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  1. Looking for 310-8 model year

    Just noticed, Ed... I'm just a couple of miles north... Thanks Garry. Have a great day. J
  2. Looking for 310-8 model year

    That was rather quick!. Thank you Sir...
  3. Hi everybody, I just bought a 310-8 that is missing the ID tag. In the engine (Kohler Magnum 10), I found this: Model no: M10s / Spec no: 461521 & Serial No: 1717006173. Is there a way to find out more about the tractor model from this info? Thanks for any help you can provide J
  4. That's it. It's just behind the battery. I'll try to look for "steering support" for WH 16 automatic. Let's see what I get. Thanks, PAWH
  5. Hi everybody, I'm new here so please redirect this post to the right section in case that you consider this isn't the right one. Also, thanks for all the good information and ideas you all have placed here... really good stuff. Now the problem I know I have (more might come with the restoration): I have a '73 16 Automatic with a steering problem. I'll try to explain the part that is broken... at the joint where the "vertical" shaft meets the horizontal shaft, there is a base where the "vertical" shaft pivots. This base is held by two bolts. The problem I have is that this base is broken/cracked next to one of the bolts. I can still steer the tractor, but only when it's moving. Otherwise this base tilts to one side and, of course, the horizontal shaft doesn't move. Questions: How do you call/id this part? Is it available from the manufactures? If not, anybody out there who has one for sale? In case that it helps, the tractor model is 1 044 0 8. Thanks for any answer/info about this would be really appreciated PAWH