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  1. "Big Changes Ahead"

    Is it wrong to want a few of these to take care of the damn rabbits in my garden? At the right price point they would save me a ton of time setting up poultry fence. As usual, Boston Dynamics is, well, words escape me on this one...
  2. USMC B-Day

    Once a Marine... When seconds count, the Sheriff's deputies are only minutes away. I think they were a bit jealous of a retired Marine stealing their thunder. Dollars to donuts there is a Corps flag flying in his front yard.
  3. Veterans Day

    3.1 percent of all living Americans have served in the Army, 1.7 percent in the Navy, 1.4 percent in the Air Force and 0.8 percent in the Marines, while the remaining 0.5 percent served in either non-defense or reserve roles. That is a very small slice of the US population to keep everything from coming off the rails. Military members have every reason to be proud of their service and accomplishments. Ordinary Americans doing extraordinary things. HAPPY VETERANS DAY!
  4. Where are your winter Horses??

    Cat under the birdbath. Coincidence? I think not. Fish where the fish are. Smart cat!
  5. LED Headlight Solution on C-195

    to Red Square!
  6. There are literally thousands of years of experience, knowledge and insight with the members on this forum. I'll add one more thing that resonated to me about the importance of American manufacturing. It came from David Hall, the inventor of the spinning Velodyne LIDAR on top of most of the self driving cars. He was goaded into advancing it from an prototype stage by a Ford engineer in an early DARPA self-driving car competition. This quote was about his companies audio industry speaker business. “As soon as we shipped all the manufacturing to China, that was the end of our ability to see anything we could improve on,” Hall recalls. “You go from an inventor to an importer. I realized it’s not for me as a person.”
  7. Absolutely Sarge. I've had a front row seat of watching America's manufacturing base evaporate ever since China was given "most favored nation" trading status in the Clinton era. Fed Chairman Greenspan dismissed our manufacturing base as "only 12% of the economy". He legitimized the giveaway to Congress at the time. Basic economics says that nations should only freely trade with each other if their world view and economic conditions are nearly identical. American manufacturers were and still are competing not against another company, but against another Government and all its resources when dealing with China. When ANY politician even mentions a word about reexamining the Official Harmonized Tariff Schedule to reflect the differences in pay scales and Government subsidies between Chinese manufactures vs American manufactures, then I may believe we have turned the corner. Until then, I am not holding my breath. /Rant Off Sometimes cute Japanese girls petting cute robot dogs are a good distraction... Welcome back Sony Aibo!
  8. The man has the heart of a lion. This guy does too. They are not all Hollywood types on the west coast. Both are inspirational with very different back stories.
  9. "Big Changes Ahead"

    Is that meowing I am starting to hear somewhere in my intestines? The other big gun in the retail space, Amazon, has been hosting a 'pick the items out of the bin' robotics competition for a couple of years now... IBM is already hooked up with Walmart for supplying blockchain technology for tracking food shipments. Blockchain can answer the question of "where did those mango's come from, and how long have they been in transit" from days to seconds for the big retailers.
  10. Purchased a Work Horse GT-1100 Today

    Yes, you got a good deal. Clean it up, get it running, and have fun! Welcome to Wheel Horse Country.
  11. Changing Mower Blades

    No offense intended about the jack stands Lee. I was trained to -never- trust only a hydraulic floor jack as the only support -ever-. That lesson was brought home for me 28 years ago. The next door neighbor teenager was a motor head, always tuning and detailing his car. He had the rear wheels off for some reason and was under the car on a creeper. The hydraulic floor jack failed and his mother came home from work to find him dead crushed under the car. So yes, I am a little more paranoid about floor jacks than most people.
  12. Changing Mower Blades

    The older I get, the more I have to assume my guardian angel is plumb tuckered out. Lord knows it has well-earned some nap time. Cheap insurance.
  13. Why am I so careless?

    Infrastructure. It is interesting to me that Microsoft and Facebook are in the trans continental fiber optic infrastructure business now. It makes business sense. The mega-corporations are providing what used to be government scale projects. Back to the regularly scheduled bumps and bruises show.
  14. Why am I so careless?

    Sarges' story about his ex-brother in laws sister jogged my memory on a statistic I could not believe. It's probably worth it's own thread about allowing toddlers and children around our beloved riding mowers. 13,000 children were treated for lawn mower injuries in 2015. "more than half of those admitted to a hospital with injuries from lawn mowers underwent an amputation, usually in the lower extremities." Personally, I don't let the grandkids around the mowers until I would hand them a Red Ryder BB gun for unsupervised use.
  15. Go Wolverines! The guys in Greta Van Fleet are still in High School for cripes' sake. Ten years at least from hitting their stride. Amazing Rock and Roll talent. The snarl is already starting to show. They left Zep in the dust with this performance. Best thing to happen to hard rock in a long long time.