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  1. Trailer tuesday

  2. Help—to buy or not to buy

    Here’s the “rest of the story”...being the guy that I am, I likely would’ve bought the car right on the spot even before taking it for a drive it was in that good of shape. Yes, there were a couple of surface rust spots in some of the typical locations for a car that spent most of its 24 years in Wisconsin. However, it was very clean inside and out. We took it for a test drive with the whole family and everyone liked its smooth compliant ride and I was all about the power and torque—more than my 1995 Chev truck! but...it was to be momma’s daily commuter so in this case I let her make the final decision. She was uneasy about it and I haven’t been married to the same woman for nearly 18 years without learning a thing or two! I’ve found that if she is uneasy about something, I had better tread carefully in that area! So, we walked away from it...in the late afternoon the second interested party came in and bought it! Thank you everyone for weighing in on this and offering some great advice. I still want to get one of these someday...
  3. Help—to buy or not to buy

    thanks man! Great story
  4. This show is really cool and rapidly becoming one of the largest GT only shows around. The flea market alone is worth going to it but then there are the hundreds of tractors of all different brands. Lots of unique and rare stuff that has you saying, “Is that fabbed or factory?” I only got to go for a few hours this year because of several other commitments but I still had a great time. I was fortunate to be able to take all my kids and we had a great day together. Even my daughter told me on the way home that she was glad that she had gone! Needless to say...it was hot and sticky! Fluids were important and Cindy made a spot for my crew next to her in the shade—they were quite thankful. While I was there, this was a common scene, Dan answering questions about the McLean that he fully restored a couple of years ago. Here @CasualObserver takes a look at the “build book”. Claudia and Cindy got to visit a little while... Lowell and Steve solving “the world’s problems” (Judge doesn’t look too sure) Lane did a great job getting pics of many of the tractors and so I figured that I fill you in on our experience. It was great seeing my local circle buddies again although I missed Ryan by a few hours (next time Bro!). It was great to visit with two of my favorite out of state plow dogs—Tom and Mike. I hope @Shynon chimes in and posts a pic or two of his cool find. I enjoyed getting to meet Jason for the first time and visiting for a little while as well as hooking up with old friends. The only expensive item that I purchased was for my sweet daughter. She is an avid reader and there was an antique book seller on site. He had an 1899 printing of Kipling’s Indian Tales. Claudia has been a great help to me and her mother this summer and the book man was willing to give her a great deal on it if she promised to read it. So...Claud came home with a 120 year old excellent condition piece of literary history by one of the greats! I took the Super C. The more I drive that tractor, the more that I enjoy it for cruising around. Can’t wait to restore it one of these days! All in all, a fun run!
  5. Iola Car Show ‘18

    too Cool Kevin! Thanks for that great story and of course can’t wait to see the thread on those trucks when you get around to starting one. Please tag me so I can check them out!!!
  6. Help—to buy or not to buy

    Thanks Jeff! This is exactly the information that I’m looking for as we go to test drive it tomorrow. If we purchase the car, could you suggest an aftermarket brand or give me a link to the product that you would suggest? I know that you eat, breathe, and sleep BowTie products. Thanks for your input!
  7. Hey guys, my wife has always had a fettish for the wood panel side station wagons. I found out about the Buick roadmaster estate wagons of the mid 1990’s about ten years ago. Most of them came from the factory fully loaded with options. What made them very interesting is that they had the drivetrain from the Corvette including the 260hp LT1 motor. I found this one locally with 123,000 miles. Stock other than the hood, wheels, and exhaust. Comes with factory wheels and tires. it has a couple of small surface rust patches but overall seems to be in great shape. Question: have any of you ever owned one or know someone close to you that had one? Just wanting to know how reliable they are and what problems you have had if any?
  8. "GhostRider" another 314-8

