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  1. Great forum!

    1987 was a busy year, Iran - Contra, Stock market Black Monday, Baby Jessica was rescued from a well, A Cessna lands in Red Square in Russia... The manufacture date of your time capsule Wheel Horse!
  2. Win10 pro 64

    Win7 has not seen any functional upgrades for years. Critical security patches will only be available for another 18 months or so like you said above. My push to get Win7 installed on my laptop felt like a last hurrah. Nostalgia mostly. It certainly reports in to the Microsoft mothership every time I download a security update. My laptop is 3 years old and with luck, I'll get another two or three out of it. When the time comes for my next computer, it will be like replacing the word "Miami" with "Windows 10" on this poster.
  3. Win10 pro 64

    Windows and Intel have had a stranglehold on personal computers for a looong time. The designed-in incompatibility issues look to be a marketing driven approach to force commercial users into Win10. Microsoft says Win10 is it's last release. The Windows OS is now a service rather than product to them. I think Microsoft and Intel are letting all of the hardware vendors off the hook with the 'incompatibility' story. Of course newer hardware can run older versions of Windows. The older Windows OS versions just won't be required to get updates by the hardware vendors, namely, Intel. Vendors won't have to spend on maintaining code and providing updates for older releases and Microsoft gets to force everyone into Win10. Sorta makes me glad I slogged through learning Linux. Microsoft sent me a cease and desist letter when I installed XP (on a second machine) over the super-crappy Windows ME 17 years ago. That got me mad enough to learn Linux.
  4. Win10 pro 64

    I have only owned only two sorts of computers. Solid and flaky. The OS type or version does not matter near as much as consistency. Not booting each time, every time is a flaky computer. I can think of at least six things that could be the cause. A new computer should not need troubleshooting. If it were me, and the exchange/refund period was still in effect, I would swap it out or get a refund in a heartbeat. Getting a clean boot up is a hardware manufacturer issue after the first successful boot up of an OS in my opinion. For system recovery, I have successfully used the Western Digital Passport external USB hard drive to re-write the entire contents of a failing hard drive to a replacement hard drive in a laptop. The built-in Windows 'system image backup' , 'system image restore' utility programs worked well. (If you have a good full image backup on hand before the drive fails.) Don't forget to burn a Windows system recovery bootable dvd beforehand as well. This minimum DOS environment contains the recovery utility. Also, looking up how to make the dvd the first drive to check for a bootable image for your computer in the bios options is a good search term to Google for as well. Seagate also makes usb external backup hard drives. I would expect both brands to work as advertised.
  5. Win10 pro 64

    Unless the dvd was a plain vanilla Win7 OS disk, the cruft and machine specific device drivers that all the manufacturers add to their recovery disks would make it unlikely to transfer well to another computer. If it is for the same computer with a replaced hard drive of the same or larger data capacity, the factory recovery disks should work. I will put in another plug for Ubuntu Linux. If you do not have a need to run programs that are Windows-only , Ubuntu Linux is a very good free alternative to Windows. Rock solid performance. The user interface reminds me of XT/Win7. Word processors, spreadsheets, photo viewing, and Firefox are available for free as well. Windows is better for watching dvd's and multimedia out of the box. It does usually take some fiddling around with Ubuntu to get multimedia running at it's best. I installed Ubuntu on my wife's laptop after Win10 got a virus and started freezing all the time. After a day or two, she could not tell the difference. She just web surfs with her computer. If you have a functional older computer or laptop that could use a complete disk wipe and new OS reinstall to clear years of accumulated system slowing 'junk', Ubuntu Linux is a good candidate.
  6. Win10 pro 64

    My Windows 10 laptop hard drive decided to slowly fail, so I took the opportunity to 'upgrade' to Win 7 with a new hard drive for the laptop. Four months after the Win 7 'upgrade' and everything is still solid even without Win 7 support by the laptop manufacturer. It took two days of internet device driver scavenger hunting from various component manufacturers used in the laptop to get it up and running! I can recommend PCDestination.com as an inexpensive, if somewhat slow download of a Win 7 OS with legit license. Firefox browser of course. Most of the 'interesting' stuff to be found from the universities and mega tech corporations uses the Linux OS. Ubuntu Linux to be specific, but that is a different story. The Win 7 'upgrade' would not have been possible without an external USB hard drive similar to this to shuffle files between computers. These days, full system backups to an external hard drive without using any 'cloud' resources is my new routine after the hard drive failure.
  7. Regretted Projects

    My 1977 Avion class C RV. Money pit extraordinaire. t I will always remember the feeling of punching the throttle of the Dodge 440 hemi, hearing the 4 barrel Holly carb take a breath and feeling like...
  8. Wednesday, wet, heavy, slop vs the C-175

    Fourth pic down on that last set needs to be in the calendar selection short list group for sure...
  9. I read about this AI research a few months back. A Dermatologist trained a neural network to detect skin cancer. It works. Snap a picture of the suspicious skin with your cell phone camera, and let the AI program chomp on it. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.phonegap.melanoma_en The AI program is 55% sure that I should go see a real Doctor to give a final diagnosis and treatment. I won't put it off any longer after using this AI program. The authors also have an AI program for diagnosing toe nail fungus. I'll spare you guys that picture.
  10. Happy Birthday Squonk

    Happy Birthday Squonk! Your handle always reminds me of Any Major Dude by Steely Dan. It never gets old!
  11. Since this is a Florida thread, as a Wheel Horse Forum public service, here is my 2 cents for Florida retirement planning. 1) Identify locations with close access to grocery shopping and medical services. Ideally with low-speed road access. 2) Florida is a swamp. Check the FEMA site for flood zones. Flood insurance is expensive. 2A) Be prepared for home insurance sticker shock if looking along the coasts. The higher the winds, the more expensive the insurance will be. 3) I have found a 1:1 correlation of places I would not want to live with the number of registered sex offenders in the area. 4) Google maps street view is a must to preview the location from the realtor sites. 5) Sinkholes. Do not consider any listing that mentions sinkhole or 'settling' repair. Most home insurance policies don't cover them. 6) Wood structures don't last long down here. Concrete floor slab on grade with concrete block walls are the best bet. Happy hunting!
  12. A bucket list project for garden rabbit protection. Airsoft pellets instead of laser... (Liability issues with more effective means of unattended deterrence). And, a Sentry Turret form factor. (I think this design may be able to stand up to Florida heat and humidity). A time proven solution in areas that can get wet... A motion activated garden sprinkler.
  13. Joe Satriani. Woot! Heavy lift capability once again!
  14. Regretfully, no. I just remembered you like super small scale modelling. I can identify the set in any case. A 1960's era Bilstein jack and tool kit for VW beetles. Hope you had a good birthday!