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  1. Utility power restored by Duke Energy a couple of hours ago. Enjoying central air conditioning and water flowing out of taps once again. Nine days on the little Yamaha generator. After the last batch of hurricanes in 2004 with almost two weeks on an Onan twin, I heard the drone of that engine in my sleep for days afterward. The Yamaha is an inverter type that varies the engine RPM to the load. That made the generator easier to live with. It sipped fuel compared to a constant speed gen set. It used 5 gallons a day with a full size fridge and small window shaker AC unit 24/7. Only .6 quart of oil in the crankcase had me nervous enough to change the oil every 72 hours. 216 hours use this go around. I would estimate at least 700 more left in it. It's a keeper. Like 2004, broadband internet and cable TV worked fine if you thought of running an cord to the cable and WiFi box.
  2. Thanks Cleat! I'm a Florida boy. Otherwise known as an early casualty in an ice storm situation. Our modern just-in-time delivery system failed for only a couple of days. Fuel, water and food was pushed in very effectively in my opinion. Things are a long way from normal, but the basics for life are well in place for a couple of days now.
  3. Nearly a week on generator. Utility power should be in place within 72 hours or so. It's late. How many years since I have made French toast? Scramble an egg on a paper plate. Dredge a piece of bread through it on both sides. Fire up the hot plate. Pour the extra egg in the pan for a treat for the dog. Butter, cinnamon sugar and honey for toppings. Life is good.
  4. There is no doubt this is bad. The tragic individual stories, deaths and property damage are going to be painful for a long time. The flooding in downtown Miami is incredible. Source: The Washington Post via Getty Images
  5. By the time the snow starts flying, this will be a distant memory. Florida will still look pretty good for a few days vacation to warm up.
  6. The kids and grandkids in both Tampa and Gainesville are all safe. Prayers answered! Both households lost power around 10:00 pm last night and both are back on utility power about 8:00 pm today. Grocery stores are set to open again tomorrow. The grandparents a bit north of Orlando are still on generator. There is usually so much light pollution, the stars are not very visible. I was able to see the Milky Way Galaxy for the first time since the last big hurricanes tonight. I did get to spend some quality time with my 23 year old McCulloch Mac Cat chainsaw today. I've rebuilt the oil pump and fuel lines/primer bulb only once over the years and trust it enough to only keep one gas chainsaw. It was my first piece of equipment to get a function check when the storm warnings started coming in.
  7. Greenish lightning strikes every few minutes. Those are actually pole transformers blowing up or high tension lines crossing from the high winds or trees falling on them. It must be a tough call to not shut down the local grids to save damage to equipment.
  8. Florida Governor Rick Scott deeply respects the power of hurricanes. Did he come by that from his time in the Navy? I don't know. I do know that a division of line men are already staged to get utility power restored. (Yes, I am on generator now.) That is military thinking. It's good to live in the USA!
  9. Hurricane Cleo passed through Central Florida in 1964. I was a small child at the time. It was very rainy and windy with tree limbs breaking and all that. The hurricane eye passed over our house. Of course, I ran outside and admired the blue sky. I still remember the wonder I felt seeing a butterfly flying around during the few minutes inside the eye before the other side of the hurricane hit. Not many rock songs can stand up to hurricanes. I chose Rodger Waters - What God Wants last year for hurricane Matthew. I can't think of a better one for Irma. Mother nature is a female dog.
  10. Happy Birthday Steve

    Happy Birthday Steve! My first point of contact during my plea for help during the B-80s transmission troubles. Little did I know back then that I had stumbled onto the best forum and group of guys I have ever had the pleasure to meet on the internet. Many more and lots of seat time!
  11. Florida native, Molly Hatchet founding member and lead guitarist. I even named a dog Molly back in the day. R.I.P. Dave Hlubek. Edit: A "new" Steely Dan Gaucho outtake album. A little rough in places but still pure Steely Dan. R.I.P. Walter Becker.
  12. "Big Changes Ahead"

    Commercial AI is picking up speed. IBM's Deep Blue won its first chess game against a world champion on 10 February 1996, when it defeated Garry Kasparov. IBM's Watson wins Jeopardy in 2011. Google's DeepMind AlphaGo program wins at the complex board game Go in 2015. OpenAI's program wins all one on one matches of a tactical and strategy computer game, Dota 2 in 2017. The OpenAI group had the AI program teach itself from scratch. No expert human knowledge was used as a jumping off point. It only took 2 weeks of self-training for the OpenAI program to go from having zero knowledge of the game to crushing the worlds best human players. Granted, AI programs have a home field advantage when playing computer games. I found 18m30s to 28m00s of this video interesting as a state of the art time marker for civilian AI systems. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yK5SxX3Ujs0
  13. Dog proof racoon trap

    It's Florida. Mosquito's are expected. This year has my wife complaining. It's nuke them from orbit time. The propane thermal fogger is fun but just annoys them. No residual action pesticides are available for the thermal foggers. It seems to be handy for smoking out rats in the UK for some ratter dog hunting fun. (Rats burrow in the UK!!?? ) I am proud of the MacGyver cold fogger. A $5.00 Walmart one gallon sprayer with the nozzle extended with a piece of found tubing to the outlet of a long forgotten weed eater leaf blower. The trigger for the bug juice in the left hand and the blower in the right. Dense foliage is no problem to reach into with the bug juice. As my wife is fond of reminding me... "Happy wife, happy life."
  14. Prayers needed

    Please accept my deepest condolences for your family's loss.
  15. "Big Changes Ahead"

    There is more and more background talk lately about robots and AI displacing massive amounts of workers in the near future. The nuts and bolts of how those predictions will come to be are usually never mentioned. As impressive as the robots from Boston Dynamics are, they are not much more advanced in the area of decision making than the welding robots I was installing in cages on factory floors 30 years ago. Awesome mechanicals and agility, not so smart yet to be turned loose in the wild. There are three main providers of commercial AI at the moment. IBM Amazon Microsoft The new breed of computer programs are taught by example rather than hand coded. I had not paid much attention to Microsofts 'Azure' cloud computing and AI offerings before. They may have come up with a usable solution for training on their 'big iron' and allowing the 'AI smarts' for that application to run on cheap single chip computers. The cheap computers are apparently called 'edge computing' these days as a reference to 'edge of the cloud'. An impressive 10 minute demo of 'available today' Microsoft AI in action. https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2017/KEY01#time=27m00s