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  1. A Sobering Day

    Prayers now and daily for Mark, Ed. I have held an interest in nutrition for a long time. (Thanks Mom!) She made it to 96. I went full-on vegan for the last 8 days on a whim. Damn, I miss Walmart traditional rotisserie chicken! I'll get a lipid panel of blood drawn this week to see if there was any benefit. Rabbit food generally sucks. I know I am not getting enough protein. From my self-induced drive for info on whole food plant based diets, I stumbled upon nutritionfacts.org. This doc knows his stuff. My bull s--t meter never went off once while watching many hours of his videos. His research centers around cancer and heart disease prevention through diet.
  2. new member brennan bo

    to your own account in country. You are are showing wisdom far beyond your years by choosing to hang around with this group.
  3. Southern East Coast

    Bottled drinking water, fuel for the generator, oil for the generator, canned groceries. Check the chainsaw. Check the generator. Too late to grab a window shaker AC unit if you don't have one. Capture rain water in wheelbarrows and five gallon buckets or store water in a bathtub to pour in the toilet tank if you are on well water. A bottle of bleach at a few drops per gallon of collected water is good for non-potable water. Everything else is optional. Last year without power for 9 days, I found out I can take a bath in 3 red Dixie cups of collected rain water and 5 paper towels. Good luck and be safe! Edit add: Flashlights... I have a collection. I had a Harbor Freight free flashlight in my hand or in my mouth during the nights. Both hands free and focused lighting is a good thing.
  4. Happy Birthday Stevasaurus

    Another year already? Dang! Happy Birthday Steve !
  5. I was going to start a new thread, but this is close enough... Ya gotta eat I have been playing around with Walmarts, Walmart Grocery app on my Android device the last couple of weeks. If you live in an area that offers it, use it. I'll bet you cut at least 20 percent off your food bills. Walmart's answer to the Amazon onslaught. (Amazon beat Walmart by a buck a can on my favorite tuna if you order a dozen at a time.) Having food shipped to your home is not familiar for most of us. It does stretch the food dollar. It forces menu planning and eliminates impulse purchases. Edit: Walmart is online order and local pickup, Amazon is online order and ship to home, just to be clear. Edit 2: It's never too early to get used to online ordering of groceries delivered by self driving vehicles in the nearish future.
  6. Stupid fury rodents

    I've owned and sold property in this county, and feel a bit sad that rural Florida has gotten this stupider. These are FFA and 4-H kids. Their livestock is a cash crop. Nuisance wildlife management is part of the program. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/animalia/wp/2018/05/16/florida-teacher-on-leave-after-he-is-accused-of-drowning-raccoons-in-class/?utm_term=.5797d45a3a6f
  7. Fred and Rita are OK with old rock too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkNLfR2t63s Edit add: Officer of the Order of the British Empire Jimmy Page, is not quite wielding the hammer of the gods in this cut, after Led Zeppelin broke up. A very large hammer none the less. Thinking of those about to get hammered in the Carolinas by hurricane Florence.
  8. Sad day for shed but saved a Horse

    Sorry about your fire. The smoke stains on the doors are a graphic reminder to keep teaching kids that if they find themselves in a fire, drop to the floor and crawl out. Breathable air is close to the ground. Do they still teach kids fire safety/survival in school?
  9. 314-H no start baffled

    Gatorade bottles are fuel proof. I've been storing my 2-stroke mix in them for years... A good choice for a fuel IV bag container.
  10. 314-H no start baffled

    Right about now I would be trying the gravity feed IV fuel bag trick straight into the carb to see if an electric fuel pump was in my near future. A worn lobe for the fuel pump actuator arm or a too thick spacer between the pump and block are a few other thoughts.
  11. 314-H no start baffled

    One of these, correct?
  12. 314-H no start baffled

    Pull the fuel hose from the tank and check the gravity fuel flow into a jar or other container. Crud buildup in the shutoff valve? The shutoff valve is fully opened counter clockwise to the stop? (Had to ask.) Work downstream from there. It is a fuel delivery issue. One more time through the fuel system! Edit Add: When checking gravity fuel flow from the tank, I start with the fuel cap loose. If that seems good, I will tighten the cap and let a cup or so more drain out to see if the air vent holes are clogged in the cap itself.
  13. 1998 312 8 New to me

    to RedSquare John. A good dog. A Wheel Horse. Turf. Life is good!
  14. Relocation Time

    Zephyrhills for six months out of the year. Snowbirds are the only sane ones around, I think. Wishing you and yours many years of health and happiness Zeek. In the unlikely event that medical services are needed, head to Shands Hospital at the University of Florida. For anything more than sniffles, it is worth the drive up I-75. Tampa General Hospital would come in a close second. Everyone else are pikers for the most part. The Florida Hospital seventh day adventist chain is acceptable in a pinch. I would tend to avoid the others like zombie raccoons in Central Park.
  15. My new shop

    Careful planning, solid execution, beautiful results! The differences between Northern and Southern construction techniques are interesting. Pex in-floor heating in the South? No. Trusses rated for snow load rather than wind load... Hmmm... I've been told such a thing exists. Foam under the slab? Transferring heat into the soil is a good thing! Sheet vapor barrier is only required between a garage space with exhaust fumes and a living space in FL. The prevailing view is to let the structures breath to avoid any moisture entrapment. The words mold and mildew will strike fear into most FL homeowners hearts. Gobs of insulation, yes. Especially in the attic. Again, beautiful shop! Horses far and wide will be jostling each other to get in there!