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  1. 518 still will not start !!! Grrr

    No storms here in Mid MO but we sure do need some rain! This is or 15th day that we have been above 90% and heat index of above 100 ! Have to water the garden every day ! Have a deeeep well ! The farmers are having a hard time with their crops and lack of water ! Last year a lot of them lost their crops do to flooding . One extreme to the next ! But the mowing has slowed down (HA) Glad your machine is running well ! Stay cool Jess
  2. 518 still will not start !!! Grrr

    Great! You got it going, Mine is still running like a champ ! Cant believe that little plastic ring was such a headache ! I got my new Volt gauge today and installed and also changed oil & Filter while I was still on it . That was it my original SW gauge was defective . So at least now I can keep an eye on my charging system again . Have a great summer !
  3. 518H 18HP Onan

    Yea my battery was week also from messing with this dyeing problem for so long , so I put a new one in a couple of weeks few weeks ago when I started again this year . I know my original Black trigger ring / Rotor had 1 week magnet . I used my 518H today off and on for several hour again in 90% heat and never missed a beat ! Still a great running machine ! Happy Fathers Day to you and the team as well !
  4. 518H 18HP Onan

    I got it from an E=Bay seller ,Part # 166-0767 their e=bay item # is 301981659736 best price I could find $27.50 Free shipping and fast ! Seller e-bay name is (timsmobiletruckrepair )
  5. 518H 18HP Onan

    Thank you, Being the original owner of this tractor and the 30 + years of use I hated to give up on it ! Like part of the family. This was one of the few things I moved with me when I relocated here to MO from NY almost 20 years ago . I had a 3 acre lawn around my home there and it always did a great job and now I mow around 6 acres , but I break it up between my 3 Wheel Horses and other machines. Fun thing to do when retired . It has been a learning experience ! I was happy to have found this sight and the members to help me through this process . Jesse
  6. 518H 18HP Onan

    Yes ! Almost like I was back at work (HA)
  7. 518H 18HP Onan

    Thank you , I lost tract of how many times I have pulled this thing apart ! But worth it when you see it finally run right !
  8. 518H 18HP Onan

    My 518H is all back together !! That was it the Rotor / Trigger Ring . Now just weighting for my new Volt gauge and it will be whole again. Mowed for 2 hrs. in 95 degree heat and stopped and restarted like a new tractor . Thank you all for your input . Jesse
  9. 518H 18HP Onan

    I hope it works out for you ! I wised I would have known enough to change out the rotor last year when I put the new ignition module in ! Would have saved a me a lot of time and aggravation ! But I guess it’s a learning experience and it didn’t hurt to change all of these other parts after the 30 years of use I’ve gotten out of it. A lot of the machines they build today are nothing like the old Wheel Horses !
  10. 518H 18HP Onan

    Got my new plastic Rotor today and compared it with the old original , the only difference I found was that one of the magnets in the old black one was much weaker then the 2 in the new one . I did the paper clip test . There was no grove in/on the shaft and no grove in the outside for the new rotor to snap into or alien with . The only thing is the keyway and the fit on the tapered shaft . So I’m guessing the inside I.D. of the old rotor must have been worn not allowing the magnets to line up right with the ignition module . I ran it for over an hour and shut it off and restarted it 3 or 4 times and runs like a new machine . I hope this is the final solution after a 2 year project ! A little plastic ring ! I took a couple of pictures to show you the shaft and where the rotor sits . Cant get the pictures to post ? It keeps telling me I only have 788.8KB Thank you all for your help time and information ! Jesse
  11. 518H 18HP Onan

    I did notice that when I took the black plastic rotor out the very first time , that on the inside outer edge there was like a worn little bead or roughed up plastic that I thought was just some wear on the ring from being in there for 30 years . When I changed the ignition module last year I did not know anything about changing the ring as well . So I will be able to compare them when the new one comes in next week. This could and hopefully be the fix I need ? Like I always say when it runs it’s strong and still like a new motor . I have always babied this tractor and been garaged its whole life (HA) Thank you Jesse
  12. 518H 18HP Onan

    When I remove the flywheel all that is there is a tapered keyed shaft that the flywheel mounts on then the stator which has 3 bolts . Once I remove the stator the ignition module is mounted with 2 bolts and the rotor or magnetic ring has a keyway so it slips on the keyed shaft and that’s it . I see the key holds it in place when spinning but what stops it from any in and out motion ? No snap ring or retaining clip or nothing to hold it in place on the shaft, other then its keyed . That’s why I just assumed it finds its own place once its put in there ? I don't know ? Maybe someone has a picture of what its suppose to look like ? Thank You
  13. 518H 18HP Onan

    That’s where it was when I took it out or as far in as it could be ? What stops it from moving where it wants to go when the shaft is turning ? It seem as though it just sits there on the shaft . Nothing to lock it in place ? Maybe its worn that is why its like that ? Thank you
  14. 518H 18HP Onan

    The rotor is in a set position ? Just push it in till it stops against the shaft seal? I could make a spacer and put it in first before the rotor as to bring it out 1/16” th Don't know know this would effect the overall running of the rest of it ?