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  1. This past Sundays treasure load

    Nice find! I had never heard of Lauson engines before... They go way far back in American small engine history. Thanks for posting!
  2. "Big Changes Ahead"

    Posted along with our thoughts and prayers for Glen's continued recovery. Orlando has teamed up with Amazon for real time facial recognition and tracking on public streets. I knew this was in place in China. This is the first for the US as far as I know. Most likely coming to a city near you as well guys. Edit Add: To be fair, Microsoft, IBM and Google would all be more than happy to sell to you, me, any business or municipality the same exact capabilities for a very reasonable fee.
  3. R.I.P. R. Lee Ermey He did love his tanks.
  4. It"s Florida, what the ****

    Not that there is anything wrong with having this posted in the girls bathroom I guess.
  5. Win10 pro 64

    My super brief history of Linux... AT&T Unix. Used by lots of mil contractors that needed a bullet proof operating system that would stay running for years without a blue screen of death. "AT&T Unix, development starting in the 1970s at the Bell Labs research center by Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, and others." Let's not forget the C programming language, still used at the core of the Linux operating system. It's fast and can talk to hardware almost as fast as assembly language. The first edition of The C Programming Language, published in 1978, was the first widely available book on the C programming language. Dennis Ritchie. Brian Kernighan wrote the first C tutorial. Richard Stallman, is the founder of the Free Software movement, the GNU project. All of the various bits and pieces of device drivers, compilers, helper routines and on and on were organized by the GNU project. Linus Torvalds, the genius that wrote a kernel for the ground work laid by Stallman. Linus + Unix = Linux. The stable Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform offers military-grade security, support across physical, virtual, and cloud environments, and much more. Debian is a Unix-like computer operating system that is composed entirely of free software and packaged by a group of individuals participating in the Debian Project. Mint and Ubuntu are both Debian offshoots. edit, add: This article by Richard Stallman is very near the philosophy of Linux as far as I can tell. At least it should be in my opinion.
  6. edit, add: Bill Murray taunted by a mole 36 years after Caddyshack.
  7. Win10 pro 64

    Sarge, like you said, Windows is not an OS any more, it is now a cloud subscription.
  8. Win10 pro 64

    Only papyrus paper for me! Seriously Sarge, you bring up a very valid point with todays storage mediums. Edit, add: Yup, even the Father of the Internet is talking about the digital dark age.
  9. "Big Changes Ahead"

    Jury of one's peers in a never-been-seen-before self-driving car as defendant case? I dunno either.
  10. "Big Changes Ahead"

    RIP Elaine Herzberg. The first pedestrian to be killed by a self-driving car. An Uber brand AI controlled self-driving car in Arizona. Law and precedent will be made from this accident. All of the self-driving car companies knew this day was coming and there are many unanswered questions on exactly where the responsibility for a pedestrians death lies. In other Big Changes Ahead news, China is not at the top of the list for individual freedoms, so it should not be a surprise that AI is being used to clamp down on the populace. There is no AI without big data and China has big data to spare. China's Baidu is sort of like Google, Facebook and Amazon rolled into one. Big data for AI on steroids.
  11. Great forum!

    1987 was a busy year, Iran - Contra, Stock market Black Monday, Baby Jessica was rescued from a well, A Cessna lands in Red Square in Russia... The manufacture date of your time capsule Wheel Horse!
  12. Win10 pro 64

    Win7 has not seen any functional upgrades for years. Critical security patches will only be available for another 18 months or so like you said above. My push to get Win7 installed on my laptop felt like a last hurrah. Nostalgia mostly. It certainly reports in to the Microsoft mothership every time I download a security update. My laptop is 3 years old and with luck, I'll get another two or three out of it. When the time comes for my next computer, it will be like replacing the word "Miami" with "Windows 10" on this poster.
  13. Win10 pro 64

    Windows and Intel have had a stranglehold on personal computers for a looong time. The designed-in incompatibility issues look to be a marketing driven approach to force commercial users into Win10. Microsoft says Win10 is it's last release. The Windows OS is now a service rather than product to them. I think Microsoft and Intel are letting all of the hardware vendors off the hook with the 'incompatibility' story. Of course newer hardware can run older versions of Windows. The older Windows OS versions just won't be required to get updates by the hardware vendors, namely, Intel. Vendors won't have to spend on maintaining code and providing updates for older releases and Microsoft gets to force everyone into Win10. Sorta makes me glad I slogged through learning Linux. Microsoft sent me a cease and desist letter when I installed XP (on a second machine) over the super-crappy Windows ME 17 years ago. That got me mad enough to learn Linux.
  14. Win10 pro 64

    I have only owned only two sorts of computers. Solid and flaky. The OS type or version does not matter near as much as consistency. Not booting each time, every time is a flaky computer. I can think of at least six things that could be the cause. A new computer should not need troubleshooting. If it were me, and the exchange/refund period was still in effect, I would swap it out or get a refund in a heartbeat. Getting a clean boot up is a hardware manufacturer issue after the first successful boot up of an OS in my opinion. For system recovery, I have successfully used the Western Digital Passport external USB hard drive to re-write the entire contents of a failing hard drive to a replacement hard drive in a laptop. The built-in Windows 'system image backup' , 'system image restore' utility programs worked well. (If you have a good full image backup on hand before the drive fails.) Don't forget to burn a Windows system recovery bootable dvd beforehand as well. This minimum DOS environment contains the recovery utility. Also, looking up how to make the dvd the first drive to check for a bootable image for your computer in the bios options is a good search term to Google for as well. Seagate also makes usb external backup hard drives. I would expect both brands to work as advertised.