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  1. Lets see the snow rigs!

    @ACmanThose custom decals are super cool!!! Caleb saw those and wanted some like them for JackRabbit. I’ll have to speak with @Vinylguy about this. I know one of you on here must be a cartoon artist. I’d like to have a drawing made that looks like a 418 with a Jack rabbit driving that looks kinda like a Rat Fink drawing from back in the day. If I could get the right look, I’d have it put on to vinyl and place it on the back of the seat. Then with custom tractor decals that say 418 Commercial would be awesome! I’m open to other graphic ideas though. It will be summer before we would repaint him and re letter...
  2. '69 Raider 12 Resto

    There’s that line that we like to use Dan and applies more than I suppose we would like but...it’s an oxymoron that works for us!
  3. Vintage Trucks

    thanks for sharing that super sweet ad. Looks just about like your truck on the first page of this thread...
  4. What is it???

    Worked on the roof until nearly dark, then had a teen activity to orchestrate, then had a couple of college folks who used to be in my TeenGroup come over and watch a movie...so it was a late night. Today—back on the roof to see if I can get the shingles finished. The Tractor: The tranny is an interesting story. He began to search around for a durable yet compact gear Jammer. He wasn’t turning up anything that would work given those tight “spatial parameters” that Chris mentioned earlier. It was important to him to make something tough that didn’t turn out to be the size of a Farmall A! So, he began to visit the local junk yards and was turning up with one dead end after another until he went to Kolpin’s salvage yard. He asked the guy at the desk and he told Uncle that he didn’t have anything that would fit that description at the time. Then Ken spotted this gear box... He said,”what about that one over there?” The guy says, “you don’t want that, it’s really old and one of the gears has a bad bushing!” Ken asked how much and flat reply was 5 bucks—DONE! He got it home and opened it up. Had to machine his own bushing, put it together and it hasn’t been apart since about 1972! Here’s where the story takes an interesting turn. Ken and Tricia were visiting a car museum in California about 15 years ago and there was a featured exhibit on the development of the transmission in automobiles. As Ken look over the wall of tranny’s and was reading about them he spotted one that looked exactly like his! It was from a 1920’s era GM. He began to rave about it and pointed it out to Aunt Tricia. After reading about it and looking it over she said, “If parts from our tractor are in a museum, don’t you think it is time for us to get something a little newer?” All I can think of is the line from Indiana Jones, “It belongs in a museum!—So do you!” Several guys have mentioned that that it looks like a Case GT—and so it should because that is what the outside is modeled after. While going through my pics I found these of a 400 series Case from our annual Symco Thresheree Plow Day... You will notice the similarities but yet a closer look reveals how much beefier Uncle Kens tractor is. (I’m not in the habit of posting so many duplicate pics, but I haven’t had time to swing back over and take more...) The Case tractors had the HyDrive system which was unique to them (actually Colt started the development and were bought out by Case) which is completely different than uncle Ken’s. I’d like to stay and chat some more, but a roof is unfortunately waiting on me. I’ll check in again later—maybe with some fresh photos! PS—did I tell you that my uncle had his blasting license for a couple of decades? The 4th of July could be pretty exciting! How does that tie in to his tractor? I’ll tell you later and include some cool vintage pics...
  5. New Shop

    This looks great professor! You can only imagine how slow it would be coming if you had built in shelving already in place and miscellaneous parts/tools everywhere...that’s what mine was like. I spent more time moving stuff around then I did actually installing insulation. I can’t wait to see some pics posted with the outside air temp and the working shop temp. If you don’t already have one, you need to put a basic thermometer in the shop. Looking good all around and I too can’t wait to see that 1277 restored when the time comes...for the time being, it is a totally sweet shop “decoration”!
  6. What is it???

