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  1. K301 points conversion

    Check out these threads: Check this thread around response 6 or so and further down:
  2. Another horse followed me home today!

    I finally got it off my truck yesterday after finishing my brake job The deck was catching on the ramps so I had to jack up the tractor to remove it in the bed. While I had the jack out I used it to put my toolbox back in. It saved a lot of lifting
  3. Brake failure

    I finished up the repairs and bled the brakes on Friday right before work and everything seemed fine at first. Then a little later it seemed like the pedal was too close to the floor so I bought a vacuum pump/bleeder from harbor freight and used that today. Now I have a high, firm pedal and all seems well.
  4. Brake failure

    I had the same problem with the lower end of the hose on the rear where the steel lines connect to the block. One fitting came off good but the other one was rusted to the line and wouldn't turn without twisting the line so I soaked it with kroil and worked it back and forth until it broke free and I saved the line Seems like a common problem with GM trucks I do need to check and replace all the corroded brake lines I would gladly pay a little extra for the truck if they manufactured it with stainless steel brake lines.
  5. After picking up my C-161 on Wednesday I didn't have time to take it off my truck before work. I was driving to work and a car stopped suddenly in front of me. I hit my brakes hard and the pedal went almost to the floor. Then the brake light came on and the "service brake" alert on the dash came on. I got to work and saw brake fluid all over the rear axle. I checked later and found a brake line rusted through and was leaking I drove home carefully at the end of my shift and the next day (Thursday) I removed the brake line. I had to remove the hose from the rear where it connected to the lines going to each rear wheel and the upper bracket where the broken line connected. Then I had to cut the broken line at the fitting and use a six point socket to remove it from the hose fitting. Then I cut the line in the middle and removed it from behind the gas tank. I went to NAPA and they made me a two piece line with the proper bends so I could install it without removing the gas tank. It got late so I will install it when I get up in the morning. Maybe if all goes well I can play with my C-161 soon
  6. Another horse followed me home today!

    I had a busy day and was tired yesterday. It was $400 I paid for it still a good deal!
  7. Another horse followed me home today!

    I definitely will I have a lot of other things going on right now hopefully I will get to it soon.
  8. I just picked up a C-161 from craigslist today for $300. I'm thinking of putting the tiller on I got from @Ed Kennell since most of what I have are hydro and a tiller works best with a gear drive. The only gear drives I had previously are a Commando 8 and a couple round hoods. This makes number 8!
  9. The time has come.

    Amen agreed in Jesus name
  10. I have a 1989 520-HC and it does have the forward swept front axle. I also have a Ber-Vac snowthrower that came with it from the previous owner and I love it plenty of power and it does a great job.

    Ed it was good seeing you too I really enjoyed seeing some of your horses. If the Commando doesn't have enough omph I may have to get another horse based on what I've learned I think a gear drive is better for it than a hydro. The Commando is my only gear drive other than my round hoods which are smaller and not running yet anyway.

    I bought the tiller from @Ed Kennell yesterday! I'm thinking of putting it on my Commando 8. The ag tires are on it now. The first picture is when I first got it. It has a slot hitch on it now.

    I've been thinking of getting one how much do you want for it?
  14. removing headlight bulbs

    I found it very interesting! Headlight Unit and lense were in a real bad state, thought I may have to scrap the Buckets as the Bulb Holders were badly rusted. I managed to clean them up and had enough metal there to petrify them with Kurust. Again , covered in several previous posts, the improvement of light reflection of these 'Buckets' has been achieved by using Self Adhesive Chromed Mylar and Polished Aviation Grade Aluminium (U.S readers please delete the last ' i ' to read Aluminum) Speed Tape. As I'm using LED SMD Low Temp Bulbs, I've blocked off the upper and lower vents, giving more reflective surface, but still allowing some venting - here's an idea of the difference .........and the finished article- (note the addition of the red grommets ...can you guess where they are from?).