    Kevin—the “Big Wheels” are very cool and unique tractors within the Garden Tractor Community. Case had the 400 and 600 series with 16” and 15” rims. Wheel horse has the 953/1054, GT-14, and the C195 with the 15” and 16” rims. They also had larger wheels on some of the D’s. Other than that, most GT’s were on 12” rear wheels. It makes them different from most tractors available by the various manufacturers. The riding position of a BW GT is really cool IMHO. The neat thing is that you can study them over, decide which you would like to own and pursue buying one. If you decide on a specific model, then keep your Eyes open—one will show up at a time you least expect it!
  9. Iola Car Show ‘18

    Thanks Guys once again for all the input, stories and pics...I am happy to share these experiences with you as long as you want to enjoy them with us. @Sparky saw this truck as I was driving by our local auto shop. Jerry has been an auto mechanic in our town for better than 30 years. He finally started building his own dream truck a few years back. It isn’t finished yet but it is a beauty... Custom touches everywhere yet understated color and wheels... Tubbed, custom suspension, fuel cell, auto tranny with overdrive, Great example of a Shark Nose Pickup and still has a hitch to pull his vintage car when he wants to...
  10. 1984 C195 & 416-8 Restoration

    Looking great Stevemaking me want to get going on mine sooner!!!!
  11. “The 582”—my red headed stepchild!

    I definitely know what you are saying there Jeff. Lots of thought about what to do with it...hydraulic lift was my initial thought and I may still go that way but right now exploring the cheapest, simplest way to accomplish the goal. Thank you you so much for the pictures, I can see how the repeated use beat the snot out of those teeth...
  12. Picked up a 1054

    Looks like a cool plan Richie. I can’t wait to see how this comes together
  13. Iola Car Show ‘18

    We had a great time in spite of a couple of bursts of rain that lasted for around 15 minutes but it was mostly overcast which kept the nasty temps at bay until mid afternoon before the sun broke through. Richie—there were a whole bunch of the 1967-72 GM trucks there this year! It seems that that segment is growing more every year. Two wheel drive, four wheel drive, slammed to the ground, jacked to the sky, bone stock original, custom to the max, perfectly preserved patina, trailer Queen only paint, and the list could go on. I remember when a guy would only see a couple out of the thousands of vehicles there, yesterday we must’ve seen at least 50 of them! Mom came through by texting me some great pics which I’ll share here... I love this three generation pic of Dad, me, and Caleb! We are standing next to the actual car once owned by Reggie White and used in the film “Reggie’s Prayer”. Mom bought me an IH motor trucks hat and when we saw this one I had to get my pic taken by it wearing my new hat! Mom got an opportunity to meet a blast from her past—Eddie Munster! He was there by a clone of the Munstermobile signing autographs. Mom watched those shows as a kid! After one of the rain storms, we got out the shammies and were drying off the cars. I had forgotten how many little leak areas I have on the Goat diverting water into the trunk goes to show one of the reasons why I generally only drive it when the weather is good. Anyway, I was reflecting on how cool it was that dad, mom, Caleb, cousin paul and his friend Jolene could be there with cars to participate and not just spectate. The first 10 years that we went to the show only as spectators until 2001 when we showed my car and mom’s red and LeMans for the first time. I was talking with dad about it while we were working when I noticed this young lady had made several laps around my car. Then she stopped to ask me about it. That is when I noticed the cameraman. Turns out she works for a variety of muscle car rags and even internet and tv stuff and she is interested in doing a piece on the old Goat! I find that fascinating because the car is special to me and my family but isn’t that great compared to many cars there—condition wise, option wise, originality wise, etc. So, we exchanged contact info and we will see what comes of it. One of the highlights of the Day was to see the Fonz (Henry Winkler) in person! He was there signing autographs and hanging out with the folks— All in all a fun day and I feel honored and privileged to share it with my family and my RS wheel horse family too...
  14. Iola Car Show ‘18

    nice Square body GM’s This Bronco is a beauty! the T-Type Regals were a force to be reckoned with back in the day Big Ponchos
  15. Newbie

    Hardly broke in @Volant1006! Great find