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  1. C-195 RPTO Belt placement ?

    Thank you.
  2. C-195 RPTO Belt placement ?

    Does anyone have a picture of the rear PTO belt placement for a C-195? Thanks.
  3. I emailed you also. Does the tractor run now? and is the loader rubber lines good? and the cylinders ? thanks for your time, Larry. @ 573-473-6944   Please Call

    1. edwroy




      The unit was taken apart and redone two years ago. All have been in storage. The loader worked fine with no leaks that I can remember.  


      The tractor does have 3 pt hitch but no rear PTO.




  4. I emailed you also. Does the tractor run now? and is the loader rubber lines good? and the cylinders ? thanks for your time, Larry. @ 573-473-6944

  5. Stained glass wheelhorse sign

    Very nice sign.
  6. Home made super C W/ loader

    This is a home made ,I call a super C. Go to the restoration section of Red Square and you will see start to finish, It looks like a rat rod and runs great. Ark 550 loader no rust and all new lines. 2550.00 Cash OBO , Calls please. 537473-6944' I have over 30 pick of this tractor. This is very strong, and no leaks on the loader, almost new rear 26x12x12's on rear and new tubes in the front. 16hp B&S cast iron and very good condition. manual 8 speed. lots into this project. gear reduction steerinf with a swept forward axle out of a 520, D differential. steers like power steering.
  7. Lee you did a great job. Should be real handy.
  8. Purchased a Work Horse GT-1100 Today

    Great find, you shall love this Work Horse. I have one with many hours on it and it runs just fine. The B&S is a tough little motor.
  9. Super C in the making.

    I am looking for a grill, and I might just leave it a rat look. Time may change my mind, what's left of it.
  10. Super C in the making.

    Pictures of the difference between C & D differentials. The D dif. will take 35 hp.
  11. This is 4 wheel horses combined to make one. It has a raider rear end, with D axles and a D Differential, 520 swept forward axle and gear reduction steering, and a B&S cast iron 16hp. It has the frame stretched 6 inches in front of the motor. and it will handle a 60inch deck. I am going to put a ark 550 loader on it. It is a beast. It has a D hood and grill, and a early 80's dash. and it will also handle 16 rear tires. A friend of mine built this. I got it yesterday.
  12. 520 H W/loader

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. 520 H W/loader

    Changed Status to Pending
  14. D200 W/ loader BIG project

    Sorry, the 300.00 was before I started the rebuild, when I am done it might be for sale again.