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  1. CBR sickle

    Nice, should be an interesting restore.
  2. Fuel pump conumdrum

    I replaced the fuel pump on my C175 with one of the low pressure pumps on ebay and couldn't be happier. The mechanical pump was working, but after sitting for a few days would take to long to pump the gas from the rear tank. It is not supposed to drain back to the tank, but did. I mounted the pump in the space in the middle of the tank so it could not be seen. Starts pumping when switch is turned on and tractor starts in about two turns. They only cost 13 or 14 dollars and so far is working well. I love it.
  3. That is one really nice looking tractor. Excellent job.
  4. That is going to be one mean little tractor. Love it.
  5. HF Motorcycle Lift, GT14

    I like it, but would have to glue a non slip surface on the metal table where the jack stands are to make sure they didn't move and shift the weight to one side which would be very bad. Overall I like it and see nothing wrong as long as it lifts the tractor just fine. Just don't know how long it will last, but maybe HF has taken care of the pump issue. Hope so.
  6. Looking well so far, the Onan should make the ole Horse get up and move.
  7. I have had to repair mine also, just a long crack. I used fiberglass on the inside and smoothed it back up and painted the pan. The plastic pans are a real pain to get gas in the tank since it's so far down to the cap. I also would like a metal pan, but so far stayed with the plastic since that's what come on it.
  8. A look inside a 10hp Chinese Diesel

    Very nice and a beautiful day. Looks like the tractor is still running well.
  9. Using the two piece cultivator this year on 1961 -701 !

    Looks really good. I got to get into my garden as soon as I can to do the same thing if it would stop raining long enough to let me. Sunny today, but ground to wet and supposed to rain again tomorrow. So far 31.22 inches of rain since Jan. 1 of this year in this part (East) Texas.
  10. Fantastic build and really like the new muffler. Gives me ideas.
  11. ​Very nicely and quickly done and oliver2-44 is most likely right. Not many WH in Texas period.
  12. What was your first wheel horse?

    My first was a C175 auto that I got up in Oklahoma that had thrown a rod in the KT17. I gave $210 for it because it was in good shape other then the engine. Bought another KT17 in Dallas for $50 that had the same problem. Mixed the two engines together and got it running. That was a bunch of years ago and much to my surprise it is still running. No place to store inside so it and a C120 live outside and both will start anytime with no problems at all.
  13. Looking really nice and I sure like the hubs which is giving me ideas. Can't afford the engine, but the hubs might be in reach.
  14. Will most likely be so much lighter then the KT17 you will think you have power stearing and that's a good thing.
  15. Really great job. I like the idea of making everything you can instead of buying the parts. If you have the meterial and the equipment then making your own parts truly makes it yours.