    Chris and Rich, thanks again on Uncle Ken behalf for the kind words. He is one awesome fabricator but he is also very humble by nature and most of his functional creations haven’t been seen by anyone but his family and a few friends privileged enough to check them out—UNTIL NOW! Aunt Tricia texted me recently, “For YEARS I've tried to talk Ken into taking some of this stuff to the parade, or to the park in Omro. He's so stinkin' humble!! Maybe with Paul around we can get something going this year. I'd hate to have it all appreciated posthumously!!😯”. That hit a chord with me and I love my Uncle! He is a great guy and has invested a lot in me over the years. So—I’ve started this thread and will soon start a couple more to show his God-given talents to anyone who is interested to check them out. Maybe, in doing so, we can convince him to bring some of these things out to places where the public can enjoy looking at them too. I’m going to go for a second. Have you ever said or heard your kids say, “why do I have to learn that, I’ll never use it in the real world!” I said that repeatedly to my parents about Geometry years ago. Today’s project is keeping me busy and makes me wish that I had paid a little more attention in Geometry class. Trying to get it closed up before the slop comes in again Sunday-Monday! More on Uncle Ken’s tractor soon!
  7. '69 Raider 12 Resto

    Careful @ACman ol’ Dan is liable to hook up the big trailer and come and get it! He has the equipment at his disposal to bring that thing right back here to Cheddar Country! These pics are elsewhere on the forum but I’ll share them again here given the fact that we are slightly ... This is Dan’s beauty of a tractor but it earns is keep as a puller. Dan was awesome to give Caleb some seat time... And Zac too! Dan’s not only a craftsman (as seen in this beautiful machine) but he is one nice dude. My kids talked about that for weeks! Dan
  8. '69 Raider 12 Resto

    my man Dan is starting his resto thread for the Raider! Thanks for getting this rolling so that the rest of the community can enjoy it as you progress. Do you want to share the end objectives with it—at least as you see it at this point? Or would your rather surprise the faithful as you go? I can’t wait to see you work your magic on another fine machine and I will be not only following this thread but hopefully getting my hands dirty at least once on this project if you’ll allow me...
  9. What is it???

    Pete—great to see your name in RED! You will be another great addition to the community here at I look forward to your posts and pictures in the near future... When I spoke with him the other day, I asked him specifically about the hitch. He said that he had designed it with the intention of building an implement lift but never actually got to the point of putting a lift mechanism in place. It has very sturdy three point tabs but no lift bar, hydraulics, etc. Unfortunately he couldn’t furrow plow with it as is. As was mentioned above, he could quickly remove the hitch and install the box. The hitch has mutiple holes for attaching different devices on the back. Ken win often move a variety of things with this tractor. His hitch design allows him to do that with confidence and ease. He certainly could have taken the idea from the IH letter series tractors that you’ve mentioned. This is is slightly off topic but will get its own write up eventually... Uncle Ken completely built this FUNCTIONAL scale model (pic taken in about 1971) of a CASE threshing machine when he was in his teens. This shows once again his attention to detail, planning, and fabrication skills. Some proportions are off in order to make it functional but it is another totally sweet Uncle Ken Creation! I need to have him operate it this summer and so we can get a video of it in action. I think that would be super cool at Berlin attached to an old hit and miss engine giving a demonstration...
  10. New Shop

    You said it bro!!!! The only unfortunate thing about a heated work space in the cold north is that now you won’t have the most popular excuse as to why you can’t work on your tractors in the winter months.
  11. New Shop

    Professor—you are smarter than I was! It took me years before I broke down and did that—I’m in my heated/insulated shop right now and enjoying every minute of it. Awesome!
  12. Vintage Trucks

    I wondered how long it was going to take for BRF to chime in here! We missed ya—but not anymore... boy—that looks like an expensive day at the office!!!
  13. Vintage Trucks

    Nice looking start to a modified “shark nose” Chev! Lots of subtil and some pronounced mods—
  14. Lets see the snow rigs!

    looks like you have a “heat tube” around the exhaust to direct some warmth into the cab. Also looks like you have plenty of weight to offset the deuce-nice rig
  15. Vintage Trucks

    that is kinda an ugly duckling compared to the GM’s and Fords of the same vintage. However, it is nearly 50 years old and still looking good. I think it’s rarity and unique body lines would make it a vehicle that Today would get a ton of compliments no matter where you took it. I like it and also agree that it would be super fun to take tractors to shows with...especially tractors that were the same vintage. That at reminds me of this rig from red power roundup 2016... I believe that this was a 1969-70 IH pickup with the same year IH trailer and the same year 185 Cub LowBoy. I thought it was a really cool time capsule!