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  1. Was cutting the grass today with my 416-8 I went to switch from 2nd to first gear and then it would not move and the shifter had no tension in it almost as if it was broken you could move it into any gear without clutch and nothing would happen. If anyone can help that would be great what could this be
  2. Lots of snow

    Getting plenty of use out of the snow blower and this year, always warm for a change with the cab on.
  3. Cab is on !

    I actually found this one on creigs list I've been looking for a while and just happen to find this one
  4. Cab is on !

    Yes I had to drill two small holes in the foot pans but there not noticeable Yes you can also clamp it
  5. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    1991 416-8
  6. Cab is on !

    After an hour of figuring the cab out in the garage I got it all put together and on the 416 and it's very nice, seems to get pretty warm inside as well. Winter will be the true test of that though
  7. Scored a wheel horse snow cab!

    It will be going on my 416 I will put some pictures up once I get her all situated for the snow, still a little more mulching to do
  8. Finnaly found a complete wheel horse snow cab, not quite ready for the snow but when it comes this will make it a little more enjoyable.
  9. Tiller questions

    I'm looking into buying a tiller for my 416-8, was wondering how they work not just for the 416 but for any wheel horse tractor. I would be doing a fairly large garden, if I do get one would I need bar tires or do the turf work fine? Any input or pictures would be great thanks
  10. Firewood season

    Got the 416-8 working hard getting ready for winter, hauling a few cords a day from back in the woods
  11. Onan questions

    I do choke them first, i will try without as long as that's normal then I'm not worried about it
  12. Onan questions

    Been a while since I've posted anything... I have a 416-8 with the Onan engine and when I start it up it has a puff of white smoke witch quickly goes away after start up is this something I should be concerned about ?
  13. Onan matnince

    I have a 416-8 with the Onan and Was wondering what some of you guys do for matinance to keep them running strong thanks
  14. Think spring

    really wish I could see my horse on the lawn agin getting sick of the snow
  15. Chrome hub questions

    I'm looking for some chrome hubs for my 416 but did not know what the specs are and what size to get If anyone know that would be great