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  1. Finally Joined The Club

    I have a 1971 Bronco 14 and converted the engine to points and coil. If you need a stator. trigger or coil let me know via PM. The stators are very expensive and hard to find. Mine was brand new in the box.
  2. Two new horses for my stable. D180, C160

    All those tractors and parts would be nothing but rust if he lived in Florida and left them outside like that. I believe he has a little bit of everything one could want. I could go on a shopping spree if I was there and have a field day. American Pickers need to pay him a visit.
  3. Smoe recent Mods I made to my 310-8

    I like the reese hitch reveiver. Wish I had about 4 of them. Maybe my son the weilder will see your set-up and make me one. The only drawback to a wheel horse is the enability to pull a trailer with a ball hitch. Tractor looks good with that big-ole engine in it. I have a Cammando 8 with a Kohler Magnum 12 and it looks full like yours. Nice job.
  4. Just picked up a 2001 314-8

    I have had the same both ways. As the seller, the buyer never shows up as promised. As the buyer, it is gone before you can get there. If I am selling, I try to give the person who appears to be honestly interest in buying, some time line to get here. After that the next buyer gets it. It is a shame some have ruined it for all. I know I have been told by the seller he would hold it until I could get there and it was gone when I got there. Bummer!! Glad this one worked out and both are still friends. That's what it is all about.
  5. Old motor in a newer tractor

    I will probally post this in the For Sale section eventually but if you are in need of a stator, coil or trigger for a 14 HP Kohler. I just changed mine to points and coil. About 1 year age I purchased a (New In Box) stator and it was hard to find and expensive. The electronic coils don't come cheep (Ihave2) either but if you need them, I will make you a package deal. I thought I had problems and found out after drilling the points rod hole out on the block that one of the trigger wires had viberated off. I really did not like the pointless system anyway. PM me iof you need something or interested in the stator and electronic coils and hopefully a Redsquare member may tell us a fair price for the both of us.
  6. 312-8

    I have a 313-8 and use it all the time. It is very durable. You will enjoy it very much. I do have a leak behind the brake pully and can't seem to find the right seal for it. I just park it over an oil pan and keep check on the rearend fluids. Maybe someone knows the part number for the seal and lead me in the right direction.
  7. My local Farm Days Tractor Show

    Hammerhead. Do you need any parts for the Bolens? I have what I believe is a 1962 Model 236 Bolens and have no plans for it. P.M. me if you do.
  8. Tractors

    I recently purchased a Wheel Horse 418-A and a Bolens 236 at an estate sale. I posted in the "Other Brand" section the desire to move the Bolens as I have no interest in swaping tractor brands. I've had no responses. I hope this is not a violation of this site but I have tried to locate a Bolens collector on the web and have had no luck. The tractor has been stored for years and is in good shape with mower deck but no hood, carb, or belt pully covers. As best that I can find, I believe it is a 1962 year. If any Redsquare member knows a Bolens collector, PM me or e-mail me as I would like to find it a good home. I will e-mail them back with photos. Got the 418-A running yesterday. Thanks.
  9. Problem Child

    What is that little round rod shaped thing sticking out from the points cover. I have never seen one like that. As stated, I would start with the points and if they break with a spark, move to the coil wires for power to and from the coil to the plug. Hope the hydro is good in it. That horse ain't dead yet. Bring her back to life.
  10. Little yard work

    My neighbor gave me one of those along with a rotary broom with leaf bag. Both are like brand new and I probally will never use either as I have a country yard. Maybe I should try mine just to see it work. Looks good behind that tractor.
  11. tractor swap

    Bought a Wheel Horse and Bolens this weekend. The Bolens is a 231 01, seriasl # 53595. Would like to sell the Bolens. It is chain driven and must be really old. The hood and the carb is missing on the Kohler 8HP. Any taker just PM me. I know we are to set a price but I have no idea what it is worth. I live in Central Florida and that may be a selling problem.
  12. Which model?

    My newly acquired 418-A has a chrome muffler shield, chrome air cleaner and a 18HP Twin Kohler. Hope that helps.
  13. Got a new horse

    I hope it has a good reverse because you can't see how to go forward.
  14. sitting in the shade

    Nice looking tractors and landscape. I sure do need 1 rear wheel cover if you have an extra.
  15. C-161 How much is this worth?

    I look at tractors the same way I look at old vehicles. I would rather have a good body with a blown engine than a good engine in a rust bucket, Engines can be bought or rebuilt but a rusty old relic can get expensive. That tractor sure looks good and with a good used engine would save you money and save one more Wheel Horse. I would not part it out. Good luck.