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  1. Adding a fuel filter to a 252H

    Its a kawasaki FB460V. It doesn't have a fuel filter. Where is the pump located? I have no idea where to put it
  2. Adding a fuel filter to a 252H

    So just cut the line and install? I read about having to prime the engine some how. Where would a good spot be?
  3. I got a 1/4" & 5/16" in-line fuel filter for my 252H and am wondering if this size will work, also will i run into starting issues after installing it? Some other posts make me hesitant to install it
  4. Wheelhorse 252H bad steering

    My steer column moves around too. Its too broken to shim
  5. Wheelhorse 252H bad steering

    I need the part the shaft connects to. Sort of shaped like a rooster tail with grooves its not available on part tree
  6. Wheelhorse 252H bad steering

    I already tried to find the part on ebay, no luck
  7. Hi all, i haven't been on here much so im not sure if this is the right section but my 252H steering went out and i need a new steering gear. Does anyone have a 252 or 257 parts tractor because i really need to fix my garden tractor. If not where can i get a steering gear? Thank you :-)
  8. new to the wheel horse scene (417 A)

    Im south of chicago also. Where did you buy the tractor from?
  9. 520 blinking headlamp

    I will. Thank you
  10. My 520-H 1991 has a blinking left front head lamp. The other side is fine. Is the bulb going out?
  11. 520H running strange.

    Im afraid to touch it because i dont want to mess it up like i did with my motion control. I dont even know how to access the carb. I wish i knew more
  12. 520H running strange.

    Thanks for the replies. I'll try that this week and see what happens :)
  13. 520H running strange.

    My onan has always ran fine except 4 years ago the 20 hp onan blew its governor and governor had to be replaced. It always ran perfect but recently it will not run right unless the choke is half way up- this is a new issue and it idles rough. If i lower the throttle to idle it will die even with the choke 1/2 up and it only runs ok with the choke 1/2 up and at full throttle 3600 rpms. It seems to rev up and down like ( vroom vroom vroom ) until you adjust the choke and throttle just right. Please post anything that can help or what you think it is. I dont know anything about these P220's. Perhaps a seafoam treatment will help?
  14. I'll try to get it off and see what i can find! Hopefully i find the problem!
  15. How come my 520 has always rolled with the engine off? Even before i had the neutral issue it did that