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  1. Onan runs good for a bit, then starts to stutter

    no idea what I did different than the last 15 tries but went out today put it together enough to test turned the key and it fired rite up now need to get the tins on and let it warm up and see how it runs after warming up
  2. Onan runs good for a bit, then starts to stutter

    the kid got rite away key is fine trigger ring is fine going to order a new ring and module soon and see if that clears it up it's the only thing left that hasn't been changed or rebuilt got to get it going I miss my little bucket tractor
  3. Onan runs good for a bit, then starts to stutter

    sorry for the delay but I've been through everything and resealed or rebuilt it. the only thing left is to pull the flywheel and check the key and components under it but with a torn rotator cuff I will have to wait for my son to help cause I can't get enough umph on the puller to move the darn thing. can't figure out where I put the camera and the wife won't let go of her phone to get a video.
  4. Onan runs good for a bit, then starts to stutter

    compression is in the 130 range both cylinders checked the capacitor with a meter it reads within specs the only thing I haven't checked yet is the intake for leaks will get that done this weekend volt meter hits 14 volts and engine starts to labor tractor has an engine load gauge in the dash which is nothing more than a vacuum gauge tested the RR middle terminal both ways 13.6 to 14 volt either way at close to wide open throttle checked fuel pump flow seems fine also new pump tried a loaner RR same results my son just told me that he was trying to run the tractor and if he feathered the choke it will run better but its a fine line between running and flooding which leads me toward a vacuum leak
  5. Onan runs good for a bit, then starts to stutter

    It won't quit running but it gets so close that I might as well shut it off it seems to be within a minute as to the time it will run good and start acting up its not long at all after the volt meter hits 14 volts that it starts in vacuum gauge and power meter in dash both indicate same thing all is well till it acts up then vacuum plummets and meter pegs at 100% I thought about the module but it passes all the test and trigger functions so didn't want to put out that much money until I am sure to me it sounds like the stator is building a magnetic field somehow and fighting the flywheel but not sure if that's possible been playing with engines for more years than I care to remember but never seen anything like this will work on a video this weekend got to find the camera Thanks
  6. Onan runs good for a bit, then starts to stutter

    been completely through the fuel system cleaned and or replaced everything no smoke at all no strange smells carb has been through the acid bath and blown out with cleaner and air and torch tip cleaners old plugs light brown brand new plugs still white battery at 12 volts at rest 14 volts running 14 volts dc from middle terminal 28 volts ac from outer terminals problem started with no spark one morning checked voltage and module in and out put at coil everything was to spec so changed the coil and wires with onan replacements still no spark now have 2 12 automotive coils wired up and is running on them for some weird reason but still wants to die as soon as volt meter hits 14 volts tried a borrowed RR just for giggles still does the same thing bypassed the 9 pin connector and replaced fuse block can try to post a short video if needed
  7. Onan runs good for a bit, then starts to stutter

    I have a 520h that will run good for a few minutes then start laboring so hard it acts like its going to stall. If I unhook the B+ wire from the rec/reg it seems to smooth out and run good again. Anyone had any experience with this before?