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  1. 1045 overhaul

    It still has the original front tires I believe. Alot of work. Rebuilt transmission, starter and regulator, new gaskets everywhere, battery, tank sealed and complete sand blast.
  2. So I put new stuff on horse today. I also wired up a new Napa ignition switch. I noticed the voltage regulator is warm when the hot wire is hooked up. On another note before I put a new ignition switch on, the key was left on and coil starting smoking. Any ideas on what happened?
  3. 1045 spindles

    Anyone have a set like this for sale?
  4. 1045 spindles

  5. 1045 spindles

    The previous owner welded the tops of the spindles. Yea. I'm gonna grind the welds off. Are these model specific or universal to other models?
  6. New to the "BIG SHOW"

    Pardon my ignorance but where is this show?
  7. Found this week...cool body lines.

    Ha. Its a 1972 1 ton 454. Used to have a 4 sp but I put in a 700r4. Dana 60 front axle corporate 14 rear. 4.88 running gear with Detroit lockers. I call it "hog leg"
  8. Found this week...cool body lines.

    So big block 4 speed it is.
  9. Found this week...cool body lines.

    Is it worth my time? It looks to be missing parts and a lot of engine. The metal is decent shape.
  10. 1045 tire removal

  11. 1045 tire removal

  12. 1045 tire removal

    Something about the model 1045 only had this size and pattern. I'm just learning this from the forum
  13. Brake hub shaft bearing blow out

    Thanks for all the help. That few minutes was all I needed.
  14. Brake hub shaft bearing blow out

    So back to the shaft..so this is the wrong shaft for this transmission?