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    When I go into the doctor's office, the assistant takes my BP (among the other things) with in a moment of arriving. That usually is shortly after climbing the stairs. But my physician will take again near the end of the visit. You might ask your health care provider to do that. It sure seems to be more representative at that time.
  2. Showing the boy some culture today

    To Slim67 in particular but everyone in general. I took a metallurgy class in the early eighties and the instructor's main job was with IH. He said that they were forced to contain costs. Earlier they tried to make the truck as tough as possible, without being ridiculous. But starting at that time they were designing the truck to be fine at it's rating but not a lot more. If the tractor had a 80,000 gross rating and you consistently pulled 90,000, you should expect it to fail.
  3. Wide pully on mule? Bearings crapped out...

    One big thing to add to ericj's advice, Wear face protection or at least safety glasses! Bearing components are VERY hard and can shatter like glass if struck. One of my co workers needed stitches after one let loose as he tried to remove it from the bore it had been in. The edges will be razor sharp. Yeah 99.99% of the time it won't happen but I like to stay away from the emergency room.
  4. How many of you remember these??

    I bought a used one in 1998. It was kind of fun in being able to turn on a dime. But part of my lawn slopes and 3 wheels scared the bleep out of me. My father's 702 kept calling my name (it was long gone). So looking around I found an 857 and I have never regretted it.
  5. "Big Changes Ahead"

    I think a near miss in the article. Self driving cars are going to happen, but think of what will happen when self driving trucks get going. I think they are under most person's radar (no Pun). Large numbers of truck drivers will not be needed. First to happen will be long haul. My semi leaves Chicago, travels the interstate to San Diego. It might need to make fuel stops but no others. No lunch or potty breaks. No limits to hours of service (humans can only drive so many hours in 24). It must be easier to program a vehicle that basically runs just the limited access highways. It hits San Diego, drops a trailer. Picks up a new one and goes back to Chicago. In a continuous loop. No salary, no vacations, no Social Security, no unemployment, no call in from a sick driver, less accidents, improved fuel consumption. Unless we are total idiots, the large trucking companies should be busy with this plan. Yes, local drivers, that also deliver will be safe ... for a while.
  6. The Horse comes out to play!

    I love it when I'm doing things with my 857 and the neighbors wonder why their 20 HP riding mowers (that look like a garden tractor) can't.
  7. 6587 assy, quick hitch - shaft

    I'm looking for a assy, quick hitch - shaft #6587. Mine is very worn and broken.
  8. What are your other hobbies?

    Randy, I'm 69 and have ADD. Fortunately I don't have hyperactivity which in the 1950's, I would have had bright red butt all of the time. But the condition wasn't recognized then. With suspicions I went to the Amen clinic. I find even many doctors are skeptical. Even my personal physician was until he saw the SPEC scan. But in my fifties I was about to diddle around for years with "maybe" diagnoses. I needed to learn about of coping techniques and I live by my computer calendar. But your children need to realize they are not wrong but different. I was in engineering for many years and my biggest asset is thinking "outside the box". When my cohorts couldn't find a solution Ed would find another way. So they need to find ways of using their differences. Now back to the thread. My other perversion probably can top any of the others for cost and size if I went whole hog. I'm an organ enthusiast. I have two electronic organs in the house (yes and I can't store them, in the garage or barn). They are church size so they occupy a lot of real estate. And these are not real cheap but race cars and steam trains might cost more. That is until you get to my real passion, real pipe organs. Fortunately my church has a nice instrument. It is currently under insured at a $1,000,000. And I didn't have to buy it. so I guess it doesn't compare to your personal properties. And unless I were to have a large mansion I can't possibly put one in my house.
  9. What was your first car ?

    Not my first car but at one time I owned a Jaguar Mark IX Saloon. So this is what I think of when the word Saloon is mentioned in regard to a car. Yours seems to be a bit more modest. A tornado got the Jag.
  10. Being a Chicago transplant (like a lot of the students and faculty of the University of Illinois) we are thrilled that we will soon have a Portillo's in Champaign. The Italian beef is also on par with their hot dogs.
  11. Maybe I'm proposing a major project but... If one is new and terms like tach-a-matic are tossed around, where do you look to find out what exactly is being referred to? Would a dictionary of some kind for unique WH terms be a nice idea? But that would require one of the experts to make it. Anyway this is what started my quest. For my 857 the mower deck, what would you call the bracket assembly that the front rod hangs from? The half holes on the plate that mounts to the frame and on the swinging "latch" are wallowed out. And I was trying to find replacements, good used or repro but how do you search if you are not sure what to call them?
  12. 12-31-1985

    For those who might be too young; Ozzie was a well known big band leader and Harriet was his girl singer. So music ran in the family.
  13. I was home and polishing my brass for tomorrow's ROTC drill platoon competition (which of course as cancelled). When school resumed I was a member of the firing squad for the memorial at the school.
  14. Have we been hacked

    Nope, It was malware on my machine. It just happened to pop up while on this site. False alarm but I didn't want to be too later in sounding it, just in case. Mea culpa
  15. Have we been hacked

    This AM I was looking at current conversations and get overloaded with pop ups questionnaires etc. Has the site been compromised?