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  1. Compatible 30 inch blade 211-5sb

    Thats usually not in stock, i looked when i bought the blade i now have. https://www.oregonpartsstore.com/96-630.html I can mow anything with ease. $25.43 for a gator blade. i'll buy two more and toro can can stuff it for charging that for a blade. On another topic, does anyone know of a good carb that will fit the 11hp b&s that would make more hp? I would like to get up to 13-15 if possible
  2. It took me forever and a year but last spring i found something that fits perfectly. Had to measure the 3 hole separation, but found snapper occasionally uses a blade of the same spec. Readily available online although i have forgotten the site.
  3. Hey all, i am the owner of a 1989 211-5SB, its a great little tractor and runs like a top but unfortunately it needs a new blade and i can not for the life of me find a blade for the 30 inch cut deck. Does anyone know where to find them? Best regards Zach