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  1. Has anyone been following the events in the middle east? In Russia?
  2. Do I talk too much?

    Geno, IMHO, don't ever stop being you! how can you talk too much in a forum?
  3. Another one...

    Nice Geno, I guess you weren't kidding when you said they would become an addiction, lol
  4. looks like it just rolled out of the showroom, nice!
  5. My first Wheel Horse ( C-100 )

    mighty fine, mighty fine
  6. It Lives

    sounds great! looks great too!
  7. My 854 Project

    good find
  8. Let's talk tires...

    sounds alot like what we call goat heads out here in AZ. if they have leaves that look like a fern, it's the same thing. I have found, though time consuming as all get out, if you pull them up by the roots (easy to find once you get used to it, just look where all the vines come together) you can just drop them, and they will die. also, i have burned them with a large propane burner hooked to a grill propane tank. no recovery from that! I tried slime, but it won't re seal until you pull it out, so kind of pointless. this works too, but don't get it on anything you don't want dead. just took one healthy application, right at the root and in a week it's dead.
  9. Front weight idea

    great idea! original thinking score 9.5
  10. Some pics of my Ride Away Juniors!

    nice looking tractors, bet they got alot of attention
  11. really thought so, just wasn't sure thanks, white it is!
  12. does anyone know what the correct color is for the deck wheels? seems the later toro replacements are red, but i could swear i remembered the originals being white. this would be on a RM-116 32" deck TIA
  13. New Tractor Club

    Very cool, just saw this thread for the first time, sounds like you are one of the good ones I will be following along from here. congrats to you, and to the kids, looks like they have done some awesome work!
  14. Almost finished

    looks sweet here's an old hot rodder trick I learned in Okinowa, 1942... (no, not really) use a dry S.O.S. pad on the chrome, not sure why, but it cleans off the surface rust real well, and brings back the super shiny. paint looks AWESOME