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  1. Here I sit. Surveying my land(1/6th acre), freshly mowed! Still have a few things to do but I mowed. With the 656 even!! Thanks for all your help and advise. I'll be back again looking for more tips and pointers I'm sure of it! I'm getting pictures resized now that I have fewer excuses. I'll post soon. Randy
  2. I took some pics but they aren't enough. I thought some attachment points were more important than others. Now like I said have incomplete pics... frown☹️
  3. Hi all, i need some some pics of the frame attachment points for the mower deck assembly. Also need pics of the deck drive from petals. Any pics will help. I have tractor and deck manuals but seem to be missing key points. Ive got the tractor together. Ive got the deck together. need help getting the two married. thanks randy
  4. Mower vs Tractor

    You guys are great. At it again. Pictures before tear down weren't very complete. I'm working on it. Motivation is to not now with the push mower. Randy
  5. Mower vs Tractor

    Why is it that I was able to muster the interest to put the tractor back together in hours but the mower deck assembly is taking days????
  6. After some more tinkering I was able to cruise the yard and up and down my block. Felt good to do. Original untouched carb needs some attention. I'll try a rebuild kit. Putting the mowing deck back on this week. I hope to mow soonly. A friend convinced me to get it back together. He reminded me that it's just a mower and not a show car. Now, I wonder if I can get that RJ I know of. Gotta have something to tinker with again. thanks for the site and the help randy
  7. Ok guys and gals. She runs after a few years apart. Woo-hoo!!!! now for driveline belts and pulleys. ill report again soon. Of course the belts are probably original. Im hopeful for an evening cruise around the yard though..... randy
  8. Thanks guys. I should work on the tuning(which knew anyway) for more than just the time to get it started and hop on. I'm reminded of the years spent reading about cars and the miles of data about complimentary upgrades. i was hoping a smaller engine might be a bit simpler. randy
  9. Good luck KC. I hope you get 'er started. Thanks 953. A bit more than I bargained for but what a resource! please continue to post suggestions. I, like most, got her to tinker with. Didn't run at first. Tinkered away and pop she fired. Never did get much more out it than a quick spin around the yard before I tore it down to the chassis. She's nearly back together now. Cleaned and pretty again. Well pretty-er at least. Refurbished, restored, whatever. Haven't touched the engine other than taking it off in the process. Now I'm putting the ignition and fuel system back on and thought maybe a bit more power might be in order. I'm not a mechanic but sure can tinker! My thinking is if I could get it to run after god knows how long then maybe I can get it to run better too... I'll try the basics, like the engine manual for proper timing and settings first. Sounds simple, throw a bit more fuel at it. I know that usually means the other systems should be upped too. Kinda hoping someone goes, " here, do this(x)" and presto, its more better faster. Anyone got a magic ward for rent? randy
  10. Hi all, i think I remember someone posting about carb upgrades/replacements for increased power. Would be a couple years back maybe. I'm almost ready to fire the ole 656 up. i know you'll want pictures. I have many. I'll have to make my pics more manageable. Can someone give any advise on carbs though? thanks in advance... randy
  11. Toy's for toting our Toys

    From the pics, very little if any rust. Owner says no rust. 4.1 inline 6 with TH350 trans. If I feel like hotrodding it a bit in the future I can always throw a small block at it. Trans would work without needing replacement. Paint is faded but i've studied and studied the pics. I can't find any rust bubbles at all. I did notice the cowl isn't mating up with the hood and windshield like it should though. I watch all the weekend TV car shows and I'm always a little nervous about whatever the last guy may have done to the vehicle. I'm thinking that as i've aged and mellowed so has my driving. I can baby it for a while until I gain confidence in its reliability. Randy Here's a thought.... Wheel Horse shop truck. I have to keep it blue but I'd welcome any logo designs for the doors. Anyone...? I'm thinking a faded or weathered look.
  12. Toy's for toting our Toys

    Thanks Guys. Other than creature comforts, what's the difference, if a vehicle has 100K+ on the ticker. 2000(something) Canyon or similar vs. a early 90's to early 80's truck. I'm trying to convince myself it's an OK buy and at the same time convince myself to play it safe with a newer vehicle. Is there a safe used vehicle bet though?
  13. Toy's for toting our Toys

    I have another question for ya'll. What about new fuel in older carbs and valves? Is there a way to meet somewhere in the middle? Can we enjoy the old rides and use today's fuels?
  14. Hi all. This may be out of place but i'm looking to add an older truck to my toybox. Gotta have something neat to tool around it while looking for old tractors don't I? A 1984 C-10 shortbed with a 4.1 inline 6. Can anyone comment on 2 things. Buying something like this as an everyday driver and the reliability of this type of vehicle. Current owner says 100K miles. I'd appreciate any advice. My want is overpowering my need. I need a truck. I don't need a truck like the one mentioned above.
  15. Just Thanks

    Another Pic attempt... There seems to be some type of formatting attached to the pictures i've got. I'll work on it over the weekend. Another try from work...