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  1. ok just tested the DC Voltage across the battery terminals while running and I am getting 12.31, battery reads 12.35 when not running. I also tested the lighting harness on the ACV 750 and 200 setting and got 0.00 on both, tried swapping the meter leads and got the same reading. Lights DO NOT work How do you go about testing the diode? I looked at your link, is the diode under the small black shrink wrap on near the harness clip in this pic?
  2. ok just tested it using the 10 amp setting on the meter(black ground wire on meter to pos pole on battery, red meter wire to red wire pin in harness) reading about 3. So does this mean the alternator is working properly and should be charging the battery? Next step in trouble shooting?
  3. The battery was bought "new" in September. It worked fine after putting in the new battery but after a couple weeks it wasn't starting the engine was weak. It sat up a couple months and now I'm prepping it for spring. This week I bought an external charger and it took the charge fine and in 4 hours it was fully charged and the mower fired up fine with the battery this morning. I'll check connections and report later. Thanks Bob!
  4. ok thanks for the insight I'll look into the manuals, I do have a meter although I have no clue how to use it. She does run, poor thing was put to the stret by my brother in laws neighbor, he rescued it and passed it along to me. I've since changed the following: belt, oil, oil filter, spark plug, fuel filter, starter, and adjusted pedal and rods for better reverse on the hydro..hoping I can get 5-7 years out of it Here's a pic of the part, looks like there is a diode on the red line before the harness
  5. yes it does. after looking online for the alternator I think I have found it to be part number 646459 and has 2 wires black and red coming from it to a small harness like in my first pic. It appears it sits in the underside of the flywheel somehow. If I took the flywheel off and visually inspected it are there tell tale signs of it being bad? Looks like its about a $50 part new online
  6. updated my post above with some aditional pics. I have looked high and low and only see the one red and one black wire coming from underneath the flywheel(as described above)
  7. could this black and red wire coming from under the flywheel be part of the wiring to charge the battery? The black and red wires connect to the one of the harnesses you see in the pic, they connect to a orange wire and a blue-purple wire. I tried following the purple/orange wires and think they may come to this set of fuses, all fuses are good. I also see there is a terminal block with a large red cover and a heavy guage wire that leads back towards the battery. at the top of the pic is another connection that has the purple wire leadng to it.
  8. Hi All, The battery(new) is not charging on my 2004 71227 16-38HXL Briggs engine. My dad suggested it may be the starter(he was thinking it was a starter/alternator in one unit). I put in a new starter and the gear on the starter only engages the flywheel to start the engine and releases once the engine has started so I'm guessing there is another part that is responsible for maintaining the battery. How does the charging system work on this engine? Is there another part I can check/change? Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Derek
  9. Hello all I recently acquired a 2004 Toro Wheel Horse 16-38 Briggs HXL. It's in decent condition for its age and runs pretty strong. It's a hydrostatic trans and forward works fine but when I press the reverse it bogs down the engine and wants to stall, it does not move in reverse at all. I'm looking for some advice on what the issue could be and whether or not it's something I can tackle myself(fairly mechanically inclined). Any advice is greatly appreciated. Derek Model:71227 Serial:240003259