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  1. I finally got my copy of "Straight from the horse's mouth" in the mail! It's a very interesting book. I would recommend it to anyone who has any interest in these fine red tractors!
  2. Happy Birthday Ed Kennell

    Love that place!
  3. Happy Birthday Ed Kennell

    Happy Birthday Ed!
  4. What can the older generations take on?

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  5. Thinking about 520H Repower

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  6. Vintage Trucks

    I love the camera on my 2004 Silverado for hitching up and backing into parking spaces especially with the tool box and extended cab. I can get really close. The best investment I made was adding the camera. I especially like how I hid the camera between the hitch and the bumper surrounded by metal for protection and also the perfect spot for hitching up. I almost always only have to back up once to hitch a trailer.
  7. Onan P220 keeps cutting out, I've checked....

    I would replace the module while it is apart. They can sometimes intermittently cause problems and it's a pain to put back together and take apart again to replace it later. I got one on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-REPLACES-ONAN-P-MODEL-IGNITION-MODULE-REPLACES-166-0785-FREE-SHIPPING-/362100971033?hash=item544ee65619 Here is the seller's description: THIS REPLACES ALL THE OLD SOLID STATE TYPE IGNITION MODULES ON MOST ONANS INCLUDING P WITH SOLID STATE IGNITION ONLY THIS WILL NOT WORK WITH POINTS IGNITIONS ENGINES. THIS IS OUR NEW DESIGN IT FIRES WITH LESS MAGNETISM AND GIVES A STRONGER PULSE TO THE COIL. Here are some links to my repairs:
  8. Just got two inches in Perry County PA

    He's not on the computer much but maybe when he really gets infected with the bug. Me too! No cab yet
  9. Just got two inches in Perry County PA

    He hasn't mentioned it but maybe some LED lights would be nice. He has no outdoor lighting for his driveway. I just used a pusher shovel on my short driveway only took about a half hour. I only got around an inch.
  10. My sister and her husband live in Perry County, Pa and they got two inches last night. Her husband loves the C-120 he just got from me. I think he's catching the bug!
  11. Gt14 wiring

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  12. Where do I check the gear oil in the gearbox on my Ber-vac snow thrower? I have the manuals from the files and they only show the parts diagrams
  13. K301 points conversion

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