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  1. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Great pics and video Sarge! That is one beautiful dog and a beast of a tractor. You look like you are having WAAAAAAY too much fun! Thanks for sharing. My kids and wife love the dog and Caleb likes Big Ugly especially with the dual stacks....
  2. Lets see the snow rigs!

    yet another reason why to have more than one horse in your stable! Nice looking worker
  3. My GT14

    Looking great Richie—remind me again what accessories the switches are there to operate...
  4. '68 Raider 12 Resto

    Amazing work as always Dan! It is so much fun to watch “the mad scientist” at work. Today was another crazy busy day for Caleb and I, but I very much enjoyed reading/seeing what you and several of my buds accomplished...
  5. looking for rear agg tires for my 953

    Thanks! Hopefully this spring/summer I’ll have more to add to them. Those old GD big wheels sure seem to make good plow tractors but I’ll reserve my complete judgment on it until we get more seat time with Clyde...
  6. Looking good Eric! Don’t forget to retorque after you’ve had a little run time. Can’t wait to see the video of this thing running...
  7. looking for rear agg tires for my 953

    Dan and Tom—thanks for providing the great pics and info to our fellow er’s . Needless to say, I’ve been a little preoccupied with my big trip coming up. Those tires on Clyde not only look good but they function great too!
  8. Following @Stormin‘s thread on his wheel weights, I noticed @R. L. Addison‘s comments on competitive plowing overseas. I’ve done LOTS of plowing but none for competition. Mine has been for the thrill of turning earth. I’m starting a thread here to learn from my brothers on the other side of the pond or up north in Canada or maybe here in the states that have plowed in a GT plowing competition. I’d love to see pics of your rigs, competitions, and details of what you’ve learned pros and cons to setting up a single bottom Brinly for winning competitions. What consistutes a winning plow land? I’m not interested in hearing about full size tractors and plows in this thread (maybe a different thread could be started elsewhere on the forum for that), only GT’s and their setups please... I sure hope you guys weigh in cause I’d like to learn more about this...
  9. That would be a super neat couple project! If you guys decide to do that together, I want to see some of her working on the sheet metal and paint.
  10. I’m glad it made it safely to you. Once you get to painting stuff, you’ll have to figure out if you will paint it red like factory or leave it black, or even paint it another accent color. Plenty of time for that though...
  11. “JackRabbit”—Caleb’s 418-C

    You see Eric—we have to come up with “creative terms” otherwise people on the outside look in a drawer like this... and say, “when are you going to clean the junk out of this drawer?” I could’ve run to town and bought a new wire for JackRabbit but by saving most of the wiring from old projects in the past, I looked through it until I found what I needed I’ve got enough stuff (some new and most used) in there to probably wire a couple of older tractors!
  12. I’ve been running a high output Bosch coil on my 100 for about four years now and haven’t lacked for spark! This thing typically starts on the first revolution of the engine provided that I turn on the fuel petcock Definitely not saying that you have to go this route as all of my other points/condenser engines have a stock coil. Just saying that it works fine for the use and abuse that I put on this Mule! Great info Jeff on the points. Eric, those do look pretty rough, glad you are replacing them! On the topic of sheds, I’m so glad that I finally have heat in mine. Only took me 12 years to get to it but I’m loving it. I hope that is in the cards for you one of these days...
  13. “JackRabbit”—Caleb’s 418-C

    Great time working on JackRabbit with Caleb this afternoon. Caleb is getting excited now because he is starting to see it come together. Even as an adult who has done this multiple times before, I’m excited at this point too! Thanks @Ed Kennell for the advice on the petcock installation. I had Caleb read your advice on installing that fuel shut off and he did it! Let’s take a minute to talk about the shut off. One of my local circle buddies Dan stopped by and gave Caleb a shut off and grommet that he had in his tool box at work for some time. He also gave Caleb a box of 1/4”-20 Button head stainless bolts that you will see used on the dash, tunnel cover, and other visible areas that need some bling! @Achto for your investment once again into my family—you are a great friend! It isn’t a stock shut off in that you just move it 90 degrees for off and on. I prefer that for easy of use! Then Caleb turned his attention to cleaning up the floor boards. They are in pretty ugly shape but FOR NOW we are just cleaning them and installing them. Eventually (maybe this summer?) they will get restored. I picked up some new stainless carriage bolts and Caleb loosely fit them in place. While he was working on that, I removed the old starter wire. It was about 2” too short and was riding on the back of the drive belt. I had a longer one in my collection and fit that for length. Caleb crimped a new end on and then fed the wire loom over for an extra level of protection followed by installing in as shown above. Next up: finish the wiring investigation and repair, then tackle the steering column, dash, and wheel assembly...
  14. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Here's the video from this afternoon! Adding those paddles really works! Obviously, the deeper the snow, the more consistent the "rooster tail"! Time to go work on JackRabbit...
  15. Wheel-Horse - AMC artwork

    Thanks guys for the suggestions on the seat back—we will definitely look at the options by summer and decide what we feel will be the best course of action! Yesterday, I took my favorite girl in the world on a daddy-daughter date and we had a great time. I refrained from commenting here because I wanted to focus on my time with her... always time for selfies! and being a little silly! I’m getting on my “Buddy Holly” look here. All things old become new again! I realize how precious this time is and I love this girl, all too quick she will be a woman and times like these will be scarce. It was a great day You guys are awesome when it comes to the graphic design—both computer and handwritten! As mentioned above, keep it up! Boy the timing of my post with Sarge’s was poetic! That’s a great post Sarge and kudos to you and your daughter for parenting skills!