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    A-90 special 520-HC 854 with sickle mower electro 12 raider 12 1056 gt 14 856 c-120 automatic hydro c-120 auto matic gear drive raider 8 Attachment sickle mower snow blower snow plow.
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  1. custom brush guard/bumper

    the a 90 specials were made from extra inventoy parts and most of the ones ive seen have the late 60s and early seventies hoods.I have two c 120 and they boh had difrent hoods.
  2. custom brush guard/bumper

    it has three strips of sheet metal inside to keep in from bending in
  3. custom brush guard/bumper

    we did cut it in half added a piece of sheet metal and welded it then did a lot of body putty and sanding
  4. High-Low shift knob

  5. custom brush guard/bumper

    yes it was stretched 14 inches I just replaced the old transaxle with a hydro tore the gears out of the old one
  6. custom brush guard/bumper

    yea I never thought about filiing it great idea! Thanks Dennis I ground them with an angle grinder then sanded them with the belt grinder.
  7. custom brush guard/bumper

    it was extended 14 inches.the bends on the pipes?if so I cut them on the metal cutting bandsaw at an angle then welded then ground down heres how it is mounted that curve was cut with porta band then sanded
  8. heres the custom brush guard/bumper I made yesterday for my a-90 special.what do you think?
  9. wheel horse push mower

    yes ive seen them international made them too.
  10. Custom shop art.....what ya got?

    wheelhorse logo I made in woodshop
  11. c-120 wont move.

    Its not a hydro
  12. c-120 wont move.

    I have a recently restored c-120 that will not move if you push the tractor the flywheel does not move but if you pick up one side it the wheel moves very slowly.i have no idea whats wrong with it but I thinks its something wrong inside the transaxle.
  13. Project: Rough Draft

    it still says private
  14. 8 speed transmission

    I used hub oil in my a 90 very thick oil
  15. Can someone help me identify these two tractors?

    should be on left side of steering colum