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  1. Nice looking place Bob, with lots of grass to mow! Welcome back to Indiana!
  2. I would definitely fix that deck. I once bought a tractor I didn't need just because it came with one of those decks, and it was worth every penny.
  3. I love the job that contraption does! It takes a lot to get the soil worked up like you've done there, should make for a great crop.
  4. Good to see another load of history saved from the shredder! The dash decal and lift arm make me think that custom hood started life as a 604/704/654.
  5. Good point, I always add a few ounces of to every oil change in every vehicle to boost the ZDDP levels.
  6. Dennis, To your point, yes all batteries degrade with time, it's inevitable. One of the keys to long battery life is keep the battery as close as possible to it's recommended float voltage, for the sake of this discussion a flooded lead acid battery would have a float voltage of 13.4 volts, and avoiding extended discharges below 12.6 volts, the point at which sulfation begins. In the case of leaving the key on, I think I can safely say that we have all done it. If it's been left on all winter you will probably never recover the capacity of the battery due to sulfate crystallization (hard sulfation). If left on overnight a trickle charge over the course of several days will usually bring it back to life. On a side note, battery tenders are not created equal, you usually get what you pay for, do your research before laying down your hard earned money. Another topic is "smart chargers", most of which will not charge a discharged battery. This is when it's nice to have an analog 1 amp battery charger to raise the voltage to the point that the "smart charger" recognizes the battery and completes the charge. I personally use an old Schumacher 2-10-50 charger to which I've added filter capacitors and a 35 amp 15kHz pulse width modulator on the output but that is another story. Sorry for the rambling and hope some of this info is helpful.
  7. Batteries are a science unto themselves. In most cases the battery with the lowest amp hour rating capable of doing the job will last longer than a higher amp hour battery due to plate density. Battery cases are size specific, the amount of material that goes into them is at the manufacturers discretion to produce the desired current. The higher the current rating the more dense the lead plates and more reduced the space for the plates to grow during the discharge cycle. For my GT's I don't use anything over 230 CCA and they last an average of 7+ years with proper maintenance. Here's a good reference site to see who actually manufactures what brands
  8. That's a new one on me, never seen one quite like it but it sure looks like it gets the job done. Gotta love those home made attachments.
  9. Tools make all the difference when it comes to working the soil, you just can't have too many. I made that attachment for the 3 point pictured above last winter. It has an angled foot on it and accepts standard 2-3/4" spaced cultivator sweeps and middle buster plows. Sure makes furrowing easy, especially deep furrows for the potatoes. Here's a pic with the middle buster attached.
  10. Anyone else started their garden this year? Post some pics of your equipment and what you're planting. Started my peppers and tomatoes in the garage in a portable green house about a month ago. Ran a sub-soiler and then tilled the garden a couple of weeks ago to turn under the shredded leaves from last fall. Last Thursday, 3/23/17 the wife and I planted 3 rows of potatoes and another 3 rows of onions (plants not sets) along with a row of radishes. The rest of the garden gets planted after the first of May. 416-8 with the tiller mounted MTD 960 pulling the sub-soiler
  11. Very nice! A B-80 is on my short list if I ever find one.
  12. You will really enjoy that Massey, they fit right in with the Horses. Kohler made an overhead valve single cylinder K361 rated at 18HP, but believe me the K341 in the Massey is a much better engine.
  13. Try soaking the SN plate overnight in Jasco Prep and Prime (sold at Lowe's), you might be amazed with the outcome.
  14. That 400 should have come with a Kohler K91, 4hp spec K91-31388A. Great little tractors. Loosen up the dog point screw at the front of the shifter and pull it out and see if the shift rails are lined up. The notches in both of the shift rails should be centered for neutral. Here's a pic of my 400 to give you a little encouragement for your project!