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  1. 520 H W/loader

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. 520 H W/loader

    Changed Status to Pending
  3. D200 W/ loader BIG project

    Sorry, the 300.00 was before I started the rebuild, when I am done it might be for sale again.
  4. What the Heck?

    I like it, just like me it doesn't conform to most standard rules and regulations.
  5. D200 W/ loader BIG project

    Thanks, I have used that setup [winch] for years on all my small trailers. It has winched many almost dead horses up on the bed and home.
  6. 520 H W/loader

    520H with gear reduction steering, a nice Simpson loader 48in. bucket loader has all new hoses all of them. Loader was taken down to bare metal and painted, not the bucket it was sanded and painted. No leaks on the cylinders tractor runs good, hr. meter don't work. trans is good comes with 2 sets of rear wheel wts. 2700.00 Cash no trades Call if you are interested. 573-473-6944, and thanks for viewing. The 20hp. Onan runs good hot or cold.
  7. D200 W/ loader BIG project

    Gasket was leaking, ordered a new one. should be in in 2 wks. It was blasted with HOT water twice and I finished underside with lots of elbow grease. hand sanded the sides. It's only going to be a work tractor. If I was looking for one to make show room this one would not have been a picked. It sat out side not running for 10+ years, and the right hand side was near a road where it got sprayed with salt in the winter. As for how long the paint will last, best guess if it put in after using 20 yrs maybe?
  8. Filters?

  9. D200 W/ loader BIG project

    More pics of the project.
  10. Filters?

    What oil filter does the motor take and the rear end ? It's a Kohler K532 motor. Thanks in advance.
  11. D200 W/ loader BIG project

  12. Wheel horse October fest

    Great idea, looks like everyone was having a good time.
  13. D200 W/ loader BIG project

    Started another Big Project this morning. D200 With a Ark 550 Loader, got the loader off, needs all new lines, strip the paint and Paint, then start on the tractor, the starter is not engaging, I think its the starter drive, It sat out side for over 7 years, the loader has a good bucker and a wt. box. Will add more pics as I progress. I also have a center grader blade for this beast. This could be a all winter project. I have to get the loader frame work off yet. If someone wants the Tractor, I would take 300.00 cash just the way it sits, no loader. just the tractor.
  14. FEL on 520

    Todd, The 550 Ark will fit the 520's I have ad a few in years gone by, I mounted them all, just make sure your uprights are as close to the rear wheels as possible, this helps take the strain off the front end when it rises the higher the loader shifts the wt. to the rear wheel and that's where you want it.
  15. The 418 C is alive!

    Richard, great score.