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  1. Original 1962 Paperwork

    Great bunch of paper work. Enjoy.
  2. Today's Haul!

    Great find.
  3. Started another Loader project yesterday, C195 and Brantly loader, The brantly's are a rear bird. The loader needs some work on the cylinders and 6 new lines. The C195 is going to get a full paint make over when the loader is finished. will keep the pics coming as I progress.
  4. Funny green and yellow tractor

    It's still a Horse, maybe the owner had money problems and had extra green and yellow paint?
  5. NJTOM's 701

    Great job on the restore., love the color combo.
  6. Another one hopped on the trailer

    Looks like a 1969 model with the two arm steering wheel, Nice score.
  7. A thought for the day.

    Gary, great topic. I have no way of knowing, but I have saved my share of Wheel Horses. I saved a C195 about 8yrs. ago that spent some time in the shallows of a pond. These small tractors are easy to work on compared to there competition. I didn't start collecting and restoring these tractors till I was 55yrs old. So a word to the young fellows out there, start now.
  8. A Big Red Snapper!

    One of my favorite tractors [non wheel horse that is] 1855 massey I owned this one 3 different times. Did a resto on it 3+ years ago.
  9. Case 224 allmost

    I picked this jewel up yesterday at a John Deere dealer, it's a 224 case ,but it has a 16hp Onan on it, and someone put Power steering on it. It has a few leaks, but runs great. even has a joy stick.
  10. Restored C-160 V-Twin

  11. New W-H Banner Arrived Today

    Nice, I like it, and the tractor.
  12. Play time wheel horse 1054

    Very nice setup, I will have a 1054 one day,
  13. Just a few of the loader I have or have had . Small 312-A Med.C195 Large D250 all with a loaders.
  14. I can still hear my dads old 671 GMC truck pulling the lowboy with a D7 cat on the trailer. way back in the late 50's and early 60's, nothing else sounded so good to me.
  15. 522xi with 60” deck

    Sweet loader tractor.