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    416-8 that I have had since 1985 other words got it new.
    has a front mount deck and cab and a bark buster splitter,dump trailer and a blade that i mount on the back and push.
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    taking a nap..eating supper.

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  1. Project "Why Not"

    well wife comes first....other stuff after.........hope she gets better............
  2. What a Find...

    nice story and good luck....
  3. What a Find...

    WOW and WOW and WOW......you one lucky man..
  4. Project "Why Not"

    WOW and Wow.....looking forward to it being finished and a test run video...keep up the great work..
  5. Project "Why Not"

    amazing work for sure..
  6. Project "Why Not"

    such nice work..........hope you put a kill switch on it just in case...
  7. Project "Why Not"

    No way that will be Ha Ha...
  8. Mentone Indiana Spring Swap Meet

    I hope to see lots of pictures since I cant go....
  9. Project "Why Not"

    I hope he gets that out soon for a test run....nice work..
  10. Project "Why Not"

    Hope to see a test drive of that soon.... very very nice work.
  11. The Final Four!!

    well Louisville tried but just didn't make it...good game no matter what...best of luck to Michigan St.
  12. Project "Why Not"

    You moving right along....great work.
  13. The Final Four!!

    Yeah and good luck with that..
  14. The Final Four!!

    I am looking forward to that match up and whatever the score my end up at they are all winners.....38-0 very nice.
  15. The Final Four!!

    Yeah cant take anything away from the Irish....in my book both teams are winners...