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  1. The 800

    Nice looking WH I like the look of those front tires Well those are englebert tyres which are a Belgian brand, but they went bust a long time ago and now they only make tyres for cars under the name uniroyal
  2. The 800

    As promised in my introduction thread i've made some pics of the newly bought 42" deck and mule drive. So I thought it be best to post them in a new topic so i can post my future updates in the right place. Busy mowing Apparently there's a "rod" that holds the mule drive in place and makes sure that you actually can put tension the belt, well I didn't know that. So instead of ordering the rod from toro and having to wait for it (i hate waiting) i thought id give it a go, making one myselve, nothing ventured nothing gained i believe is the proper saying. It came out like this (yup its the rusty bit) Thoughts and C&C much welcomed
  3. Hello from Belgium

    Hiya guys, yesterday i mowed my lawn for the first time with the WH. Which means i found myselve a nice 42" rear discharge deck and a brand spankers mule drive directly from toro in Oevel. The only problem i have now is that the blades on the "new" deck are worn (ie too short), because when i'm mowing it leaves 2 rows of uncut grass between the blades. Now i'm a bit undecisive on which blades to buy; do i get the gator blades, or just go with the normal cutting blades? Everyone is raving about the gator blades being realy good, but the problem i have with mulching is that i frequently don't have the time to cut the grass, so sometimes it gets "a bit" long, and i think the mulching blades will struggle to eject the clippings in time. Any advice from you guys is much welcomed. I'll post some pics of the deck etc asap
  4. Hello from Belgium

    Thanks for the replies guys The welcomming commitee is superb i must say
  5. Hi, i recently bought a Wheel Horse 800 3speed, which had a 2 blade gear driven deck. The old deck is beyond repair so i'm looking for a replacement. Can anyone tell me what will fit, and what to look for when searching for decks? Rear discharge/side discharge, who prefers what and why I allready found 1 but don't know anything about it, here's the link; http://www.2dehands.be/tuin/gereedschap-machines/zitmaaier/maaidek-194669215.html grtz V
  6. Hello from Belgium

    Hi Im Vincent, i'm 27yo and i breed roses for a living. Since a few days i'm the proud owner of a wheel horse 800 3speed. Originally i was planning on restoring it to factory fresh conditions, but then when i went to see it, it was a lot nicer than i expected and as i'm a big fan of "justified" patina i think i'll leave it as it is, and just source a good mowing deck. pics as it stands So now i'm searching for a deck, if anyone can point me in the right direction it'd be much appreciated