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  1. Pop's 875

    Thanks all, what a nice reception for the 875. Looking at a RJ today and was surprised to see it has a Clinton engine with a nice original looking louvered air cleaner can on it? Thought it would have had a Kohler. I am thinking of buying it, the governor stem has disappeared inside the crankcase and might have some carb issues. I am guessing it is a late 1950's model with plastic coated steering wheel, agri lug tires and steel seat with Wheel Horse stamped on the front nose of the hood. Some reason the owner cut the drivers end of the hood off to access the engine? Advice on year or value?
  2. Pop's 875

    875 bought new by my dad and now mine. I learned to drive on this when I was in 6 th grade! Pop ran a Parker sweeper tow behind the rear discharge deck. Still used for mowing, No winter duty. It retires to the garage after fall leaf mulching. Nick P.
  3. Replacing 2 belts RM-364 deck

    Perfect description, I see it now in the parts diagram. That bugger looks like it is hard to get access to - I will give it a try and hope that I can get access without needing to disconnect the deck unit.
  4. Replacing 2 belts RM-364 deck

    Thanks for the idea. Adjusting belts on the deck: do you slide the engine forward or is there some other method?
  5. Replacing 2 belts RM-364 deck

    Okay now I am rethinking --the reason I want to replace the belts is the blade and shaft rotation slows or stops when I am cutting tall 3"-4" grass. At full throttle I stop and raise the deck lever out of the tall grass to regain shaft spin momentum R. P. M. 's then resume at slow crawl. Maybe I check the other drive belts first before messing with the twin belts...?
  6. Replacing 2 belts RM-364 deck

    I have a bunch of old T Shirts that can be donated to the operation . Thanks Pardner
  7. Seeking advice on how to replace twin belts on a 1965 twin blade 36" deck. Does the pulley shaft need to disconnect to remove/ replace the v belts? Thanks, Nick
  8. Thanks all for the great advice. Next puzzle- how to change the mower deck drive belts. Any suggestions are welcome. It looks like the deck shaft has to come apart ?
  9. Hi All, Happy to report- broken Spring was the culprit ! Anyone have a photo or diagram showing where the spring end attaches? The hole in the brake lever is one end, I am seeking to locate the opposite non brake end. Is it bolted to somewhere?? Nick
  10. Thanks both for the good advice. I will wrench around and remove the shroud covers this weekend and take a look. Crossing my fingers it is just an external spring(?) that gave up and not internal pawl. -Nick
  11. Any hints on this; The 875 was running at 4-5 mph and I inadvertently pulled on and engaged the brake lever. Grrrrr, sound. Now the lever is not tight as it was before and I have to pull the brake lever up to re-engage the hydro drive pump. The hydro still pumps and drives the 875 if I temporarily hold the lever up. The lever wont stay in the "UP" = drive position. It just kind of wobbles around. Permanant damage? or hope it is just a spring or a lever than I munched. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Nick