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  1. Gary, Brilliant! Very consise and to the point. I'm already purchasing several dedicated "EMP Proof" storage containers for the Wheel Horse electrical spares and other components for our solar charging system, radios, water purificaton systems, etc., etc..Thanks for helping to identify the weak spots on the Wheel Horse that need addressing. A link for those interested can be found at: http://www.thesurvivalistblog.net/emp-electromagnetic-pulse/ B.T.W. Happy 5th. on the forum! And many thanks for your thoughtful post. Very Much Appreciated!
  2. Steve I thought your post was great! Sorry if I gave the wrong impression.
  3. Fully Agree Aldon. Glad I'm not coming over like a nut-case Geno, I'm looking into that. The fuel alternatives alone are worth investigating. Thanks.
  4. wh500special, that was quite a post! I always feel bad when I respond late to your answers, but my work load right now prohibits me from getting behind the computer as much as I’d like. Prepping, Survivalist Mentality, Self Sufficiency? This will always be a “Grey Zone†where no one is completely right or wrong. Everyone will have a different opinion. Having served in some real sh*% holes in the past internationally, I’ve observed the people who survive and the ones that perish. The ones who survived had one thing in common; They were self-sustaining. Weather it was food supplies buried underground or keeping the carbs on their vehicles working with duct tape, some old springs and baling wire, they utilized the “solutions†at hand. As well, they planned ahead. A part of that planning also involves “finding a teacherâ€. Learning from others is a key ingredient to survival. I don’t care if it’s bending the ear of some old Master Chief on the ship, or asking for advice on a forum such as this. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained if you’re just willing to ask for advice and listen carefully to the answers. Not every answer will be to your liking, but for the most part, it’s all a part of the overall equation. Sure, I have no doubt that for every “survival solution†I come up with, there’ll be some A-Hole that’ll be trying to steal it or kill me for it. That’s the way of life. I just know I’m not going curl up in the corner of some room and give up. Not without a fight! So, if and when the time comes that the system takes a cr*p, I’m going to keep the LED lights on, be nice and warm next to my barrel stoves, keep my solar chargers and batteries topped off and know my Wheel Horses are ready for tilling and planting. Will I survive for long, probably not. But at least I went down knowing I did everything I could. And I wasn’t a taker......I provided for myself and family. Sorry if this sounds like a rant. I appreciate all your replies. Best Regards To All, Dave
  5. bmsgaffer / Save Old Iron, Great advice! That's what I needed to know. I don't know if a Wheel Horse can be Push Started by releasing the clutch and turning the engine over that way, I've never tried it. But the pull start option is reliable and "old-school". Now I know which direction to start with. To all of you.....Thanks! I know this was a pretty weird question to be asking here. But your answers are appreciated. Dave
  6. Good Morning Folks, Thanks for the replies. Due to work, this is the first chance I’ve had to respond. From the humorous to the serious answers, I would say the link from Zeek was a good start point in explaining the EMP blast effects. Aldon’s statement over the older less electronic models makes sense. I’ve been looking at the older Kohlers (with spare rebuild parts) to store away for “such an eventâ€, so we can keep our tractors/ tiller & plow + other survival equipment “at the readyâ€. Sure hope I don’t come over as someone who thinks the sky is falling. I would just prefer to be prepared for the worst, and hope it’s never needed. These old Wheel Horses could make a great small survival garden a practical reality if the time comes. I’m still hoping a specific Wheel Horse Model could be mentioned that engine & tractor parts could be planned into the survivalist equation. Thanks for taking time to answer. Dave
  7. This is a question I can't find the answer to. It pertains to Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) protection of Wheel Horse Tractors. Can most Wheel Horse Tractors survive an EMP attack? Side stepping the fact that fuel and lubrication supplies may be limited or impossible to come by, I'd like to know if there is a particular model of Wheel Horse Tractor that would be worth purchasing that can sustain an EMP burst. There are many electrical experts on this forum, and it would be appreciated for any suggestions you may have. Thanks, Dave
  8. 520H Debris Deflector Shield

    I see it now John. I can understand that it would be handy for snow build up. Not so sure about finely minced leaves plugging the intake. Those particles are so small they just stick to every inlet available. Thanks for taking the time to snap these pictures. Somewhere down the road, someone will take a look at these and have a brainstorm idea. I hope you have a good weekend. Best Regards, Dave John, I just received your last post, I'll take a look at cutting that hole a bit wider. Thanks.
  9. 520H Debris Deflector Shield

    John, I see the bar that sits in front of the air intake. Is that what you're refering to? If so, would that work on a side intake system with fine mulched material.
  10. 520H Debris Deflector Shield

    Sounds like you know what you're talking about. That suggestion you made about the air intake diameter may have saved my engine. (And a royal a** chewing from my better half when I tell her I blew the engine up ) After looking at the pictures I posted, it makes me think of that old saying; "You might be a Red Neck if................?" But any old port in a storm. Right? I hope you'll keep working on the idea you have and share the pics. This debris ~Mulching~ problem is a REAL PAIN! After 4 hours of mulching and every 5 minutes cleaning that damn intake, I would have used an old shoe box if I thought it would work. Again, thanks for the advice.
  11. 520H Debris Deflector Shield

    Good Day boovuc, You bring up a good point, later today I'll cut a hole in the end of it to increase the air intake area. I hope you'll post a pic of the system your working on. I'd like to build something a bit more stable then this temp fix I have now. Thanks for the advice and have a great weekend.
  12. 520H Debris Deflector Shield

    For those of you on a budget and need a quick fix for mulching, this flower pot + 4 self tapping screws with a bit of chicken wire does the trick. The pot is 13 inches in diameter and fits like a glove. Just some old stuff laying around in the barn. I know, it's pretty simple. But after two days of mulching, it's worked like a charm. No problems yet and the cooling is fine. Have a great weekend everyone!

    It's all good Zeus55......I meant what I said before. You sound like you know what your talking about. Although I have to admit, Koens idea about the recycled beer sure sounds cost effective Kill two birds with one stone....so to speak. I hope you all are having a great weekend. I'm going back to cutting firewood and getting ready for another loooooooooong Ohio winter. Take Good Care, Dave

    God Bless The Royal Netherlands Navy for introducing us to their "wet" ships. The first Grolsch I ever had was during a visit on one of your Frigate's in Den Helder. Great crew! Great ship and very professional.

    Koen, that "Pee Lubricant" sounds like a pretty good idea if it eminates from a good Grolsch Beer.