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  1. Do your neighbors think you weird?

    Hello fellas, My neighbors love me. I keep the potholes filled and the road plowed. Been doing this for over 10yrs. Lots of compliments, but no one has ever assisted me in doing this. Its because they know I have Wheelhorses and stuff to attach to them. Tom
  2. Adding a GT14

    I think she weighs-in at around 550lbs. Tom
  3. How Dirty is Your Wheelhorse???

    I recently worked on my Dad's '75 C-160 hydro with a side discharge deck. I replaced one of the axel seals. I took it to the car wash just to be able to see the rearend. Side, rear, does not seem to matter, I tend to wash them off with a hose after mowing just to keep the grass and leaf clippings out of the garage, with the side benefit of keeping the tractors somewhat clean. Tom
  4. Kohler K321 pondering

    Hello; Typically the replacement pistons are .010 over. Sounds like you will luck-out proceeding according to your plan on this one. You may give a 2nd thought to the gears tho, K321 and K341 you will probably notice the vibration IMO. Good luck! Tom
  5. Please Help Understand.........

    Hello; I have rebuilt several K241"s and all had the balance gears. Make sure you get 'em tight (to specs) and forget them. I have left them out of one 12 hp motor without issue. I certianly wouldn't leave them out of a 14 or 16 hp, you would notice the vibration for sure. Good Luck! Tom
  6. Project C-160 Automatic

    Hello; Nice project ya got there. Contact Brian Miller Enterprises in Columbia Mo (573)875-4033 and he will be able to provide the bushing for your carb, plus anything else for the Walbros. Good luck!
  7. I made a 2 pc collar that has the correct diameter and bolted it under the wheel. It was no problem with any puller. I used a 1/2" thick piece of steel about 2" dia and bored a hole in it, then cut it in half. The wheel "POPPED" when it came loose. Of course, I used alot of PB Blaster before. Good luck... Tom
  8. drive belt adjustment on c-160 auto

    You may also want to check the idler pulley...and of course always use a Toro/Wheelhorse replacement belt, I believe the c160 calls for a #7473. I have noticed that other brand belts are not the correct size. Tom
  9. C 160 hydro axel seals

    Thanks, Jim, I never thought of that. Tom
  10. C 160 hydro axel seals

    Thanks to Bob Maynard's thread on the hydro parts breakdown, I found the Toro part number: 6449. Is this the seal? Tom
  11. C 160 hydro axel seals

    thanks Kelly, do you have a seal part number. Napa or Toro dealer? Thanx, Tom
  12. Hello Fellas; My Dad called me about his 75 C160 tonite. Seems its bee sitting for most of the summer due to no rain at his place. Anyway, he said both axels are leaking and left small puddles under each. He asked me to look into repairing/replacing the seals. I have done one on my '76 C120 and it took a long time to get the old seal out. seems these have wide rubber-like seals and they are a challenge to remove. Does anyone have a good method for removing the seals...other that digging them out with a pick...which took 2 hours to do on the C120? Thanks alot, Tom
  13. K341 needs help, i need advice...

    Hello; I have rebuilt 4 Kohler singles in the past several years, and never had one come-up with a loose cap...yet. I torque them per Kohler spec and forget about em. As far as the bearings, I have never replaced one. I think they last "forever" Good luck!! Tom
  14. OH NOOO...

    Update: I paid a visit to the machiine shop and spoke with him about my issue. Turns out that he has offered to regrind the crank, re-size the rod and even assemble the short block gratis. He said he feels bad about what happened and wants to make it right. I may have to wait several weeks, but it will be well worth the wait. Thanks, Tom
  15. OH NOOO...

    Thanks for the support guys! I have located a crank that is .003 under and needs reground for $49 on Flee-bay. The rod is STD, and maybe the machinest can hone it to ten under, as he will the crank. Its was a pretty fresh rebuild, with only 30 hours or so on it. The hone marks are still in the bore, which is std. Hopefully I can get the fire lit under the machinest, I may be able to cut grass....when it grows again. Tom