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  1. Dragging a little stick

    Just a lot of force,, a lot of swearing and a little luck, so they wouldn't roll back on me!!! The trailer was put to the test, not much life left in her after this
  2. Dragging a little stick

    since I could not show the video of the log I was dragging, here is a pic of the smaller ones I was hauling around.
  3. Dragging a little stick

    try this again. last time
  4. Dragging a little stick

    I am having issues.Ill try again wheelhorse drag.wlmp let me know if this works.
  5. The old horse can still pull. 13 foot pine 18" at the base. Could of pulled 2. wheelhorse drag.wlmp
  6. Pin Diameter

  7. Pin Diameter

    Hello All, quick question, because I forgot the part on my work bench. What size diameter is the pin that hold the front axle my 12hp 1973 Auto. The part designation on the manual is 5-02 but does not give the diameter on the pin, (6216). Thanks!!!
  8. Uh-Oh. No compression backfires

    Ed. That's what I was thinking, clean that up and get a new head gasket.
  9. Uh-Oh. No compression backfires

    thank all for the replies. Now get this, before I left for work this morning I decided to try to start it just for fun.......guess what started right up. Didn't run it long because I had to get going but it ran just as before!!!!! Now I don't know what to think??? Any thoughts on this?????
  10. Uh-Oh. No compression backfires

    953 thanks I'll look for that, hope all that it is. If it's not what else may be the cause. Just trying to get all my ducks in a row. Right now I have chunk of carbon and broken flywheel key. Any other ideas????
  11. Uh-Oh. No compression backfires

    Ok that will be my job this Saturday. If it is moving the piston, how big of a job is it to fix the key to the flywheel. Thanks.
  12. Uh-Oh. No compression backfires

    Well i've got trouble. Just got in from plowing. Got off my tractor to move my truck, got back on the horse reving pretty high and I see small blue flames coming out of exhaust and then dies. Tried to start but backfires. I can turn the flywheel by hand. So I got no compression. I think the old horse might be done. 12 hp Koehler. Is she done or do I have a chance.
  13. Need bolt pattern

    Sarge: Yup, running into the same issue. Just trying to make this work until spring. Then I will re-do the bracket I have now with a 1/4" or 3/16" U-Plate that fits inside the frame. But I may not have enough room using the 1/4" for the bolt heads to fit in. If there is I may not have the room for a socket or box head wrench.
  14. Need bolt pattern

    THANK YOU!!!
  15. Need bolt pattern

    Basic question (don't have my manual in front of me) I'm drawing up a new bracket and need the bolt size that bolts into the tranny. Im thinking 7/16???