bob