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  1. @formariz, the bar, liquor cabinet and panelling are some of the nicest custom cabinetry pieces I have seen in a long while. Thanks for sharing!
  2. The world can never have too many boxing squirrels Ed. Just saying in case you are looking for another project... The hammer price for the complete set of stuffed, boxing squirrels was $70,000.“Afterwards I had to leave the room and go to the bathroom and think about what I’d just done,” Christopher said.He’d just paid $70,000 for eight dead squirrels wearing tiny boxing gloves.
  3. Just because it's winter.
  4. Greta Van Fleet can already hold a stadium with live performances. .. Modern studio work with the Frankenmuth/Motown Wall of Sound will be something. Can't wait to listen to how they progress. I knew from the first track, this band has a much larger destiny than playing birthday parties at baby boomer retirement homes as a Zep cover band.
  5. Other than working K9s, I don't see too many GSDs in Florida these days. It really is too hot in the south for double coated breeds to be comfortable. Sarge, your property line comment had me remembering a big beautiful all white GSD I met one day out bicycling. I was probably holding 16 mph or so in a residential area. Next thing I know I was being paced by this big guy 2 feet away. Our eyes met for a moment, and I was glad Shepherds are a disciplined breed. He had the jump on me and we both knew it.
  6. I've owned dogs my entire life Sarge. I have a very good one at the present, and I hope he is around for many more years. Over the years, I have learned a lot on how to be a better dog owner. Sadly, that includes letting them go. If your vet trusts you to take what I assume is controlled medication home with you, ask for the pills they give to the dogs before the big shot on that day. Whatever they are, they will knock a dog out cold. The last three dogs I have had to put down I did this with. I give them the pills at home and let them go unconscious in a familiar setting while I said goodbye. The pills take about 15 or 20 minutes to kick in. The final drive to the vets office with an unconscious dog is still bad, just not as bad. This does not ease our loss and pain, but I think it is better for the dog.
  7. RIP Chopper. Good dogs make our lives better.
  8. R/C Hobby

    My well played with, beat up, homebrew 3mm depron front yard flyer. 27 grams with battery. On a still day, I can speck it out in thermals over my roof. Otherwise it stays below the tree line. Working with thin foam is not much different than paper. This Yamaha paper crafting series had some really good tips.
  9. Lights Out

    Love to bust them bulbsies, Bulbsies what I love to bust.... Its a Christmas tradition!
  10. "Big Changes Ahead"

    Nothing gets manufactured without drafting tools. I'm old enough to remember walking through engineering departments filled with rows of drafting tables. Tips of the day included putting a clothes pin on your nose to keep from dripping on a drawing if you had a cold. Autodesk has been producing great computer drafting software since the early eighties. AutoCAD has always been far out of reach for anyone but professional users in price. Enter Autodesk Fusion 360. World class product development software, from concept design to CNC machining. Amazingly, it is free for students, individuals and companies making less than 100K a year in revenue. The learning curve is steeper than a drafting table. No drafting table I ever saw could do stress analysis and generate G-code for CNC machining at the end of the design cycle.
  11. First time in 18 years

    Me too Bob. Black ice. The first drizzle after a week or two of no rain raises the dripped oil on the roads to the surface. Bumper car action at heavily traveled intersections every time. If you get to missing Deltona, (80 degrees for the high today), I can send you the local crime reports. I think you made the right decision. Happy belated birthday!
  12. Happy Birthday Dhodge

    Happy Birthday Dhodge!
  13. "Big Changes Ahead"

    I get the feeling that AI is more like water seeping in under the door than bursting in with a grand entrance. A quick rundown of a few of the AI and machine learning enabled things used today that I can think of: Some of the earliest commercial ones were face finders in digital cameras. Who remembers using a digital camera instead of your phone? Siri, OK Google, Alexa, Cortana... Human speech recognition devices are all AI. The Google Android phone real time language translation app is an AI powerhouse. IBM Watson and H&R Block tax preparation. Photo sorting based on the -content- of the photo from a Google search. An AI program is sifting through all of the billions of photos that Google has on file and surfaces only the ones that have the content you requested. Image classification is already above human levels of performance. Self driving cars use AI programs to make decisions. There is no way traditional programming with computer vision could handle something as complex as driving. Now to the point of this rambling post. The previous examples all react to human commands more or less. Humans are decidedly at the top of the food chain with the above. Facebook just fielded two services that put AI decisions above humans. Both are 'good' by any measure. Detecting and responding to posts made by suicidal Facebook users and detecting terrorist Facebook postings. As far as I know, they are the first two large scale examples of AI programs actively guiding / intervening in human affairs. I am sure they will not be the last. Edit, Add: Jeez fleas Louise, we need to start manufacturing our own stuff again...
  14. "Big Changes Ahead"

    Is it wrong to want a few of these to take care of the damn rabbits in my garden? At the right price point they would save me a ton of time setting up poultry fence. As usual, Boston Dynamics is, well, words escape me on this one...