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  1. Does anybody know the Toro/WH part number for the rear lift cable to go from my handle to the slot hitch I plan to put on my 310-8? That is if its still available from Toro. I can order it from work if its still produced, but I cannot find the part number in what time I have during the day to search the Toro site for it. Thanks Mike
  2. 653 Barn Find!!!!

    Any newer Briggs/Honda/Kohler engines would fit, as would the smaller yanmar clone diesel engine. You could also look for an older Kohler or if you want to stay original a Tech H60. Personaly I would lean toward a new engine, less issues with getting parts, less fuel consumption and they are not that expensive. Check Small Engine Warehouse and Tulsa Engine Warehouse as they run specials. I believe you just need to have a 1 inch crank shaft to put the pulley on and you might have to drill a couple new holes for the mounting bolts. Thier websites normaly have the measuments of the engines so you can see if it will fit under the hood. The new little Kohlers with the 45' cylinder alignment are quite smooth runners and affordable. Most new small horizontal crankshaft engines dont have the cylinder straight up and down like the old ones did, but instead have it slanted to one side and have overhead valves now. Good luck and keep us all up to date on what you decided to do. Mike
  3. Going Horse hunting tomorrow evening

    I would love to put a chrome guard on like the 502h's have, but the muffler lacks the mounting points and I am not a welder. Thanks for the compliments guys, we are very pleased with our new Horse. Mike and Michele T
  4. North Central Ohio Plow days

    More pics, just in a pic posting mood tonight!! Last pic is of me on my 782 that I owned at that time. The event is like a huge family reunion each year, many of use talk online and only see each other at this event and maybe a couple others. Weather can run from cold and very windy to summer heat and humidity. There is room in the huge machinery shed to store all the tractors indoors during Friday night for those arriving on Friday. There is food, folks are welcome to bring a dish or something to share. If you have parts/stuff to sell, bring it along to. From whole tractors to little pieces. Hope to see a few of you there. Mike and Michele T
  5. North Central Ohio Plow days

    Hiya Big Mike, you still doing anything with Wheelhorses or you down to just cubs now? Here are a couple of pics from years past events. As you can see its very heavily cub cadet flavored, so we need to add a few more Horses to the event, we have had a couple Horses show up in the past. I believe thats Big Mike in the last shot. The event is also very family orientated. With kids plowing that are old enough to control the tractor and others riding on laps, although thats kind of frowned on for safety reasons. Cheers Mike and Michele T
  6. Going Horse hunting tomorrow evening

    As soon as I get time to pick up a can of high temp black I plan to clean up the muff and repaint it. All I have is high temp silver paint right now, works great on cub cadets that had silver mufflers, not sure it would look right on the Horse. I am suppriesd that these models dont have a heat shield over the muffler, I would have thought big brother would have required it by the late 80's Mike
  7. Going Horse hunting tomorrow evening

    Here is a pic I took tonight after I got home from work. I am planning to get a brand new set of hub caps and a clevis hitch thru work if I dont find really nice used ones soon. I live in Kokomo. Enjoy the pic! Mike
  8. Going Horse hunting tomorrow evening

    I went and looked, then promptly purchased it!!! She looks even better in person than that pic showed. For those in my area of Indiana, the shop I work at is now a Toro dealership. Gives those of us around here 2 choices to purchase our WH parts from. Cheers Mike
  9. Going Horse hunting tomorrow evening

    The 310-8 is safetly home in my stable now. Tractor is in excellent shape, he was the original owner, I got 4 sets of blades, extra belts for the mower deck, all of the original manuals and paperwork. Tractor got a complete new mower deck last year, not just a shell, but every single piece on the mower deck is brand new. Hasnt even been used enough to wear off the paint inside the deck. He replace it with a much larger green tractor. I got it for $575. I plan to give the old girl a nice polish job before I have to cut the grass this weekend. I will get better pics tomorrow, tried after I got her into the garage, but the digi cam batteries were dead, so they are now on the charger. Cheers Mike and Michele T
  10. There is an awsome plow days held in north central Ohio in early October each year, first weekend normaly, camping on site and sometimes we plow a bit in the dark on friday night. The full event is on Saturday with plowing normaly getting started around 9 to 10am or so. We usualy have 15-25 acres to work with depending if they get the beans off in time or if we end up in the wheat stubble. Hosted by a friend of mine thats into Cub Cadets, but all brands are welcome and we usualy have a few of each major brand there. Would be great to see some more Wheelhorse's this year. Mike
  11. The Tipton show is coming up in August of 2010, they are featuring garden tractors amoung other smaller features this year. Will be nice to see lots of Wheelhorses there this year. Here is the info on it. Starts on Thursday and goes into the weekend. I am normaly there all day saturday. Mike When: Thursday, August 12, 2010 Where: TIPTON IN AUGUST 12-15,
  12. Seafoam or Mechanic?

    With the additives in todays fuel, just running Seafoam thru the gas at this point will not remedy the problem. If your running on choke to keep her going, then the carb needs to come off the engine, get soaked in the Berryman stuff(we use it at the shop I work at), the I take a fine piece of wire and poke thru every jet, blow them clear wtih carb cleaner, then properly reassemble the carb, replacing any parts that might be suspect. But I dont throw a rebuild kit at the carb if it doesnt need it. If its an older Kohler/Carter carb, a good cleaning, making sure the float is set correctly and then dialing it in once you have the tractor restarted is all you need to do. Sounds like a lot, but its really not. If you dont have the repair manual for your model engine, get one as this gives you a step by step proceedure to go thru the carb, with pics to assist you. There really isnt much to these carbs, compared to say an automobile carb with the acclerator pump and many more parts. If you have a digital cam, take pics of how all the linkages go before you remove them. I deal with so many carbs at the shop, I can clean them in my sleep. Good Luck. Mike T
  13. hello from indiana

    Awsome! There are several good lawn and garden tractor events around here you can attend. There is a show over near Rochester for garden tractors held during the summer time, its right along US31, very easy to find. Then in August we have a show just south of me in Tipton that is featuring garden tractors this year. If you get into the field plowing, there is an awsome event the first weekend in October over in West Independance, Ohio where we plow 15-25 acres with nothing but garden tractors of many colors. There are many more events as well, those are just some of the highlights. Along with those events, my wife and I go over to the huge Portland Indiana Tri state gas/power show, the swap meet is so huge and the weather is usualy super hot and humid that you need a small tractor like your lawn ranger, along with the trailer for hauling finds and the spouse in. My wife and I walked it last year and only got about half of it done before the heat got to us and we headed home. If you need technical help feel free to PM me, I work for a Cub Cadet/Hustler/Toro dealership as a mechanic, I am always willing to lend a helping hand getting old iron running again. Cheers and welcome to RS!
  14. Heading down west of Indianapolis to hunt a Horse tomorrow after I get off work. If all goes as planned and its as described, she will be coming home to my stable. My wife is spotting me the funds to purchase the Horse, but once our old Bolens sells, I have to pay her back LOL! Tractor is a nice 1989 310-8 with a brand new mower deck installed last year. Looks great in the pic, hope it looks just as good or better in person. Here is a pic from his ad. Cheers Mike and Michele T
  15. hello from indiana

    Howdy fellow Hoosier! Where bouts in Indiana are you? My wife and I live up in Kokomo. I am working on buying a horse, I have a couple different Horse's in the past however. I work at the local Cub Cadet/Hustler/Toro dealership as a mechanic. Cheers Mike and Michele T