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  1. What have you done on your WH today?

    I say that you could install the Predator and take care of it like you do anyway and see how it holds up to the use over time. It’s really the only way to know for sure. You think like I do Aldon when it comes to power—if some is good, more is better!
  2. What have you done on your WH today?

    Sweet! Aldon, how deep was the snow that you had to move? What was the consistency? Wet or powder? I’d better get with the program here and get my blower put back together. Sounds like we could have as much as 6” on the way by tomorrow evening...
  3. What have you done on your WH today?

    Minimal snowfall here over the weekend and so no plowing/blowing pics yet. Did get mommas diesel out to move some stuff around including my 2500# tandem axle trailer. It goes without saying that it handled it with ease. I’m hoping to have the deuce mounted up to this thing soon. Before I know it we will have snow to clear here as well. It has started to puff a lot of white smoke on a cold startup—makes me wonder if the glow plugs are working like they should. Starts warm without any issue and so I’ll have to look into that as well...
  4. Tractors that got away

    Jeff I have often observed that as I have studied the various brands. It seems that they all have strong points and weak points. I visited my cousin Kevin last night and he has one Case 646 and two Ingersoll tractors—a small wheel 3018 and a big wheel 4020 ( I forgot to take pics) but we were discussing the positives and negatives of Hydraulic drive. That 4020 has a Cat O three point and a 20hp Onan. It is a beast. He just picked up a Brinly Cat O 12” for it and plans to install 8-16 AG’s over the winter. I can’t wait to see that thing plowing next year. He uses it for snow removal and a myriad of other things including a tiller. The coolest attachment he has for it is a 48” hydro cutter. It is hydraulically driven and works AWESOME! I’ll get pics and videos someday... What’s that old saying? “Variety is the spice of life!”
  5. Tractors that got away

    I’m not sure how many of you have owned or have had any interaction with the old Bolens tractors. I have never owned one, but I have several friends that have them. They are a little spartan on the amenities but still beefy and well made tractors back in the day. I have a friend Chad, who’s grandpa bought an HT-20 brand new. Chad grew up around that tractor and drove it often as a kid. It has been sitting for about a decade now but Chad plans to restore it in the near future. It is a beast of a machine and certainly worth the effort in my opinion. Rough around the edges but stored inside. There were a wide variety of GT’s made in the 1960’s and 70’s and they were mostly different! Today, 3/4 of the lawn tractors you see are the same with different paint and decals!
  6. The Newest Arrival—

    I remember vividly when I first finished the resto on my GTO in 2001 purchasing premium 93 octane for $1.45 per gallon and 110 octane Race fuel for $2.99 per gallon. Five years later we were selling our 13mph Tahoe in favor of a 4 banger Civic because fuel costs were close to $4 a gallon. It has really been nice to have fuel costs closer $2 per gallon for the last couple of years. I’ve been spoiled. I don’t notice it as much until I go to put 35 gallons of fuel in at one time and diesel is closer to $3 per gallon right now. However, still nothing like the prices that I saw overseas this fall at nearly $2 per liter! There are so many things to like about the Super C but its “good looks” aren’t one of them. However, as I have spent more time looking at them, they are growing on me as well. They were built to be functional, hardworking machines and I think that they hit the target well...good luck in your search for one!
  7. The Newest Arrival—

    I can honestly say that I know next to nothing about the black hood series in general and the C195 specifically. Does anyone have a digital upload of the original sales brochures for the introduction of the C195? If so, could you post that here or email it to me? I’ve already downloaded a couple of manuals from the manuals section. What are the most desirable options for this tractor? I plan to restore it eventually and I’ll keep an eye out for rare options that I can add. The dash is complete and not cracked but all the silver is faded. I’ll have lots of questions for recommendations on details like that at the start of and during the restoration process. Since my goal with this tractor is a show queen (I have lots of workers), I want to make sure the details look GREAT! Anyone with thoughts and recommendations who has restored any of the Black hood series, I’d greatly appreciate your input or directing me to a particularly helpful thread...
  8. The Newest Arrival—

    Thank you all for indulging me and taking part in my journey. I really appreciate all the thoughts and well wishes—YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! I made it home about 25 min ago without incident. Overall I put on about 960 miles! Looks good to to have the Super C in my shop though... Looking forward to playing with it when I have some time...
  9. What's In Your Mirror?

    Apparently my Guardian Angel!
  10. The Newest Arrival—

    Wasn’t real impressed with Henry’s fuel consumption on the way down—13.88mpg! I’ve gotten that in the warmer temps pulling 9000# of payload but I’m sure it could be worse. I do like traveling in this vehicle though—very comfortable! Just a few more miles and I’ll be out of Missouri SP jurisdiction, then they’ll have to turn this rustler over to the US Marshall service!
  11. The Newest Arrival—

    I wish that I would’ve had more time to visit with him but I had to start making the 460 mile run for home. I did get to see his nice hot rod collection out back with a couple of trucks and cars but a ‘69 Chevelle that was super sweet! He said that he has been collecting horses for about 40 years and had over 100 at one point but he is now getting out of it so he can focus on the cars and trucks in his remaining years. I’m thankful that he was willing to part with the super C! I thought this was a cool pic. Other than the $85 that I was losing out of my wallet! two American legends being trailered home!
  12. The Newest Arrival—

    Here it is... came from fellow forum member Elliot Ness. Many thanks to him for his patience and hanging on to it for four months till I could carve out the time to make it down. As with any old tractor, there are some details to attend to but it seems to run good and strong. Can’t wait to give it a personal once over in the upcoming months...
  13. The Newest Arrival—

    After nearly 8 hours in the saddle, I’ve reached my destination of Laddonia, MO. Time to get to work—pics to follow!
  14. The Newest Arrival—

    I’m starting to feel like Luke Duke! The GPS sent me on to the back roads. Maybe so I can run incognito and escape from those hounds! 34 miles to the herd