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  1. I purchased one of the (really) cheapo clone carbs on Ebay for my 418C. As delivered the choke arm lever was opposite ( facing down ) and the 418 requires the up facing choke arm so it would "pull" to close the choke. Fashioned a small arm and sandwiched it to the down facing choke arm. Works perfectly, no dimensions as I eyeballed up the travel line from the choke cable to the arm. The 418 starts and idles and runs perfectly.
  2. 314 hydro, oil leak / filler cap

    A compression check and a cylinder leakdown test of the cylinder might help.
  3. “JackRabbit”—Caleb’s 418-C

    I own a 418C and a 418A. Great machines. Let me know if you need any specific photo requests.
  4. Hooked up the new charger and quad station. The 418A, 418C, 416H and my 2008 Goldwing all hooked up to the unit. I have the Goldwing wired with the standard battery stubout but used the spring clamps for the tractors. The kit does have 4 of the direct wire eyelets so when it warms up I will wire the tractors directly.
  5. I have been using older style manual chargers when needed and swapping around my two Battery Tenders to keep the Horses running. Christmas brought this new Pulsetech Charger and Quad station to my home. Heading out to the garage to try it out on the horses. Going for a record temp here tonight of zero .... I will see how it performs.
  6. Clean break. No splines on the 3/4 shaft, just a threaded pin i made up, PO had used a cotter pin. I can say I never tried to work in the garage at 12 degrees air temp before.
  7. The 416 FEL did a great job today. Returning to the garage the wheel just snapped. It was not in the best shape when I got it. The PO had butchered it when he removed it. I have a parts Ford LGT buried under a tree covered with snow so I may have a donor but I doubt the splines will line up. I can tell you it is tough to steer a FEL with just the hub left. Lucky I had backups to finish, 418a with plow and next up a 418c with the SS Blower. the plow was more then enough. Anyone have a 416H steering wheel around ?
  8. I own a 417-8. Adding chains, wheel weights and loading tires gives great traction to plow large piles of snow but at times causes loss of front wheel traction. Most clearly when turning. I tend to plow the large piles in a straight speed full throttle (2nd or 3rd gear ) power run to clear them from the driveway. New front ( loading them ) tires and adding a bracket and weight to the front of the tractor will help as well. I put new turfs on and it did help. I have a blacktop driveway so I never tried the chain method. Just slowing down is a requirement at times and just lifting the plow a bit to let the front tires grab again. Your now driving over snow and then having to do another clean up pass.
  9. Link To AstroAL Digital Inflator Here is the link to the Inflator for those with interest. I tested it against 3 different ( Older ) gauges and it was spot on. The backlight is extremely helpful with auto on and auto off. Its now showing $23.99 with coupon, always happens after I buy it.
  10. I think the extension hose will help ( maybe ) protect the gauge a bit.
  11. Installed a new set of tires on the 416H Loader. Hi-Run brand, 16 x 6.5 4 ply for the front set, 23 x 10.5 for the rear. Cleaned up and painted the rims with new tubes added. I used an old pump sprayer and a extension tire hose to fill the tires. I removed the valve stem from the new tube and the extension hose. I just cut the sprayer hose and it was a good fit right over the extension hose end. Filled the tank with the WW fluid and just used the pump handle to fill the tires. I could also open the black relief valve and pressurize the tank with a rubbed tipped air nozzle as an option. My daughter wanted to help so the slower way was more fun for her. Worked perfectly. Not much snow fall but allot of ice and tires seems to plant well as I changed from foward to reverse. The new digital tire inflator ( Amazon $30 ) is just fantatic.....I normally use the tire extension hose threaded on to the tire valves first, the extra length keeps the gauge inflator out of harms way . The brass chuck hold the tire valve really snugly. No air leaks at all when filling the tires. Filling truck/car tires I do not use the extension unless I am filling the truck spare under the read bed. Here a few pics:
  12. Possible I could just swap the double bagger pulley to the center. The PTO deck belt might be a bit long at that point. A smarter guy would talk about blade tip speed and rpm. Comparing my Craftsman mower with the Wheel Horse decks, the Wheel Horse cuts and mulches much better to my eye. I going to give it a try. Waiting for ordered new blades, Metal Clean and Etch and Aluminum Primer. I do have a sand blast cabinet with glass beads so I am set.
  13. Thanks Raw material was well below items cost. I think the spindle and pulley were $50 apiece. The 5 inch round was a cutoff for $20 and the 4140 3/4 was a long length for $25. The steel shop did offer to face or cut the 5 inch round to width, I should/will do that in the future. It took forever to face of the extra 3/4 inch off the back side, filled the trash can with a huge pile of chips.
  14. The spindle is made from 4140 alloy steel 3/4 diameter. I threaded the spindle on the 3/4 ( blade ) end and used Red Loctite to place the thin 3/4-16 Grade 8 hex nut in the proper location on the spindle. This saved from buying hex bar and turning the whole length to the 5/8 an 3/4 diameters. I may cross drill and pin the lower 3/4-16 with the red loctite. No need for it to ever be moved once placed. The blade side nut is grade 8 3/4 16 as well. The pulley spindle end threading is 5/8-18. Grade 8 as well. The spindle is cross drilled and I need to pick up grease fittings to finish them. I also need the O rings for the spindle. Two of three were still there when disassembled but they just fell apart when rolling them off. The bearings seem fine.....roll smooth. I did not remove them from the housings. Should I pull the bearings to soak and clean them or leave alone. ?? I assume the inner grease shields are removed to allow the grease fittings on the spindle to purge them with fresh grease. Maybe just grease them heavily the first time ? What do think ? Thanks
  15. Thanks I am self taught machinist. Books , You Tube and the Web are my sources. Picked up my South Bend 10K Lathe off Craigslist maybe 6 years ago. $300 bucks from a local Retired Locksmith. Trust me , i had had quite a few of those **** moments while using it. The new pulley is made from C1018 5 inch round Steel.