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  1. Cub Parts needed

    It is a 1000 series tractor. Don't know much about Cub Cadets. This is my first. Going to nthe Florida Flywheelers show in Feb. Maybe find parts there.
  2. Cub Parts needed

    I have a 1978 Cub Cadet 100 series (I believe) "wide frame" with a 1979 3 speed rearend. I need the entire clutch assembly from the engine crank shaft to the rearend, including the bracket that the clutch assembly mounts to the dash tower. All have been removed and lost by the previous owner. Any help would be appreciated. Please respond to jerry.pugh5170@yahoo.com.
  3. Girlfriend's surprise....a 857

    Since no one has asked them, are the double stacks set-up available for buying? I don't have a problem putting them on one of my tractors. I have several with single cylinder Kohler engines. Let me know if you would sell the set-up ( price + shipping) to jerry.pugh5170@yahoo.com. I currently have two twin Kohler powered Wheel Horse tractors (working on the third) with Harley Davidson Sporster chrome mufflers on them and they sound and look awsome. Thanks. Your tractor looks great.
  4. need carburators and/or parts

    I need the following carbs for two Kohler engines. Kohler Magnum 20. (Currently propane powered and I want to swap to regular gas) Kohler K181S (the carb is on the engine but the float assembly is missing) Respond via e-mail to jerry.pugh5170@yahoo.com. Thanks.
  5. Exhaust Archive

    TT. "That is an awsome looking tractor". I have a modified C-175 with Harley Davidson Sporster chrome stacks that looks similar to yours , (but not as good as your's) and I have tried and failed several times to upload pics for the forum and just can't get it. Is that belt guard homemade?
  6. Seeking advice

    I have been very lucky buying non-running/ non moving hydros, so I would be willing to take the chance. Hope the release valve works.
  7. Spitting gas

    Thanks for the replys. There is no rat problem think goodness. The engine has dual exhaust and good air passage at idle on both sides which eleminates a stuck exhaust valve. I think I will pull the carb off again tomorrow and get a overhaul kit and go completely through it. The carb has two wires attached to a round attachment at the bottom of the bowl of which I have no idea what they are for. Any ideas? I will keep trying to get it but right now we are having one of those afternoon heavy rains with high winds so I will have to wait.
  8. Spitting gas

    I have learned from this site that there are no "dumb" questions, so here is mine. I have a Kohler Twin OHC 16 HP Mod# TH16S mounted by the previous owner on a Power King. This engine has sit for several years after his death and was "brand new" when installed and has less that 5 hours on it. I have tried to get it running but it will only run at idle at best if it cranks. Put it under a "load" to move the tractor or try to throttle-up and it quits. I removed the air cleaner and it blows gas (and I mean a lot) back up throught the top of the carb. Today I removed the carb and it is sparkling clean inside. No gas residue or trash. Sprayed carb cleaner inside and out and put it back on and it still runs the same with upward blow-back. Went to Kohler "Ask a Tech" and for $15.00 I was told it may be a stuck intake valve. (I had suspected that and could have saved the money). I removed the valve covers and I can easily watch the intake valves open and close with the spin of the two cams without any problem. With a normal Kohler. one would have to remove the heads to see the valves. I do not wish to remove the heads unless I absolutely have too due to the timing belt and cams. I have never worked on a OHC engine. I think this would be a long lasting engine and it is already installed in the tractor. Would just like to get it to run correctly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I noticed on the Kohler site that this engine sold for over $1,800.00 and that is what the deceased owners son who sold it to me said his father paid for it several years ago. There is an rear attached finish mower with the tractor that has a Twin 18HP B&S on it also with throttle-up problems. I believe I may be able to solve that problem after I get the tractor moving under it own power. Thanks for any help.
  9. awaking a nos hh 120 tecky

    If you are in need of aTecky HH120 starter/generator set-up I have the mounting bracket and the starter/generator. I also have a parts engine for a points/coil system for a horozonal shaft Tecky. Just picked up another horozonal Solid state Tecky yesterday. Don't know yet what I am going to do with it. I am at jerry.pugh5170@yahoo.com.
  10. One Quick Horse

    It will be a parts tractor real soon if not already.
  11. I Love My Inherited Wheel Horse

    Chip came over yesterday and it is nice to meet someone in my area with a Wheel Horse connection. Really a nice guy to meet. Hope he and I can can work on our tractors together. I only hope to pass mine down to my family some day (but not real soon) and they become more interested in them and preserve the Wheel Horse connection. Chip, you and your family are welcome here anytime. Got to help you get ready for the Florida Flywheelers event this year and we will take our horses.
  12. I Love My Inherited Wheel Horse

    Chipster. I live in St. Cloud, Fl. off Alligator Lake Road. Would love to hook up with you. I thought I was the only Wheel Horse collector in Central Fla. Call me at (407) 470-5105. I have 10 Wheel Horse tractors and always looking for more. I may have known your dad. I have been in Osceola County for over 40 years serving on both the Kissimmee Police Dept. and the Osceola County Sheriff's Department. Retired from the great State of Florida after 29 years in Law Enforcement and now work part-time for Publix on Narcossee Rd. Give me a shout or e-mail me at jerry.pugh5170@yahoo.com.
  13. I have tried to post in the "wanted section" and can't get it to post. Maybe a moderator will move this if necessary. I need the points "push rod" and "cover plate" for a Tecumseh HH120. I also need the complete air cleaner assembly for the same engine. If available, please send a e-mail to jerry.pugh5170@yahoo.com. Thanks.

    I have an "original" owners manual for a 856 tractor and mower deck. Neither are very thick and could be copied. Although I am a little skeptic about mailing it to someone I don't know, as a member of Red Square I trust you would send it back to me after you copy it. Give me an e-mail at jerry.pugh5170@yahoo.com and we will discuss mailing it to you.
  15. KOHLER 8

    Anyone attending the Florida Flywheelers event this month that would have a Kohler 8 starter/generator set-up I could purchase?