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  1. John from Glos/Worcs border

    Thanks everyone for the welcomes. Progress has been made; Completed to date; Oil has been drained, and renewed. Air filter has been renewed (pre cleaner washed). A new front tyre has been obtained and fitted. A new battery has been obtained and fitted. The engine has been started and is running fine - and all gears work etc. Ongoing; The deck has been removed, partly dismantled. Rear wheels and stub axles have been ordered (were in a bad state, worn way out of true and tyres falling to shreds) One wheel arm has been straightened Cutter axle bearings have been checked (all seem OK) and greased - one new greaser to be obtained and fitted Blades have been removed and ground - nuts were badly worn and there was an odd mix of spacers, so new ordered One front wheen has bad bearaings (hub cap was missing). New bearings and cap on order. Power take off belt adjuster knob ordered (missing) Noted as needing work, but postponed to later; Engine mounts look tired - but was quoted a horrendous price as spares, so looking around Deck anti scalp rollers a bit tired, but will do for now Throttle cable stiff - looking to strip and grease, but seems to be subject to heat damage from passing near exhaust? Belts all a bit tired, but some life left yet
  2. John from Glos/Worcs border

    I will try and do some photos at some stage.
  3. John from Glos/Worcs border

    Battery won't be a problem I think because I have a battery specialist 100 yards from the office who are always quite competive. They have them for £37.25 inc VAT. - and I can collect
  4. John from Glos/Worcs border

    As yet - I'm not sure. I only received the beast yesterday. I will certainly need deck wheels and rollers. First I need to assess engine condition etc (told its pretty good and was running OK last year ..... At present there is no battery, so beg, steal borrow a battery is my first step.
  5. John from Glos/Worcs border

    Hi I've recently acquired a rather tired C121. I'd be grateful for any advice on parts supplies in the UK Many thanks, John