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  1. Selling Herd

    @Dan693 Here is what I got right now. If you shoot me a PM with your e-mail address I can send more.. She hasn't had much done to her because she is one of the last I purchased. I did have her running at one point. I think I put a new carb on a couple years ago.
  2. Selling Herd

    Sure can. I will do it once I return from vacation. However, I believe if you find some of my old post you will find it. I will see what thread it is in.
  3. Selling Herd

    1 x 68 Lawn Ranger 1 x 66 Lawn Ranger 1 x 81 Blackhood C-105 1 x 74 C-100 1 x 72 Charger 10 All attachments as well. Just don't have the time to work on them. I would rather them go to someone who will appreciate them. They all need work. Shoot me an email if you want more info and pics. Every Wheel Horse part we can find in my garage can go as well.
  4. Big Ten Football is here and Now

    Im gonna copy Racinbob this week (Plus he has the best Notre Dame Fonts!) .... My picks above
  5. Big Ten Football is here and Now

    Ok here we go! Northwestern, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan (that one hurt but I refuse to pick State), Nebraska, Ohio St, Notre Dame.
  6. Big Ten Football is here and Now

    That was the toughest one I must admit.. But the constant flashing of a Hawkeye through out this thread definitely persuaded me!
  7. Big Ten Football is here and Now

    Well they played pretty well against GA Tech's option, Im hoping it carries over to Navy. But you are 100% correct. Something about Navy and Notre Dame. ND could be the best team college football and Navy could be 127th, they still would play them close or take it into triple overtime..
  8. Big Ten Football is here and Now

    Ok Im in for the S&G's... Sorry it took so long to get back here. I knew things were going to get Ugly after the Clemson loss, so I felt like now was the best time to get in here and help my fellow ND fan RacinBob!! Ohio St, Indiana, Iowa, Northwestern, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan St and of course Notre Dame!!!!
  9. Big Ten Football is here and Now

    Busy,busy, busy.... I feel like I haven't even had time to sit. Even though I do it all day. I have been trying to finish up a few projects before the busy season at work. I will start picking next week
  10. Big Ten Football is here and Now

    How did I miss this!!!
  11. Geno's New Web Site

    Pretty sweet isn't it! I wish I could do it!
  12. Geno's New Web Site

    And I think that pretty much sums that up... Coffee anyone?
  13. Small world

    Thats why you keep it in the dinning room. Only a new toy for the youngins'
  14. Small world

    I have a Lawn Ranger in my dining room. True story.
  15. Geno's New Web Site

    Why not? EDIT: I can't speak for Geno here but, If I was going to create a business for WH's I would want to give a place for my customers to seek out answers with my business name as well. Not saying they can't do it here on RS because we all know this is wealth of information here. It makes business sense.