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  1. Axle and Hub Help

    Will do!
  2. Axle and Hub Help

    Awesome. Thanks for the help on that one!
  3. Axle and Hub Help

    Right, the trouble is I was going to buy a whole tractor online and without being there to pick it view it first I can't tell the size of the rear axles...
  4. Axle and Hub Help

    Yea, that's probably a bit beyond my comfort level and I wouldn't have the tools anyways. I've got in touch with Kelly in the vendor section and think he may have a hub for me, but I just need to go pick it up from him. I also thought about maybe just welding on a piece of steel that could be easily cut off in the future. Not my first option, but I'm a little low on funds right now being just after christmas Anybody know if the hub from a b-81 or b-80 with an 8-speed would fit?
  5. Actually, I think the seal number you need for the 1 1/8" axles is a NAPA part "CR 11124" I just finished replacing the seals on my C-160. The old one was a pain to get out, but the new ones were easy to get on there.
  6. Axle and Hub Help

    Damn... That's what I was afraid of... Thanks guys. I'm off to browse craigslist for a hub or parts tractor...
  7. Axle and Hub Help

    Over the last few days I've been browsing through the forums looking for information on how to fix a leaking rear axle seal. I'm happy to report that this forum was extremely helpful in pointing me in the right direction and getting the correct seal (although it was a little tough to find) for my C-160 - so big thanks to everybody! Now, tonight I attempted to change the seal and put everything back together. Seal went on great and I think the leak has been fixed. The problem I'm now running into is with the hub itself. I had no problem removing it upon dis-assembly because of the leaking seal, it slid off with minimal effort. The problem is that when reassembling tonight I've found that after I put the hub on over the woodruff key, the hub seems to spin on the hub, about 1/8 of a turn +/-. That seemed excessive to me, so I tried to tighten up the set screw, which bottomed out and essentially did nothing. I removed the hub again to see that it appears the center of the hub where the woodruff key sits is widened in the middle where the key would sit. It's wider in the middle that at either end of the little track the key slides through in the hub. My question is whether or not this is normal and expected, or should this stay tight and the hub not spin on the axle at all? I tried to take some pics, but hard to get a good angle on it. I fear I'm in need of a new hub...