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  1. 416 has trouble turning over

    Thanks all for the help, i will clean all connections and go from there. I will check back in after i do it.
  2. I have a 416 with a Onan engine, I noticed when i turn the key I hear a click but starter doesnt turn over. I have to turn key 4 or 5 times to get it to start, thats with or with out battery charger/starter hooked up. I think relay or could it be the starter?
  3. Onan 16 Hp

    Thank you, will be in contact!
  4. Onan 16 Hp

    Thank you, will do!
  5. Onan 16 Hp

    Thanks for the reply!
  6. Onan 16 Hp

    Hello all, I have a chance to buy a 416 with a 8 speed trans for $400. It only has 600 hours on it, but my question is can i get parts for the engine? Like carb kits and engine rebuild kits?
  7. Manual Transmissions

    Thank you, I'm hooked on Wheel Horse!
  8. Manual Transmissions

    Sorry, I was wrong. I think now it was a 1998. Toro model, was those still as good as the original Wheel Horse?
  9. Manual Transmissions

    I have always wanted one of these tractors, I picked up a 1988 Toro Wheel Horse 12HP 8 speed. Had 850 hours on it, I dont plan to move snow. I have a Ford 800 and a 8N for that. Just wanted it for yard work some. I know I don't need the heaviest trans, but I was wondering what model does.
  10. Manual Transmissions

    Which tractors have the bigger axle? I read once that the 12HP did but don't know if that is true.
  11. Manual Transmissions

    Thanks for the.reply.
  12. I have heard how good the 8 speed trans is in Wheel Horse tractors, what about some of the other manual trans like the 6 and 3 speeds? How good are they?
  13. 310-8 size tires?

    Holy Moly, those look sweet!
  14. 310-8 size tires?

    I've found a guy wwth some 23x9.5-12 for a good price. Should those work with stock rims?
  15. 310-8 size tires?

    How do they fit, are they real close to the fender?