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  1. There is more and more background talk lately about robots and AI displacing massive amounts of workers in the near future. The nuts and bolts of how those predictions will come to be are usually never mentioned. As impressive as the robots from Boston Dynamics are, they are not much more advanced in the area of decision making than the welding robots I was installing in cages on factory floors 30 years ago. Awesome mechanicals and agility, not so smart yet to be turned loose in the wild. There are three main providers of commercial AI at the moment. IBM Amazon Microsoft The new breed of computer programs are taught by example rather than hand coded. I had not paid much attention to Microsofts 'Azure' cloud computing and AI offerings before. They may have come up with a usable solution for training on their 'big iron' and allowing the 'AI smarts' for that application to run on cheap single chip computers. The cheap computers are apparently called 'edge computing' these days as a reference to 'edge of the cloud'. An impressive 10 minute demo of 'available today' Microsoft AI in action. https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2017/KEY01#time=27m00s
  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Caring for a terminally ill family member during end-of-life takes almost super-human strength from all those participating. It speaks volumes about the character and love of those family members providing care. I had to keep reminding my wife not to pre-grieve for her mother during our time of acting as care givers. It won't soften the inevitable grief process to come. When the going gets tough, reach out to the hospice people. They are trained to guide families through this. The gift of allowing a family member to pass in the comfort of home surrounded by their loved ones far outweighs any mistakes we may make as non-trained medical professionals. The hospice nurses are angels on earth by any measure during these times.
  3. +1 for Manic Mechanic. This Cheap Trick track is the best musical definition for Covfefe I can find.
  4. A Tramontina machete and my Yazoo Big Wheel Mower is still the E ticket ride for heavy Florida overgrowth clearing.
  5. How can I forget, the sling blade. I remember seeing prison work crews using these to clear ditches that powered equipment could not get to. I've owned one at one time and they work well with little effort with the right technique. Use full shoulder movement arcs with a one handed straight arm grip sort of like a golf swing. Let the weight and momentum of the blade do the cutting. Edit: Ed K's grandson would most likely correct me that is is 'angular momentum' and not the implied 'linear momentum' that the operator of this tool should use to his/her advantage. Angular momentum is additive; the total angular momentum of a system is the (pseudo)vector sum of the angular momenta. For continua or fields one uses integration. The total angular momentum of anything can always be split into the sum of two main components: "orbital" angular momentum about an axis outside the object, plus "spin" angular momentum through the centre of mass of the object. -wikipedia
  6. Not all grove owners kept their trees pruned back in the day. The fairing would let the tractor squeeze through overgrown trees without breaking their branches off. These days, I notice most groves are kept trimmed with a sickle bar attachment set in the vertical position. Most tractors have air conditioned cabs too.
  7. Around Central Florida, on the ascending scale of household income... Cows. Lots of cows. Citrus or cattle was the main choice of career before Disney. Monkey Wards and Western Auto non-self propelled 19 inch mowers. High wheel Yazoo walk behind mowers. Snapper rear engine riders for the well-to-do retirees. Yazoo riders for folks with acreage and no cows. Gravely two wheel tractors with all the attachments were everywhere. The only Cub Cadet tractor I remember was shuttling boats around a marina yard. Full size tractors with bush hogs. Many tractors were outfitted with wheel fairings and an expanded steel 'windshield' for orange grove work most of the time. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that these grove tractors always had a cane pole or similar affixed to the front to knock down the 'worlds strongest spider web' of the banana spider.
  8. I have always liked small robot swarms. They just look cool. Intel (the chip manufacturer) ran a few 200+ quadcopter light shows at Disney here fairly recently. There was some talk about them replacing the fireworks shows. http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/technology-innovation/videos/drone-shooting-star-video.html In my humble opinion, over the road trucking will be breathtaking in the speed of uptake to autonomous driving. If the trucking company next to you is saving 25% of costs by eliminating drivers, you have two choices. 1) Go out of business because the other guy just took all of your customers. 2) Automate your fleet. The total lack of outcry when a Tesla 'passenger' stuffed himself under a semi here in Florida because the camera system on the Tesla car thought the white tractor trailer in front of it was a cloud is a firm tell. Autonomous driving is going to happen, warts and all.
  9. Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my! Cheap real time high resolution satellite imagery and AI and drones. Oh my! "We achieve reliable with flight with accurate tracking (< 2cm mean position error) by implementing the majority of computation onboard, including sensor fusion, control, and some trajectory planning." Today in a tightly controlled lab environment, tomorrow...
  10. Congratulations! NASA and JPL engineers love this computer game. A stocking stuffer or graduation present idea... https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/en/
  11. One Mississippi , Two Mississippi ... Actually, these would make great robot chassis. From the land of Yazoo walk behind mowers. I still have mine after 28 years. 1 inch diameter saplings are a breeze with the old Yazoo.
  12. Gulftane, A WWII vet that spent 20 days in the cargo hold of a Jap ship as a POW without taking a s**t because he was starving to death told me that getting old was not for wimps. Hang in there. Crystal River looks to be getting natural gas instead of coal soon. That should help the sulphur dioxide some. I'm down wind.
  13. https://johnsimonds.com/2013/02/24/why-dogs-dont-live-as-long-as-humans-explaned-by-a-6-year-old/
  14. That chunk missing out of the right rear fender... Wheel Horse used fiberglass or rotocast fenders on some models? It looks like there is enough original contour available for a straight forward dam and layup from the inside of the fender repair method there...