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    I've been thinking of getting one how much do you want for it?
  2. removing headlight bulbs

    I found it very interesting! Headlight Unit and lense were in a real bad state, thought I may have to scrap the Buckets as the Bulb Holders were badly rusted. I managed to clean them up and had enough metal there to petrify them with Kurust. Again , covered in several previous posts, the improvement of light reflection of these 'Buckets' has been achieved by using Self Adhesive Chromed Mylar and Polished Aviation Grade Aluminium (U.S readers please delete the last ' i ' to read Aluminum) Speed Tape. As I'm using LED SMD Low Temp Bulbs, I've blocked off the upper and lower vents, giving more reflective surface, but still allowing some venting - here's an idea of the difference .........and the finished article- (note the addition of the red grommets ...can you guess where they are from?).
  3. removing headlight bulbs

    Found it https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/ECHLS6227 http://www.autozone.com/electrical-and-lighting/back-up-light-mini-bulb/zevo-led-back-up-light-mini-bulb/770356_0_1556?fromString=&make=&model=&year= I found it https://www.superbrightleds.com/cat/tail-brake-turn/filter/Base_Type,1156,1,40:
  4. removing headlight bulbs

    Those are all excellent suggestions. Does anyone know of a good bulb such as an LED that would give it a stock appearance with a brighter light and that would last longer? Does anyone reproduce the factory lenses?
  5. removing headlight bulbs

    Yes I know that they won't push down at all I will try vinegar
  6. Does anyone know how I can easily remove the bulbs in this headlight assembly? I've been soaking it in kroil for a couple weeks now and they won't budge.
  7. Upgrading stator to 20 amp questions

    When I got the tractor the wiring was hacked and it didn't run for five years according to the previous owner. I am unfamiliar with the old breakerless ignition and heard that the parts are expensive and hard to find so I found an engine with a broken rod for $50 that had all the parts I needed for the conversion.
  8. Upgrading stator to 20 amp questions

    I successfully converted my GT-14 from 10 amp to 15 amp and also converted from electronic ignition to points Here are some threads on how I did it:
  9. What have you done on your WH today?

    My sister's husband is an artist and he painted the lettering on my new GT-14 dash I got from @GlenPettit at the big show with an oil based Sharpie paint marker. Here is the old dash compared to the new one.
  10. I was working at my friend's new to his business building today and we saw wild turkeys crossing Market Street in West York!
  11. Doubt with rear tires

    Tal vez si lo publicas en español, podemos usar nuestro traductor Maybe if you post it in Spanish we can use our translator
  12. Happy Birthday Aldon

    Aldon Merry Christmas
  13. 1989 312-8 operator manual

    I forgot to
  14. 74 B80 rear hub and wheel bearing removal?

    Post 9 in this thread:
  15. 1989 312-8 operator manual

    Here ya go