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  1. I think most of us have run across "good deals" that quickly turned into money pits. I know for a fact that I have!
  2. Pretty sure the 1973 8hp no name used 10" rear wheels with that type hub. There is a dog point screw that holds the shifter. Here's a pic, you can see where the screw goes at the front of the shifter. The screw is laying on top of the transmission.
  3. Powder coat is absolutely beautiful... until moisture leeches under the tiniest chip, then it peels off in sheets and leaves rust pitting. I have had much better luck with plain old enamel paint.
  4. You can get a complete rock shaft kit from Wheelhorseman1000 one of the site sponsors. I purchased one for my 416-8 and it fit like a glove.
  5. Speedex was formed by Harold and Elmer Pond, Cecil Pond's uncle and father. I have never owned one but there are usually quite a few at the Portland, In. Tri-State Show.
  6. Forgot to mention, when they are not dialed in... well you know the answer to that. Tecumseh made great engines, however, the ignition systems and carburetors were "marginal". When everything was set to specs they were (are) as good as anything offered today.
  7. Wes, glad you got the old girl going. As you have learned, there is not much room for error on these old Tecumseh's! When they are dialed in, there is nothing better. Congratulations!
  8. Wes, have you checked the flywheel magnets to make sure they are firmly in place? The main reason the timing is so critical on these things is that the points must break at the exact same time the coil reaches peak voltage. If you have a spare flywheel you might try swapping them to see if it makes a difference.
  9. Nice potato crop Farmer! I lost about 20% of mine due to the excess rain and cold here at the end of March, the rest however have done very well. Should be digging some by the end of the month. Thanks for the pics!
  10. Nice tractor and Model #1-6251 would make it a 1970 Raider 12, looks like a nice restoration project.
  11. Ready to go tomorrow... All loaded up and tied down. Just wish I could be there on Saturday.
  12. That's what happens when you trust the 7 day forecast....
  13. I think I just ran across some info on who made that attachment. It is a Viking Roller Blade, quite an interesting piece of equipment with all of the parts in place. Here is a photo of one with the seeder attached
  14. Many of these pins were a "Spiroil" design. A pin made of multiple turns of spring steel, hard as hammered Hades. Best way I have found to remove them is to soak them in Kroil or similar penetrant and drive them out with a punch the exact same size as the hole. Spiroil pin
  15. Keep doing standard maintenance on that old Kohler. Change the oil every 25 hours and top it off as necessary before each use. Kohler's that use a little oil will run for decades as long as you do your due diligence and keep them lubricated. And don't forget the air filter!