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  1. Kohler k181s governor spring

    Hi and thanks for your quick reply. I've tried here to get one but not getting anywhere. I'd appreciate getting shipping costs and if they are reasonable, we'll do a deal. It's so frustrating getting delayed by a small spring!!! Thanks again
  2. Kohler k181s governor spring

    Hi, I'm in the UK and need a governor return spring. It's a round torsion spring with a tang on it and fits inside the governor arm. Thanks
  3. Hi all, anyone know where I can get a governor spring? It is a round spring with a tag on and sits in the governor arm. Thanks
  4. Hi Everyone

    Hello, I'm Phil from Burton on Trent Staffs. A new member and trying to restore a Commando 8 that's had a hard life. When it's done, I'll post some before and after pictures. Getting expensive importing parts from USA but enjoying the challenge.
  5. Kohler K181 exhaust

    Hi, can anyone help me please. I need the threaded exhaust nipple for a K181. I have tried to order one but they are no longer available. Thank you
  6. Steering parts

    Hi, thank you for the useful info. Phil
  7. Steering parts

    Hi, many thanks for your very helpful reply. I'm at my holiday home by the sea until Sunday but when I get home, I'll order the available parts and have already contacted a vendor regarding the two shafts. I'm very grateful for your help. Phil
  8. Steering parts

    Hi everyone, I just joined and need advice please. I've just got a Commando 8 to restore and have excessive play in the steering. I know it needs track rod ball joints replacing but there is a lot of free play at the steering shaft gear/ quadrant area. Are these parts common to any other model? I see a few on eBay but not for my model. I am in the UK and can't find anywhere to source spare parts. Thank you.