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  1. C 100

    Sell the complete engine separate?
  2. 1977 B-80, parts deck

  3. 1977 B-80, parts deck

    1977 B-80, When I got it the engine ran but smoked. I re ringed it, even though it was slightly over max wear. I ran it for a summer and it sounded like a ring came apart. Engine will more than likely need machined, but it is the original K181. I just painted it ford blue. The only other issue is there is a slight leak at brake drum on transmission. I would rebuild it however I need a larger tractor for a bigger deck and I am having trouble finding a doner to re power with. I hate to part out a clean tractor so any reasonable offers entertained. I also have a 36 inch rear discharge deck for parts in good shape, two spindles shafts are ruined from a rock, can send pics upon request. I can meet part way for a serious buyer, and I am open to offers. Possible trade for tiller.
  4. B-80

    I am in the same boat, I have a super clean B-80 but engine needs machining, and I moved to a new house where running a larger deck is what I need to do, I’m at the dilemma myself of sell, part out, re power with bigger, or rebuild and not use....
  5. My B-80 has a leak behind the brake band, appears it’s a slow leak behind the brake drum where it exits the transmission... Anyone know if there is a seal here? And is this leak common/easy to fix? Haven’t taken it apart and was curious, my transmission works fine, but gear oil will slowly leak out, it’s an 8 speed B-80 transmission
  6. 310-8 Wheelhorse w/ 42 In Deck

    How does it run? Burn any oil?
  7. 10 or 12 hp K Series

    Looking for a 10 or 12 hp K series, running in decent shape, and if not running have a bore that doesn't need machined, that i can put new parts in.... looking to repower my 77 B-80. Ohio or W PA preferably
  8. Clutch pulley?

    You the man! Just spend the last two hours looking for that pic on the web and for some reason it wouldn't pop up, thanks
  9. Clutch pulley?

    Anyone have a part number or know what the clutch pulley attached to the pedal to engage and disengage the belt is called? The bearing is done in the one on my 77 b-80 and I have tried searching online and haven't been able to find what I need or a part number...
  10. 6 kohler engines for parts or repair

    Is the bore on the K181 in spec for a stock piston?
  11. K181 rebuild

    Just an update, I am sure it will irritate some of you guys but it just boiled down to being curious on how long it would last without a bore. I also cleaned up, re lapped, and adjusted with valves a bit too. I will re bore the next time but I just put a cheap Stens piston and rings in it, It only smokes slightly on a throttle change, and mowed my 3/4 acre the other day with no noticeable change on the dipstick and went up and down my ditches without a hiccup from the little 8hp. Running 30 weight oil but may switch to 40 to see if it changes it. Thanks for the advice, You guys give the textbook answers however I have rebuilt several kohlers prior to this but they have all been in spec.... so I wanted to see what would happen!
  12. K181 rebuild

    Jut to add, This tractor is not going to be my main tractor, its just going to supplement my 310-8 and i was just hoping to get it freshened up. I didn't notice much oil consumption before other than normal for an all original 77 engine... I just don't want to take the crank and bearings out when they seem good to go, Still torn on what to do, but thanks for the tips so far,
  13. K181 rebuild

    Any opinions on an .003 piston in this build? Versus boring the cylinder, or stock piston/rings?
  14. K181 rebuild

    If you look at the numbers bottom of cylinder is good, and just more worn in middle.... I was pondering a hone and new rings but wanted some opinions
  15. K181 rebuild

    Hey guys, I have a 1977 B80 that was running decent but blowing puffs of white/grey smoke during throttle changes. The plug would have oil on it after a while but run.There was no smoke when just normally running. The piston had no cleaned off area near the edges that would indicate a lot of oil being burn. When I pulled the piston the oil ring appeared to be stuck and not moving freely. I measured the cylinder and came up with the attached measurements. My predicament is that I really don't want to machine the bore as the crank and everything else looks good, valves just need re lapped. Would I be ok with just new piston/re ring instead of a bore. Cylinder is in great condition just appears to be glazed? Opinions? Options? I have no money in this tractor so I don't want to dump a bunch into it right now when I have others.